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  1. You need to place your "art" on top of a map, collect the coords for each point (separated 161m at least) and then assign geocaches for them, usually Mysteries, Multis or Letterboxes because they can be on any other location than the one shown on the map.
  2. On the map page, click over "Browse Geocaches" on the top right. Then click over the lightning bolt "Save as Pocket Query" on the bottom left.
  3. Tradicionais no Amazonas http://coord.info/GCA495T Engrenagens Voadoras http://coord.info/GCA495G M41 Walker Bulldog Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCA48PM O Caxias do Brasil BOAS CACHADAS!
  4. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA43GJ Urban Cache BOAS CACHADAS!
  5. Tradicional no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCA43TP Whiskema at the Beach BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. Verifique a pasta Spam, também.
  7. In this hobby we have several types of trackables (objects that travel from cache to cache), like Travel-Bugs (standardized more or less) and Geocoins (these are made by geocachers). See some that I designed over the years...
  8. No problem, but please avoid foul language... and "spicy" pictures. Unfortunately not many caches today are big enough to hold a book...
  9. Be welcome! I would suggest that you do some caching for a while, attend some Events and talk to folks there... I bet all (almost) your questions will be answered just by playing. On the other hand you may be interested also in some geocaching based books and movies or series, like Splinterheads, Dark, etc. Some rare geocoins would be good things to leave in the caches, or memorabilia from pop culture, like the original artifacts in the APE Cache series, from Planet of the Apes. Enjoy and be inspired. PS: I have done a lot of covers for the portuguese versions of Goosebumps, from R. L. Stine.
  10. Eventos em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA40ET Ape Event. Danes in Brasil http://coord.info/GCA3ZN4 LXXXV Geomeeting Mensal Cachistico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  11. Thanks for the clarification... you simply used the wrong currency symbol... $ instead of R(and).
  12. Earthcache em Pernambuco http://coord.info/GCA36E1 O Recife do Recife BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Evento no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCA3J0T Um Paulistano insistente em Pelotas - O Retorno BOAS CACHADAS!
  14. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA3BH9 Primeiro de Itatiba? BOAS CACHADAS!
  15. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA32JK Um tatu a pé BOAS CACHADAS!
  16. You asked what the local geocachers could do... foreign geocachers won't have caches to look for if the locals don't hide them (apart from ocasional Events). Some small locations may have Souvenir already, because they get a lot of visits (at least more than Serbia, by instance... and other countries still waiting Souvenir).
  17. A search results only in 513 caches... so I would say to start growing your local community, placing and searching a lot more. Events are a good way to welcome new players, by instance.
  18. Evento no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC8M9Y9 Community Celebration Event BOAS CACHADAS!
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