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  1. As long as they don't try to use the listing pages as a platform for advertising any group or business. As long as the caches are not located in businesses or require finders to interact with businesses. As long as the caches otherwise follow all the other guidelines.


    Who cares who puts them together and hides them.


    Precisely what I advise them, thanks Star.

  2. Just another one for the popcorns... or not.


    Recently I was invited to perform a workshop about geocaching by the Azorean Tourism Association.

    They want to increase geocaching in these "Enchanted Islands" in the middle of Atlantic (supposedly place of ancient Atlantis).


    It's obvious the commercial component of this, but I think is a win-win situation, because one can cache all around in outstanding landscapes without having to pay attention to all the other activities they have... like whale watching, volcanos or scuba, etc.


    What do you think... what are the wrongs and the rights?


    PS: Azores are a portuguese archipelago of 9 islands divided in 3 groups... nowadays they have around 60 caches or so... most of them in São Miguel island with 30 and Terceira, with an american air base, with 20.

  3. Talking about good deeds... thats the way to do it!


    Once, in a 86400 seconds tour, we replaced a whole cache... container, stash, logbook, pencil and gifts... after contacting the owners by cellphone. In other cases, we replaced bags, micros and pencils.


    We all expect someday others do the same to our caches, didnt we?!

  4. Sometimes he checks on charts and maps of the places, when he cannot go check on place.

    Reviewers do not go out and physically check cache placements.


    Lluis Garrido (Garri, a friend of mine) does it, several times!


    Some caches have been published only after he found them.


    PS: That doesnt mean its mandatory to do so... I never said that, Al!

    I simply gave my opinion about a particular reviewer... the one that approves brazilian caches, as long as portuguese and spanish, because it happens that I know him personally. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Garri, is a very conscious reviewer... he like to check every detail of a new cache listing, verifying if there are any commercial reference, any descripancy, etc. Sometimes he checks on charts and maps of the places, when he cannot go check on place.


    Try to give him the full detail of your cache.


    Hummm, he understands portuguese, but he is catalan in fact; so write in spanish or english to avoid any missunderstandings.

  6. I guess technically we "met" online - he started caching about 9 months after I did, and he lived nearby, so our respective names kept popping up on the same caches.


    We missed each other sometimes by minutes on FTF attempts :D He told me that once he FTF'd one and hung around for a while to see if I'd show up (I did but over an hour later as I was at work - he didn't wait that long!).


    We had corresponded through GC for hints on caches and he placed a series of themed caches, and I'd contacted him to ask on behalf of my son about gold panning (he had gold mining themed caches and there's a lot of old mines and places to pan around here). My son wanted to learn about gold panning and one of his caches had an open invitation to go panning for any cacher that was interested.


    We finally met face to face at an event cache (with 30 other people!) after about 3 months of the occasional cache-related email and never managing to be at the same cache at the same time. It was a month or so later that he invited me out on a date.


    I'd been divorced for a couple of years, and I had a "train wreck" relationship after that, and was just happy and content on my own, doing my thing, and seriously caching, when he came along! I certainly wasn't looking for anybody - in fact when he asked me to go on a date, my gal friends had to convince me to accept - not because I didn't find him handsome and charming - but I didn't know if I was ready. I'm glad I took my good friends' advice :)




    So sweet Jenn... your story should be here http://onlinegeocacher.com/

  7. A fellow cacher and I created a hid a cache a couple of years ago. We formed a team profile to log it. I recently moved, and was wondering if there is anyway for us to have "dual ownership". Any ideas would be appreciated.


    When sending a new cache for approval you can name several owners, nevertheless the link in that specific cache will refer to a single nickname in GC.com.

  8. Tried for an FTF this morning but were 2 minutes too late :D


    My BEST FTF was a couple of years ago when I emailed the cache owner and called him a BRAT for making me late for my evening plans because I had just got the notification and now I "had" to run out for FTF. We had exchanged emails about caching prior to that and had met in person once at an event cache over the previous couple of months.


    He emailed me back and said he'd buy me dinner if I was the FTF. So upon my triumphant return I emailed back and said, "You owe me dinner then!"


    A week or so later he made good on his offer, and the rest is history.


    Now we live together B)


    Definitely worth the FTF effort!


    There's a lot of competition here for FTFs and a handful of cachers who always sign the log first. I've had one FTF in the last week (we were unsuccessful this morning) but that was the first in months.


    Once I was at home in Canada and the day before I returned to GA, one was published just 2 miles from home. It still hadn't been found by the time I got back - so I FTF'd that!


    I think I have about 16 FTFs out of 468 finds.




    Priceless!! Best wishes, Jenn!

  9. Já pratico o geocaching há algum tempo e gostaria de colocar algumas caches sob minha responsabilidade, mas não sei como proceder. Alguém me dá umas dicas como devo proceder? Obg.


    Toda essa informação pode ser obtida em www.geocaching.com ou em www.geocaching-pt.net; de qualquer modo, é importante que escolha um local que possa suscitar o interesse e o agrado de outros colegas geocachers, depois procurar por um bom esconderijo e escolher o contentor mais apropriado (ou fabricá-lo você mesmo), que deverá ser hermético e preparado para suportar todo o tipo de condições climatéricas esperadas ao longo de um ano. Nesse contentor deverá colocar uma stash-note (nota de apresentação e explicação do jogo em português e inglês, para quem ainda não está familiarizado), um logbook (um bloco-de-notas para registar os founds), material de escrita e algumas prendas para troca.


    Após a colocação da cache no terreno, deverá aguardar uns dias (ou semanas) para avaliar da sua integridade e durabilidade... depois deverá editar a página da cache em www.geocaching.com/hide and seek a cache.


    A página da cache deverá ser o mais elucidativa e atraente possível, no sentido de gerar um bom fluxo de visitas à cache.

  10. Devolvo essa pergunta no que se refere ao fórum do GCTuga... neste momento parece mais um condado de uns quantos Afonsinhos do que outra coisa qualquer.

    Pelo menos aqui, usam de algum pudor.

  11. Bem, na epoca da Wacky Races a unica maneira de dar pontos a propria moeda era fazer um FTF. Assim nos nos acostumamos a correr atras dos FTF. Na epoca ainda nao havia aviso por SMS e era sempre checar os emails. Os meninos estava tao treinados, que entre o email da publicacao ate estarmos vestidos, com mochilas prontos no carro nao demorava mais de alguns minutos.

    Nos gostamos dos FTF, da adrenalina de la’ estar antes do outros. Do logbook branquinho. Ou da chance em encontrar outros geocachers.

    Aqui agora e’ diferente, existem muitas caches novas a cada dia. Sao poucos os que correm atras do FTF. Ainda esta semana fizemos em um so’ dia 5!!! E so’ paramos por que como eram de uma serie, e esta serie nao teve muito de espetacular faltou o animo para correr pelos outros 3 FTFs.

    Confesso que ao receber o amil, sempre sinto uma cossega para sair correndo. Mas agora paro e pondero. Tem de ser mesmo muito proxima para irmos.


    É sempre um prazer ler notícias vossas Gabby!

    Como vão as coisas por aí... para além dos FTF ensonsos? :laughing:

  12. I got my first FTF today. I was getting ready for work, happened to log in to geocaching.com and noticed a new cache less than a mile from home. I tossed on some jeans, hopped on the mountain bike and got it! It was pretty exciting for me, I grabbed another cache on the way back. Made my day.



  13. I'd like to see a change to the listing guidelines: Compilation cache owner can only post their hide after they've built the required bookmarked list from their own finds. Just sayin.


    Agree (just saying!) :D


    PS: But you have to be Premium Member :)

  14. Looking at a special cache and wondering if anyone knew if anything like it had been done before.


    It's sort of an anti-Cache Across America. The goal to get the final would be to find a cache with all 50 state's name in it, but none can be in the same state where the cache's namesake rests. I've researched it and it can be done. I also realize that there are 2 or 3 states that have a 50 state series and am prepared to work around those.


    Anyone heard of one like this?


    Here in Portugal we have a series called Lusitani.


    The country is divided in 30 different administrative regions... so we hided a cache on each one of them... and in each cache one can get a code. Having all 30 codes, you can search for the final Lusitani cache.


    (Lusitani came from the roman name of Portugal - Lusitania)

  15. A First To Find is worth exactly $0.28. To claim the reward, you will need a self addressed, stamped envelope, along with a notarized letter from the cache owner stating that you are, in fact, the first finder of said cache. All entries must be postmarked no later than three days after cache publication. Mail all entries to The FTF Prize Fund c/o Vinny & Sue. One entry per envelope please.



  16. ruidealmeida, I see that you are new to geocaching. Welcome!

    I've learned that reading log entries can tell you a lot about caches. If you see a lot of one line log entries those are caches to be wary of. If you see a lot of acronyms like TFTC and not much else those are caches to avoid.


    I (we) appreciate your kind reception... nevertheless we've been around since May of 2007... 876 caches found and 27 hidings.


    Our profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=e6...36-cb8fee89fbaa

  17. Since there's no 'score', what difference would 'extra credit' make?


    Everyone of us will "profit" if we have some kind of recognition of those good hiders, quality hiders...

    Maybe one day we could have a game without LPC every 160m... maybe one day we know where all the lame caches are, without having to bump with one of those.


    All of our 27 caches are carefully prepared... thats the only way we know, respecting the game... not just throwing film canisters (as a matter of fact, we only use them as stages of multis).

  18. As a new family to geocaching, I mean NEW, 3 finds 3 DNFs we want to hida a cache at some point in the distant future. Some obstacles to overcome are, we need more experience as to what a good hide is, and where to place it.

    Every place I have thought would be a good place has been covered by soeone else. We will find an interesting place to hide one, with a reasonable difficulty rating and an interesting place.

    The theme is going to be a book trading cache. We just need to find that placey new to this fun and chall that is reasonably close enough to maintain so as to keep it a better quality trading cache.

    Pretty limited parameters in my opinion. So we really don,t care about a rating system or reward for hiding. We are not going to be rushed into hiding a cache by anyone or anything.

    Just the humble opinion of some who are very new to a fun sport to get us off our lazy butts and outdoors.


    Although, if everybody would have that kind of self-judgement when thinking of hiding a cache... this topic would not be necessary :D


    Welcome to the game!!

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