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  1. Ou estas questões têm outro objectivo, que me está a escapar?


    Esses pedidos são para serem enviados apenas para o revisor, de modo a facilitar a rápida publicação da cache, não são para publicar na página da cache.

    Pode colocar todas as respostas com um log Reviewer Note, que será automaticamente apagado assim que a cache seja publicada.

    Ou seja, a dificuldade desejada, manter-se-à.

  2. For the 2009 portuguese geocoin contest, I presented a project based on the pavement in front of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Lisbon.

    That same year, Madeira suffered big floods that killed people and destroyed large areas of the island, so after the defeat of this project in the final election for the official geocoin, I made some changes to produce a geocoin where 10% of the price would be handed to help Madeira.

    The shape of the island gained more space on the geocoin, with the region's flag, it was inserted also a text related to the reconstruction.




    This geocoin was minted in gold and copper.

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    O Viajor - Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo 296

    Corcovado 258

    Pão de Açucar 242 ARQUIVADA

    Cosmos Cache 211

    Tipuana 177

    Arpoador 173

    Eucalyptus 169

    Mission 4: Southern Bowl 169

    Frederico Engel 169

    Klabin 156


    Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz 132 ARQUIVADA

    Brasil 500 - Parte 2 132

    O Toco 123

    Rio de Janeiro # 1 111

    007 Moonraker 111

    Under Ibirapuera 109 ARQUIVADA

    Copacabana 2 104

    Ibirapuera 1 (a missão) 97 ARQUIVADA

    CacheStone - Airport 92 ARQUIVADA

    A Ponte 87




    Mission 4: Southern Bowl 107 74%

    Corcovado 63 31%

    Pão de Açucar 55 28% ARQUIVADA

    Giant Antshrike 24 39%

    Mirante (Viewpoint) 22 34%

    TATU - A Cave in Intervales State Park 21 27%

    007 Moonraker 19 23%

    Rio de Janeiro # 1 17 25%

    Frederico Engel 17 15%

    Na Padaria (RJ) 14 40%

    Slaughtering Stone 14 18%

  4. In 2008, a friend geocacher asked my help to design a geocoin dedicated to the Algarve, portuguese main touristic area, in the south shore on the country, facing North Africa.


    The research for the design elements, focused on the Algarve specificities, such as, the shape of the province, the sun, the traditional algarvian chimneys, almond blossom and the coat of arms on the national flag.




    This geo coin was minted in gold and silver platings.

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  5. Does anyone have any Geocaching events during the World Cup? We will be in Brazil Jine 2-July 8.




    I suggest you to place this question in Brazil forum.

    Myself I will be FIFA Media Leader volunteer here in Manaus, so the time for events will be scarce, but there are some WC2014 related caches, already.

  6. The portuguese geocaching community started to mint annual geocoins since 2006... first, from the motivation of few geocachers, but later, with design contests in the foruns, where every user can suggest ideas, drawings, whatever... until a final election to choose the official portuguese geocoin of a given year.


    In 2008 I won that year's contest with a geocoin dedicated to Fado, our national song, later considered World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.




    During the contest and the designing process, some changes were made, so in the back of the coin, I placed a verse from Gente da Minha Terra, a song made famous by Mariza... and I had to use only 6 strings on the portuguese guitar, but in fact they are 12.


    This geocoin was minted in gold and cooper versions.

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