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    I've placed the following S&P caches on the Do Not Hunt list for my next update, which I'll post after Labor Day:

    GCQEN4 B.S.P.S. #4 Summit

    GC22FPD There It Is Now What?

    GC22169 Bend Travel Bug Motel


    Also on the Do Not Hunt list, at the request of others:

    GC2X2BK #800

    GC2C6HF Carl and Erin's Cache


    Also, I'm checking with the cache owners of GCA114 Dance (location may be inappropriate for heavy caching traffic) and GC41ZXZ Bridge Stepping (4-star terrain location may be too dangerous or inappropriate). Stay tuned.

  2. We live in Deschutes county, 30minutes North of Bend.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to call or text 541-450-9776.

    Looking forward to having all the cache machine participants in our neck of the woods. :anibad:

  3. Thanks for some ideas. The challenge comes from Ultimate Caching Quests


    They challenged us to find a cache underground with a tool. I think it will be a flashlight but if I can find one that requires a tool that would be a plus.

    A ladder or some other tool is needed for this quest. A flashlight doesn't count.

    Can anyone think of an underground cache that would require a tool, not flashlight?

    I'll be driving from Central Oregon to meet up with quadsinthemudd near Seattle.

  4. We appreciate the interest in our coin! We have had a history of our coins tracking numbers ending up online and people discovering them. Thanks for editing your post and removing the tracking number. A little history on the coin. We made geocoins up as a wedding favor. Designed the coin to show our interests that both of us had and/or shared. We also designed it to show us uniting in marriage July 10th, 2010. We keep track of coin numbers that close friends or family have, including this one in this discussion. If you are interested in a more detailed history on these coins, feel free to email us!


    Cheers & happy caching.

  5. I will say first that I don’t usually read or make statements on the forums for what I thought was a very good reason. Most of the comments are negative and some outright nasty and throwing a blaming finger at other cachers. Even with all that and knowing that I will get some bad comments regarding my statement; I feel that I need to make a positive contribution regarding the ET power trail. And I hope others that enjoyed their experience will speak up too. This may not be the right spot to do this but I’m sure there is someone who will direct me to the right spot. But like I say, I don’t get on here often or know my way around them very good.


    First of all: Yes, we did the ET Power Trail with a group of 5 in our georig. Yes, we stopped at every single one and we stamped every single log. We did not leap frog and we did not grab one container and take it to the next cache site. And yes, we did it under 24 hours. I only say this to let you know I speak from experience and not from hearsay, or unsubstantiated opinion. Sure the numbers were great, but what made it

    more memorable was the beautiful scenery, the people we met along the way and our group we were caching with that day. This is only my opinion but I believe most of the cachers that did the ET power trail would attest to this too. I don’t have a problem with other caches that leap frog the power trails. I don’t believe it is right for me so I don’t do it.


    I believe you have the right to express your opinion but I hope that Groundspeak will not only listen to your negative opinions but will listen to those that have done the power trail and done it in a safe manner. If Groundspeak disallows power trail because of “safety” as some of you suggest should happen, then they will have to remove all caches and close their doors. Accidents can and will happen. To justify removing any type of caches for safety concerns is carrying things to the extreme. You or I can cross the street in a crosswalk with a green light and get hit by a car. Will you make it illegal to walk across the street? Same goes for caches. Be responsible when you cache.


    As to NDOT, I only have the info that has been stated on the cache page of ET 001 or here so it doesn’t count for much. But I know from experience that you can get permission from an organization or entity and then have someone else in that entity come along and disallow the cache.


    So, let’s get together as cachers and work together to improve our relationships with government entities. Don’t’ talk down about the sport or other cachers. Just because you don’t like power trails, doesn’t make it wrong for anyone else to like them. Allow us the freedom to enjoy caches of all types and layouts.

    My thoughts exactly.

    The E.T HWY was an amazing adventure, just as life is!

    Live and cache responsibly...

    On a lighter note, on topic.... This new movie wouln't have ment a thing with out the E.T HWY run experience...

    Live long and prosper/cache

  6. So now that it is all said and done and the cache has been archived can someone please post an chronicle of events that led to the demise of this trail.


    It seems that there is not enough traffic on this highway to justify a gas station in Rachel and according to other anecdotal reports of cachers they were only passed by 2 to 4 vehicles in the whole time they were doing the series. This level of traffic seems so small that the risk of injury or death to any party would be remote.


    Also there seems to be a part of the trail that was placed in low visibility areas, however a large part of the series had visibilty on the order of miles. So why was the highly visible areas not allowed to go forward with only the low visibility caches being archived?


    It seems rather drastic for the Nevada Department of Transportation to deem more than 100 miles of roadway, much of it with good visibility, as off limits to caching.


    Because of these questions and more it would be nice to know the backstory so such heavy handed ban can be avoided in the future.



    You can still find them, and log them. They are all still there, as of now...

  7. video of the after cache machine dinner.

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="

    name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="
    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>


    Every trail

    <a href="http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=828162">MLCM at EveryTrail</a><br><iframe src="http://www.everytrail.com/iframe2.php?trip_id=828162&width=400&height=300" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="400" height="300"></iframe>EveryTrail - Find the <a href="http://www.everytrail.com/best/hiking-california">best hikes in California</a> and beyond

  8. I'm very very new to this ... just found out about it last night ... ya very new! I was quick to download the app from Blackberry app world ... only to find out that it doesn’t work with US Cellular ... BLAH ! :laughing: The Support person (Rodney) said it will not work with US Cellular ... well ... humbug!


    Requested a refund this morning from PayPal ... and joined online ... Now I know I can download them to my Garmin ... and that seems tedious ... anyone know of an app that will work on my Blackberry and with US Cellular?

    We have the same problem... Does anyone know of an app for a blackberry that is like (reference to unauthorized application removed by Groundspeak) or will geocaching.com make an app for the blackberry us cellular phone?



  9. Do you travel to the Tri-Cities area? I'll be happy to take quite a few off your hands and I can easily pass the word around and get a few others to buy some too.

  10. We just dowloaded NWTrails and opened up Mapsource. In mapsource we can scroll and click on NW Trails and see the trails. We can't figure out how to add the maps to our garmin colorado 400t. Can you or someone help us (we've never loaded any maps before). If we get all the trails, that's fine, but the main goal is WA and OR. We appriciate all help. Thanks.



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