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  1. You're welcome. That's my strength in Photoshop... I stink at coming up with new original images (being not a graphic designer) but I can sure transform an existing sad-puppy of an image into something either tolerable or actually something looking pretty cool. This one took about 4 layers of dissection and correction to do right. (later edit) That's not to say it was a sad-puppy to START with at original size... it's a nice design, but the usual problems in enlargement applied. I actually made transfers this last week and put them on sweatshirts for this last weekend......we went to a practice run on the Texas Challenge Event....needless to say EVERYONE knew who we were!
  2. Huh. That's wierd. I got it up to 5" x 8" just as an experiment and it wasn't too obnoxious. Did need a little cleanup, but not really horrible-looking. Make sure "constrain proportions" is checked in Image Size when you do the 110% setup in actions to start with. Thank you oh so much Sparrowhawk for the rework on my avatar to allow me to print transfers and such. You've taken and made the image much crisper and "clean' looking...no way I could've done it! My son and I will have t-shirts made for our most recent upcoming event.....The Texas Challenge 2005. We'll wear the colors proud! The Satrbucks thing is still an option.......Thanks again! Payin it forward.........
  3. When I get home I will pull out the original. I do not think I created a higer rez picture but I will see what I have. It may be hard to get a good lookin T out of it. Thanks Amishhacker! I tried several different things and couldn't get it to increase and still look good.
  4. Well for a quick sum it didn't work.... My avatar becomes extremely distorted when you try to resize it. HELP AMISHHACKER!!!!!
  5. There's a cute Photoshop trick for that. Normally if you just enlarge a pic from small to large (Image > Image Size, enter the size you need, hit OK) you get a blurry mess. The trick is to enlarge the image 110%... over and over again until it is the size you want. The image is cleaner then. Then use Unsharp Mask to clean it up a bit. I have a Photoshop action just for that purpose. Very cool and useful. On the other hand... if you are trying to enlarge it from a tiny 1 inch wide to a foot wide or something big like that... good luck... there is no way to make that look good unless you are willing to put in a lot of cleanup work. Thanks Sparrowhawk! I'll give it a try and see what I can do...Just wanted the image big enough for say a t-shirt transfer. Not anything real big! Getting ready for the "Texas Geochallenge" event in March and wanted to go "sportin" the team logo.....Thanks again.
  6. Hi all.....Had a Question......Amishhacker was actually working on this but I was thinking I could possibly do it myself since he's so busy. I want to increase the size of my avatar to be able to print out transfers for shirts etc.....How can I do it or can someone help? Thanks
  7. It works just fine......I had no problems pulling it up on the link.
  8. Why not just stick with the stickers . Unfortunately several caches around my area aren't marked with stickers, which would make the box sort of suspisious. So get some stickers from Jeremy and place them on your cache's.
  9. Yeah we should have a pretty cold winter here in Texas. Maybe it'll be cold enough to get rid of some of those bugs.....mainly mesquito's
  10. Jeremy, I like the new wording but I still think there should be two tags produced per TB. Production cost to set up and print / stamp the two tags at the same time shouldn't be much more. What are we talking......a few cents? If you're mass producing the TB's they should be giving you some sort of "bulk" discount anyway. Thanks for allowing us to input.
  11. As I said before.....EDUCATING the people that mandate these areas whether it be a city park or a National Forest IS the only way to keep our "sport" alive and enjoyable for all. It's all in perception.....I'm dating myself here but do some of you remember the commercial on TV that portrayed the family of bears that made a picnic in the front of a suburban house, they tore up the fence to make a bon-fire, roasting hot dogs, and left trash everywhere........Perception....When you tell people that we are searching through the woods for a "box of trinkets", they see heards of people making trails, trampling undergrowth, throwing trash everywhere and generally disturbing natures balance. The "knee jerk reaction" is to put a stop to it ( or at least slow it down). We have to MAKE them understand the benefits and responsibilities that geocacher's take in thier natural outdoor environment. And they need to understand that not ALL people that are in this sport act like the family of bears...
  12. Just my $.02 worth.......Let's step back and take a look at WHO actually owns the State Parks......WE DO! You pay it in your taxes, fees, and anything else the state can belk you for. If we don't like something that's going on in our state who do we talk to......a state representative. Start by educating the one's that actually make the rules.......Let them know that the state run parks are being fee'd and permitted to death and that it is keeping people from using the parks for their initial purposes. Tax payer's enjoyment!
  13. I have to agree with everyone above.....with one addition. When you have kids it's important to spend "quality" time with 'em. Quality time is one on one and this is a perfect way to spend time with 'em. You get to talk as you walk toward the caches and really get to know your kids. It's also something of a childhood memory that your building.
  14. Reallly......I met alot of people not actually caching but at the monthly meetings that are held at various restraunts around the Dallas area.
  15. It's Texas......specifically the Dallas / Fort Worth area (this will get something stirred up) Oh and by the way.......I'm not biased!
  16. I'm persuing paperless but have a Jornada Pocket PC. Is there specifics (a Link) on how to set them up as well? Thanks
  17. Thanks to all for the replies! I'll give it a try this week and see if I can finally go paperless.
  18. AzRob, That sounds like a great Idea for the couple. I hope you guys have a long and blessed marriage! Congrats!
  19. If I ever get up that way I'd be glad to go caching with you. I get as far as Amarillo and that's about it. Oh well, maybe someday......
  20. Forgive my stupidity but isn't this supposed to be the swiss army (do all) which would allow me to download my coordinates to my pc (like Easygps) then transfer coordinates to my GPS unit. As well as download cache description pages as though I was still looking at the internet page? Isn't there a software that will convert it one step further and allow the page to be converted to a PDA? I don't actually have a laptop to take with me in the field (nor would I want to have to carry one). I've heard of the paperless caches but I thought people were actually using PDA's to do it with. Thanks for the reply
  21. Will this work with HP Jornada's (Specifically the 540 series)?
  22. Seriously....keep in mind that alot of cacher's are families and kid's need attention. So I'm with Joe, just make sure it's lots of fun and fellowship. It really sounds like your off to a good start. Good Luck!
  23. How about sharing the link.....I'm gonna be in your area around the 19th of July.
  24. My kids don't mind picking them up. Lord knows where they've been (the Beads ) But they don't mind!
  25. First of all, welcome switchdoc. I know here in Texas we have several groups that get together and make a day out of geocaching. You might talk to some of the local geocacher's about which afilliate they are with and join in....... here's one of the events in your area and a contact. http://www.geocaching.com/local/default.as...id=6&submit2=GO Hope you have good luck! I have yet to meet a rude or uncaring person in this game!
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