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  1. Tradicional no Ceará http://coord.info/GCA97JW Barragem Figueiredo BOAS CACHADAS!
  2. Going forward I suggest that you deal with your problems thru messages or email. Per guidelines the forum is not the place to argue like that.
  3. Check the first log on your cache listing... then send him a message.
  4. You need to ask your reviewer to move a cache farter than 161 meters.
  5. Tradicional em Goiás http://coord.info/GCA5AQT Aeroporto Fantasma BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. Usually after that, your listing will go to the back of the reviewing pile...
  7. Earthcache em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCA8X4D Costão do Santinho: Vestígios Geológicos e Cultura BOAS CACHADAS!
  8. Evento na Bahia http://coord.info/GCA9C3R Cavendish Tour - Salvador BOAS CACHADAS!
  9. Eventos em Alagoas http://coord.info/GCA998J Cavendish Tour - Maceió Pernambuco http://coord.info/GCA997A Cavendish Tour - Recife Sergipe http://coord.info/GCA99AQ Cavendish Tour - Aracaju BOAS CACHADAS!
  10. From the get go I can say vandalism, by choice or just ignorance... While with low D/T caches the damage probably is not very high, but with more elaborated caches, certainly is (or would be)...
  11. There is no claims of precedent in this game, you should know by now...
  12. Basically no major change as been done to yours or any other caches. People using the homepage have access to every cache, like always... only when using the official free app, Basic Members will have some limitations (for good reasons, I would add).
  13. Evento na Paraíba http://coord.info/GCA95ZJ Cavendish Tour - João Pessoa BOAS CACHADAS!
  14. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA94C0 “Um Dia No Parque” BOAS CACHADAS!
  15. Sie müssen lediglich Ihre Cache-Seite bearbeiten. Google Translate(d).
  16. Evento e Tradicional no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCA90D7 Ruínas da Igreja da Santíssima Trindade São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA94CZ Explorando a Mata Atlântica BOAS CACHADAS!
  17. People use TravelBug codes on t-shirts, on tattoos, on pets and also on vehicles... of course all those are to be Discovered only, and there is nothing fraudulent about it. It's not Geocaching HQ who decides where geocachers apply the codes... while with geocoins by instance, you need to subject the design for prior approval.
  18. But who bought the codes for use on an object that can't be Retrieved or Dropped was you, IMHO.
  19. Eventos no Paraná http://coord.info/GCA926V Dois Paulistanos em Maringá Rio Grande do Norte http://coord.info/GCA913X Cavendish Tour - Natal BOAS CACHADAS!
  20. Please move them into other suitable caches...
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