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  1. If we place an Event in a region where we already know that the geocaching activity is non-existing (thus the absence of any Traditional, by instance)... we are placing the Event for ourselves, not the community. When placing another type of cache (that the owner can't Find), the opposite happens.
  2. One word that pops in my mind is "self-serving"... not at all in the game's spirit IMHO.
  3. I guess those are the same. But you will have the usual Goodbye 2023 (December 31st) and Welcome 2024 (January 1st).
  4. Evento e Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAHGE8 Jaú http://coord.info/GCAHJQ4 27.01.2024 - Meet & Greet @ Intervales BCs!
  5. Tradicional na Bahia http://coord.info/GCAHFRM Porto Seguro | Centro | Praça da Bíblia BCs!
  6. Multi e Tradicional no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCAH6KM Take a Rest São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAGHVP Horto Florestal - Portão 7 BCs!
  7. Bravo! Now you gave an interesting answer to the topic. A little late though.
  8. Evento e Tradicionais na Bahia http://coord.info/GCAHCYQ Porto Seguro | Centro | Trevo do Cabral Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCAHBHE Paca http://coord.info/GCAHBHH Encruzilhada http://coord.info/GCAHE05 Faça sua Escolha II http://coord.info/GCAHE0B Queixada Paraná http://coord.info/GCAHET4 Bem-vindo 2024 BCs!
  9. When you have so many other things in your life to prioritize... like daily struggles to work, eat and sleep for the vast majority of the population?... A common trend also on the southern hemisphere, unfortunately.
  10. That's exactly my point. Sometimes the looks may deceive us Happy Holidays!
  11. Open the trackable page and on the top right, click over "Edit This Trackable"...
  12. Evento, Letterboxes e Tradicionais na Bahia http://coord.info/GCAH5WJ Porto Seguro | Centro | Praça das Pitangueiras Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCAH9ZA Quati http://coord.info/GCAH9ZX Caititu http://coord.info/GCAH9ZP Tatu-Galinha http://coord.info/GCAH9Z4 Saruê Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCA8BFT Debaixo da Rock! São Paulo https://coord.info/GCAEZXP Mata Primária http://coord.info/GCAEZ40 Mirante http://coord.info/GCAHCMZ APE Cache - Meet and Greet BCs!
  13. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAHCD2 XCV Geomeeting Mensal Cachistico-Gastronómico BCs!
  14. Eventos no Maranhão http://coord.info/GCAHBNE Tem Alguém Aí? Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAHBE1 Um Campineiro em S. J. del Rei Paraná http://coord.info/GCAHB4N Um Paranaense Paulistano em Cascavel VIII BCs!
  15. Evento e Tradicionais no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCAH4XG Caminhos da Flona III http://coord.info/GCAH4XR La Esquina Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAH3H4 Cabanna Cache Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAH5J1 Geo Xmas Evento BCs!
  16. Using Chrome on Windows, just hit CTRL and + keys, by instance.
  17. Tradicional na Bahia http://coord.info/GCAH2HY Porto Seguro | Cidade Histórica | Muro de Fitas BCs!
  18. Tradicional no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAGZZB Bica do Maluco BCs!
  19. Tradicional no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCAGTTP Pequi, Sei Lá BCs!
  20. Tradicionais no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAGTKP Via Parque Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAGQYA São José 1 BCs!
  21. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo http://coord.info/GCAGR1Q CCJE_N3RBT Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAGX77 Pepê http://coord.info/GCAGX2K Pet Cemetery Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAGR3Q Triângulo das Pracinhas Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAGR1Z O Enigma do Mirante da Praia do Meio http://coord.info/GCAGQYJ O Enigma do Angra http://coord.info/GCAGR1K O Enigma Próximo da Arena BCs!
  22. Please remember that an Event... Cannot be added to an existing non-geocaching event, such as meet-ups at concerts, fairs, sporting events, and scouting events.
  23. Tradicionais no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAGPY1 Mirante do Louco http://coord.info/GCAGPXP Mirante do Ninho Paraná http://coord.info/GCAGM7F Trem para a Serra do Mar BCs!
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