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  1. sorry don't have an "accessories" catagory. I don't have my system set up in classic view.
  2. Embra, I have Active sync but I have it disabled (I think). Let's put it this way, My software isn't up and the unit(my Jornada) isn't hooked in......
  3. nope. This is my first attempt with hooking the unit to the PC.
  4. It says that there are no conflicts on Com Port 1 so I'm assuming that the device is cleared with no restriction.
  5. selected code file (there was no database file) and it said "could not open com port".
  6. Okay, selected Com 1 and the Sportrack map unit and turned on the expert mode.
  7. contacts are clean! Maybe I have a bad cable? I've only had my unit for less than 1 year and always did my caching manually. Never used the cable.
  8. Com 1 Properties are set at BPS 115200 Data Bits 8 Parity None Stop Bits 1 Flow Control None I set the Sportrack at the Baud 115200 also When I click on STMapStd file and then click on Magup it then pulls up a screen asking if I want to update. I say yes and communications starts running but it doesn't stop on a Com port or a baud rate to initialize the upload.
  9. I changed the baud rate to 9600 on both (I'm trying to upgrade my sportrack map with the 5.00 version and magellan's baud rate only goes up to 9600) and it still acts like it doesn't recognize my unit. I have unplugged all the other devices that could possibly cause a conflict to no avail. Still not working!
  10. I have the gps hooked into the serial port on the back of my pc labeled (|o|o|) whatever the heck that means!
  11. Help!!!! I am trying to get my gps to link to my computer and can't seem to get anyone at Magellan to help me through it. I have it hooked into the pc and my "plug and pray" can't seem to locate it. How do I designate the com port for my Magellan?
  12. Yeah, We could sure use some TB's around the Garland / Rowlett area. The last ones I got out of caches are now in N.C. and S.C. I should be traveling to Cancun, Mexico soon and would love to cache down there.
  13. Hello all...I'm very new to this so bear with me. Went on my first cache hunt last weekend with a friend. I think you got me hooked! I need some sound advice (as a beginner) on a good reliable gps unit to buy. I would like to keep it close to $100.00 and wasn't really wanting something used. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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