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  1. Tradicionais em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCANK3G Ayrton Senna http://coord.info/GCANKXE Torre Publicitária BCs!
  2. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCANJP9 Lagoa do Parque BCs!
  3. Tradicional no Mato Grosso do Sul http://coord.info/GCANJC4 Cabine de Livros BCs!
  4. Any smartphone, by instance... with the official app.
  5. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAMTM5 Tronquinho BCs!
  6. CITO e Tradicional em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAN561 Praça Lauro Loyola São Paulo http://coord.info/GCANQ32 CITO no Bosque BCs!
  7. Tradicionais no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAN6JH Pare! Não siga nessa direção! Maranhão http://coord.info/GCANB6N Não Justo - Uenedebe http://coord.info/GCAN8WN Park and Grab http://coord.info/GCAN8W9 Ilha do Amor http://coord.info/GCAN8VY Mirante Ponta d'Areia http://coord.info/GCAN8BM Litorânea #1 http://coord.info/GCAN8BX Litorânea #2 http://coord.info/GCAN8TX Litorânea #3 http://coord.info/GCAN8VG Arrastão BCs!
  8. I wonder if there is any difference (in the system) between using a point or a comma... that would change the distance from 45 feet, to 45897 feet?!
  9. The reviewers don't check the cache locations on person.
  10. Tradicionais no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAMV6A Praia de Flecheiras - Tributo a RaPHaBeSsA http://coord.info/GCAMV65 Saudade do Evento Fortaleza 2024 BCs!
  11. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAN738 XCVIII Geomeeting Mensal Cachístico-Gastronômico BCs!
  12. Evento e Tradicionais em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAMZCM Cache Aeroporto JF Paraná http://coord.info/GCAN5ZE Diabos, estou sem Motocicleta Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAMWGR Gameleira na Trilha do Casqueiro BCs!
  13. There's no need to be Advanced though... if simply based on the Home location, by instance.
  14. On the website, make a Search on any desired location, then order the results by Last Found and then again... hopefully there will be some caches without any Found It yet.
  15. Most probably any Multi, Mystery or Letterbox ends near your location... and those (final points) won't show on the map, of course.
  16. Try to delete and reinstall the app. The first time you try to open a cache from a notification you will have to choose how to open... webpage or app.
  17. I still love the oldies-goldies "We use million dollar satellites to find penny treasures!", and "Don't mess with a geocacher, he knows the best spots to hide a body!".
  18. Evento no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAMM9A Canadians in Rio de Janeiro BCs!
  19. It should allow us to see our Forum activity... but seems to be faulty for me too.
  20. Would help if you stated your phone model, android version, app version, etc.
  21. Tradicionais no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAMHV9 Av. Beira Mar - 03 http://coord.info/GCAMHTE Jardim Japonês São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAMK6D Fadinha BCs!
  22. Usually takes some time to update changes between platforms.
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