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  1. Let me introduce you all the first brazilian geocoin, soon available.

    With the soccer world championship on 2014 and the 2016 olympics in Rio, im sure that this is the "brazilian era".

    I also hope that many brazilians start to geocaching.



    My designed gecoins since 2008 My link

  2. Deixo uma imagem da primeira geocoin dedicada ao Brasil, como forma de começar a preparar o mundo para o que aí vem, com a Copa 2014 e os jogos de Rio 2016.

    Esta será a década do Brasil, sem margem para dúvidas.

    Espero também, poder contribuir para que mais brasileiros pratiquem geocaching.




    Vejam as outras geocoins por mim desenhadas e/ou produzidas desde 2008 My link

  3. Aguardando publicação...




    Encontro das Águas é o feliz nome de batismo do exato local onde o Rio Negro e o Solimões se juntam... e nasce o Amazonas assim chamado.


    A partir deste ponto e durante vários quilómetros em direção ao Atlântico, os rios permanecem juntos e separados simultaneamente, numa luta de caudais, mantendo estas colorações tão distintas... até que finalmente se fundem.


    Podendo ser feitas visitas de barco ao local onde este fenómeno geológico se verifica, penso que apenas deste miradouro se consegue desfrutar dele em toda a sua plenitude e majestade... uma paisagem que jamais esquecerei.


    Como bónus, na praia por baixo do miradouro e em redor, há uma grande colónia de urubus e imensas mangueiras... levem bolsas, pois a sobremesa é "oferta da casa".

  4. I like to return to others the pleasure and joy that gives me every new cache, so I always like to acchieve the good karma geocaching.


    I noticed that Caching Karma is commonly reffered as the ratio of the total number of finds of your caches divided by the number of your finds.

    Well, each one is only half responsible for this equation... and in some cases, the less the caches you find, would give you a better karma... strange enough!?


    So I propose another way to calculate the karma... a more personal one... more dependent from each one caching behaviour.

    It would be the ratio of your finds divided by the total of your owned caches.


    So, by example... a geocacher with 20 owned caches (founded 3000 times) and 1500 finds, would have a Caching Karma of 2... and a Personal Caching Karma of 75.

    Lets say that he went to a sabatic period without caching for some time... the personal finds will remain the same (1500) but everybody continues to search for their caches until the total of finds is 5000.

    He would have a Caching Karma of 3.3 (without any caching activity, remember?), but the Personal Caching Karma would remain the same (reflecting that inactivity).


    It seems to me a more wise way to calculate each ones caching karma.

    What do you think?

  5. go teams go!


    Sorry, but i don't allow serbia to win :huh::anicute:


    Hi DE... so do you live in Munster?!

    I have a friend that lives in Emsdetten and works at the casino.


    We too will travel to Dahn for attending the Field Archery World Championship, next month.

    2/3 of our team are archers... I will just cache till I drop :P

    Hope to see you... (yes, I know its 400km)

  6. I'm about to offer nothing of great value here (how unusual ;)). Take the following in the fun spirit it was meant :)


    My art professor just posted the following quote on his Facebook page today and it made me laugh knowing you all were here discussing this :rolleyes: This topic had come up in a couple of the classes I had taken with him... anyhow, don't pass judgement, you'd have to know him in order to see the humor in his intent :D


    In the words of the great Pablo Picasso: "Good artists copy, Great artists steal."




    So... where stand those that won't do neither? :lol:


    Keep the good work!


    (maybe that is why I always get mad when someone call me an artist :o)

  7. The designer is Rkelux, but in the geocoin forums was posted by ruidealmeida. At least that is what I found! So who is the maker? Both? Rkelux? Ruidealmeida?


    They are a single person... but like in Geocaching, Kelux are a team of three, lately I decided to add an R... from Rui.


    Best wishes


    PS: Great research!

  8. I often organize geocoin design contests... it's truly hard to make everybody understand such obvious limitations...

    The massification of the internet and the cliparts galleries, tend to make them feel that everything is free to use.

    It has been a battle of my own.

  9. I always use Adobe Illustrator to draw my geocoins.

    Sometimes I use Adobe Photoshop to work on images that after that I will rasterize or vectorize.


    Some examples:







  10. Set up a PQ of your caches.


    Run it, you don't have to set a day, you can Preview it.

    One of the options is Gallery, which will show all the photo's from those caches.


    Thanks! :)

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