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  1. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9MDNY LXXII Geomeeting Mensal Cachístico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  2. You still can use "Download GPX". Then you can drop the file on the GPS folder while connected via-USB to your computer...
  3. Tradicionais no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9KW5D Praia dos Molhes http://coord.info/GC9KTJW Lagoa do Violão BOAS CACHADAS!
  4. Tradicionais em Goiás http://coord.info/GC9M6PC Praça Universitária http://coord.info/GC9M6NG Parque Botafogo BOAS CACHADAS!
  5. Tradicional no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9KTM5 Morro do Farol BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. Evento no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9M1WX Um Portuga Manauara em Porto Alegre BOAS CACHADAS!
  7. Tradicional no Amazonas http://coord.info/GC9KTJZ Pracinha Grafitada Ceará http://coord.info/GC9KRER Dunas sublimes com uma palmeira quase desaparecida http://coord.info/GC9KQ6R Rio de Chapada BOAS CACHADAS!
  8. So sorry, I can't reproduce what you are describing... but I can see all my Archived caches and open any Archived listing. PS: On maps we can't see any Archived caches, of course...
  9. Tradicional no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9KPNQ Ponte Férrea de Cacequi BOAS CACHADAS!
  10. Atualização mensal da atividade geocaching no Brasil* (1 de janeiro de 2022) Total de caches publicadas 8388 Não arquivadas 5306 Caches sem nenhum Found 865 das quais 394 já foram arquivadas ou despublicadas Caches aguardando FTF 471 Caches com 5 Founds ou menos 4212 Caches com 6 a 10 Founds 1712 Caches com 11 a 50 Founds 2061 Caches com 51 a 100 Founds 182 Caches com mais de 100 Founds 222 Total de Founds 124334 Cache com mais Founds 931 - GC3FMPF Frederico Engel Caches com Favoritos 1988 sendo que 280 já estão arquivadas Caches até 5 Favoritos 1783 Caches com 6 a 10 Favoritos 91 Caches com mais de 10 Favoritos 114 Total de Favoritos 7056 Cache com mais Favoritos 498 - GCC67 Mission 4: Southern Bowl * Estão incluídas as Adventure Labs.
  11. Caches publicadas e arquivadas anualmente (1 de janeiro de 2022) PS: Todas as estatísticas respeitam as datas dos owners, desse modo podem haver variações de números no início de cada ano, por surgirem novas caches cuja data de colocação seja anterior por algumas semanas ou mesmo meses.
  12. Tradicional em Goiás http://coord.info/GC9KG0B Valorize os Seres BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Never too late to get hooked. Be very welcome!
  14. Virtual Reward em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GC892HJ Ponte Hercílio Luz - Virtual Reward 2.0 BOAS CACHADAS!
  15. The username may be changed by the current owner... and can be anything he wants (not necessarily a username). Any message will be sent to him (the owner) no matter what is the username that shows on the listing. By courtesy we use to leave the original owner's name there also... along with the words "adopted by XXXX".
  16. Tradicional em Goiás https://coord.info/GC9KKZY PUC Campus V - Stonehenge BOAS CACHADAS e FELIZ 2022!
  17. I think this is a good time for you to read again the forum guidelines... mainly points 2 and 4. "2. Forum courtesy: Please treat Geocaching HQ, its employees, geocaching community volunteers, fellow community members, and guests in these forums with courtesy and respect. Whether a community member has one post or 5,000 posts, everyone should be treated respectfully. ... 4. Personal attacks and inflammatory or antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. If you want to post criticism, please do so constructively. Generalized, vicious, or veiled attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated."
  18. Certainly the reviewer knows what he's doing... imagine if there is another previous planned cache there, and the reviewer will ask the owner if he really wants to proceed, given 26th as the limit date, until handing the spot to you? Have the Merriest Xmas Ever!!
  19. Just as an example, around here we have some public places, like parks and reservations that will stay closed during some days, opening again after Christmas, like the APE Cache, by instance. If any cache were published there in the meantime, it could provoke some unintended (and illegal) entrances.
  20. And why you think the forums would be the right place to ask... instead of asking your reviewer? Did you check for any local limitations, until December 26th, by instance?
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