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  1. A IPF deverá ser banida do geocaching, não tenho qualqyuer receio em dize-lo publicamente.


    Como saberás, não há possibilidade de o fazer, na prática... até porque esta é uma actividade gerida por uma entidade privada, uma empresa, e não uma comunidade de pessoas.


    Não obstante, as pessoas integrantes dessa comunidade, em Portugal, podem optar por simplesmente apagar nas suas caches os logs dos jogadores "batoteiros", caso entendam que tal faça sentido.


    No meu caso, acho que seria um exercício inútil, pois isso não evitaria que os batoteiros procurassem e encontrassem as caches... a menos que se coloque um guarda ou segurança em cada cache, afim de verificar se quem lá vai é honesto ou desonesto.

  2. I hate to see caches placed in public art, not one or two meters away, but sometimes even inside sculptures and other kind of art pieces... simply hate it.

    I would agree with a rule that forces a cache to be at some distance from the refered object.


    My lips are sealed for any "event-cache subject" ;)

  3. Similarly, when someone seemingly has no finds yet pops into the furoms to scold us for being poor stewards.


    Hi, Sbell111... could you please remember me, where I did such thing?


    I just throw a question to the forum (a place of free speach) for everyone to say of hes own. Nothing more than that.


    Merry Xmas, Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal!!!

  4. Now, after all the fuzz, most of the noise and some of the prejudice has gone; I want to thank you all for your valuable opinions.


    This non-Event will be held December 13th in three portuguese major cities, Oporto, Lisbon and Faro.

    We will gather around huge Christmas trees, every geocacher (or muggle invited) will bring a gift for a children.

    After the meeting we will take all the gifts to a child care institution... one in each city.


    This non-Event will be published only in our portuguese forum at http://forum.geocaching-pt.net/viewtopic.php?t=3536.


    Naturally we would have much more people if this was a real Event, published on GC.com... but, even so, we will do our best!!!


    We invite everyone around to organize such non-Events worldwide....


    Like the great philosopher Fox Mulder :D said: I WANT TO BELIEVE!!


    PS: Please forgive my rough english!

  5. I don't uncerstand. We do lots of social events here. We have BBQ's, breakfasts and flash events.


    Interesting that someone with 36 posts and ZERO finds should be preaching to the group. This person is not a valid member of our group and probably joins many groups online to preach their philosophy since she/he is obviously has greater socially responsible concerns than all of us

    Excellent point! I forgot to perform due diligence on the original poster before I sent my reply to their somewhat incoherent initial post, and thus I was not aware that the poster may well be a troll! Thanks for your research work! Troll alert! :D:D

    Digging further would reveal a very active non-native-English speaking cacher.


    No... not realy... Almeidara is also a fine portuguese geocacher, please dont jump into conclusions and leave him alone.

    For some reason, our login in the forum area doesnt recognize the original profile... this one: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default....36-cb8fee89fbaa

  6. Okay... some good opinions... tough all in the same direction.

    What's about evolution, instead of unanimism?


    If you think we have a perfect game thats fine... I think everything can always be better.


    Thank you all very much for your feedback... its solely what I wanted... to measure the trends.

  7. Social consciousness is consciousness shared within a society. It can also be defined as social awareness; to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society.


    Im a world in change, our community needs to assume is role on social awareness.


    Is there any valuable reason to justify the prohibition to publish any social cache event nowadays, for instance??


    We could make the difference next Xmas, for those millions that are in pain, in debt, suffering because of some few incompetents in higher (and even higher remunerations) places.


    Lets make this kind of cache possible, please!!!

  8. Finally I received a reply from Team SAM


    "Thanks! I look forward to seeing Spinner rolling around Europe! I

    appreciate your interest in moving these items around the planet.


    Thanks again,


    Team SAM"


    Well, since the auctioner promise me to drop all the trackables in a cache near him... Jeff will look forward to see they travel thru America.

  9. Hourrah!!!!

    The auction owner sent me this email... :"Dear ruidealmeida1962,


    Hay if it is ok with you lets just forget about the auction. I have had alot of e-mails about it sence I put it on. I will just stick tem in a cach next time I am out and about. I will leave you some good feedback if yoiu will do the same?


    - blessingspoint "


    I hope he stick to the promise!

  10. Olá a todos Geocachings.


    Quero ser também um de vós .

    Sou de Torres Novas gosto da natureza e de tecnologia.Penso que o geocaching é uma actividade interesante e agradavel.

    O meu amigo Maxiduarte é que me meteu o bichinho... Agradeço ao Maxiduarte e Lancenorte

    Agora vamos a elas...



    Sê bem-vindo...

    Mas olha, apresenta-te também em www.geocaching-pt.net

    Verás que lá terás bastantes mais respostas :)

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