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  1. Hello Forum,


    This user has been stealing caches in and around OWL / Germany. Additionally, they're making fun of cacheowners in the logs afterwards. Does anybody have any sort of experience dealing with such douchebags? Can geocaching.com step in and hand out their IPs?


    I dont think so.

    Maybe you can place a new cache with a webcam near to catch that son of a b**** on picture... maybe someone recognizes him.

  2. what the heck unanimism?? :)


    Unanimism or unanism


    "...Unanism is a group theory wherein the collective emotions of two people, of two small rural communities, of cities, of countries, and of the whole world transcend and are superior to individual ones..."


    Like in Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"

  3. Asalaam 'Alaykum

    Jai Bhim

    Shana Tova Umetukah

    Go in peace

    Etc, etc.


    I would like to remember that the OP (back in Nov 19th, 2008) never had any religious intentions.

    Only the help to children in need... that we accomplished in both years ;)

  4. Com mais 7 no dia 19/11/2009, passa a 161 :)


    Tá quase :(




    Deixa lá Nuno... sinais dos tempos, ou o quanto o jogo pode servir para outras finalidades.

    O aspecto positivo de se bater no fundo é só se poder melhorar a partir daí.

  5. 1. They're check boxes, not radio buttons. Just nitpicking, I know...


    2. A writing instrument in the cache is not a requirement. Any moderately experienced cacher knows that they should always bring their own writing instrument, or be prepared to get creative about signing the log.


    3. A minimum requirement of logbook and container is already spelled out in the listing guidelines, which you've already agreed to have read and complied to in one of the check boxes.


    4. Stash note is not a requirement either.


    Please, don't tell me that this is a "I hate micros" thread in disguise.


    Well... you are absolutely right. But using common sense its another way to follow the guidelines... even those not written.


    PS: I dont like micros on places that could easily handle a small or regular container; or micros as final containers of multi or mistery caches... but I dont hate them :P

  6. I am curious.


    According to your profile, you have been a registered user for over two years. You don't seem to have logged any finds.


    Plese note the tiny line at the bottom... and you can search for Kelux


    1406 founds and 34 hides

  7. I've never seen a cache with no logbook. How many have you found? If I did I would assume it had been lost, replace it with my own and post a note to the CO alerting to the issue.


    Everytime I can mantain someones caches, I did it... replacing pencils or logbooks.

    Of course I always talk about it on the logs.

  8. Had to super zoom to see the image you posted.


    On topic: How often is this really a problem?


    Already replaced the picture, sorry.


    Caches without a stashnote or a pencil?


    Apart from the nanos or micros, I would say a 20%.


    Its more rare to find caches without a logbook, if you consider a bunch of little paper sheets a logbook... even so, I found some.

  9. Lately I see the appearance of some caches without essential itens, such as stashnotes, logbooks, pencils, etc. One of them was just an empty container :(


    My suggestion is to add some radio buttons for every essential item in the Online Form... just like at the bottom we already have those for agreement.


    Like that, a new cache would only be accepted for appreciation if the owner checked that the new cache contains those essential itens.




    Just another idea for public discussion.


    Best Regards

  10. Não percebo esse conceito de "um owner colocar uma cache que acha que não vale um chavo".

    Penso ingenuamente que os owners achem sempre as suas caches, supra-sumos do GC mundial... ainda que depois na prática, facilmente qualquer outro geocacher veja que não o são (ainda que os logs raramente o mostrem :o ).


    Uma cache pode ser colocada atendendo ao local; a uma situação ali ocorrida; como parte de uma série e até mesmo apenas porque tem um valor qualquer para o owner... até mesmo por razão nenhuma (LPB por exemplo)... repitam comigo "O owner é soberano!!" :unsure:


    Por outro lado, relembro aquela máxima que todos já experimentámos... uma cache medíocre encontrada na companhia certa, pode revelar-se uma cachada bem gratificante. Já uma cache boa, sê-lo-à sempre.

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