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  1. 45 minutes ago, team moxiepup said:

    ... any way each of us could still keep our history,  yet going forward, we would each have our own account and geocaching name? 


    You can have one... or another, but not both at the same time.

    Perhaps you can keep logging with the old profile, even separated. By instance, my player profile belongs to a family of three. We used to live all in Lisbon, but now I live in the Amazon, my ex-wife still in Lisbon (rarely searching caches these days) and our son in Stockholm.


    If you create another profile, your "caching history" will restarts from zero. :(

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  2. Caches publicadas e arquivadas anualmente (1 de janeiro de 2024)




    PS: Todas as estatísticas respeitam as datas dos owners, desse modo podem haver variações de números no início de cada ano, por surgirem novas caches cuja data de colocação seja anterior por algumas semanas ou mesmo meses.

  3. Evento, Multi e Tradicionais no Ceará

    http://coord.info/GCAECBE Gruta do Amor
    http://coord.info/GCAECAZ Praia do Letreiro
    http://coord.info/GCAF3XC Monte Catarina
    http://coord.info/GCAHXJM Fortaleza 2024



    http://coord.info/GCAHY6W Boulevard Conde dos Arcos


    Rio Grande do Sul

    http://coord.info/GCAHQC0 Lago Tarumã


    São Paulo

    http://coord.info/GCAHQ44 Árvore no final da trilha escondida



    http://coord.info/GCAHP6H Praia da Graciosa #1



  4. Atualização mensal da atividade geocaching no Brasil (1 de janeiro de 2024)


    Total de caches publicadas 9050

    Não arquivadas 5010

    Caches sem nenhum Found 1021 das quais 455 já foram arquivadas ou despublicadas

    Caches aguardando FTF 559




    Caches com 5 Founds ou menos 3792

    Caches com 6 a 10 Founds 1730

    Caches com 11 a 50 Founds 2091

    Caches com 51 a 100 Founds 185

    Caches com mais de 100 Founds 231

    Cache com mais Founds 1070  -  GC3FMPF Frederico Engel 


    Cache com mais Favoritos 545 - GCC67 Mission 4: Southern Bowl

  5. 11 hours ago, melaniethorley said:

    Hi, I am pretty new to this, only being geocaching for a about 5 months.  finding it a great way to take my two dogs out for a walk and get some brain work in for me too :) .



    Be all very welcome, Mel and buddies!

  6. 7 hours ago, Rag_De said:

    Why do you think this is self-serving?


    If we place an Event in a region where we already know that the geocaching activity is non-existing (thus the absence of any Traditional, by instance)... we are placing the Event for ourselves, not the community. When placing another type of cache (that the owner can't Find), the opposite happens.

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  7. 10 hours ago, CSI Texas said:

    I heard there will be a 2023 Goodbye souvenir which begins on 24 Dec thru 31st. Can anyone help with the requirements to collect the souvenir? How many finds are required? 

    I just completed the 2023 Winter Solstice souvenir today. 


    I guess those are the same.

    But you will have the usual Goodbye 2023 (December 31st) and Welcome 2024 (January 1st).

  8. 2 hours ago, Kingpirux said:

    when i say underdeveloped im talking about geocaching, its a different culture, completly different, they have so many holy grounds and is pretty common people leaving pots and boxes on trees like gifts to the gods, think about a foraigner player opening those boxes just because a game told them that one of the boxes is a geocache, is not nice, you cant be criptic here in things like that, you must be precise as possible and tell the instructions like take your shoes out.


    Also here they are not big travelers, because they are quite bonded to their families, so games like this are not that interesting.



    Now you gave an interesting answer to the topic. A little late though.

  9. On 7/31/2023 at 4:20 PM, Rag_De said:

    Seriously: does anyone know of a reason why geocaching is not so common in India?


    When you have so many other things in your life to prioritize... like daily struggles to work, eat and sleep for the vast majority of the population?...

    A common trend also on the southern hemisphere, unfortunately.

  10. Evento, Letterboxes e Tradicionais na Bahia

    http://coord.info/GCAH5WJ Porto Seguro | Centro | Praça das Pitangueiras


    Distrito Federal

    http://coord.info/GCAH9ZA Quati
    http://coord.info/GCAH9ZX Caititu
    http://coord.info/GCAH9ZP Tatu-Galinha
    http://coord.info/GCAH9Z4 Saruê


    Santa Catarina

    http://coord.info/GCA8BFT Debaixo da Rock!


    São Paulo

    https://coord.info/GCAEZXP Mata Primária
    http://coord.info/GCAEZ40 Mirante
    http://coord.info/GCAHCMZ APE Cache - Meet and Greet



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