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  1. Thankyou all for your very helpful advice and suggestions. With regard to the co-ordinates, I suspected the fault was with me, as the caches had all been placed by different people, and there was no mention in the logs of anyone else having trouble. And yes - my GPSr had been inadvertently set to British Grid (nephew fiddling about with it!) - so problem solved. It was a shame I only got a 50% hit rate in Paris, but I discovered all sorts of interesting places I would never otherwise have found. Will now go off to experiment with my accents!
  2. I was in Paris for a couple of days earlier this week, and found that my GPSr was consistently about 150m off. I managed to find a few caches where the description or clue were very specific, but others were quite impossible. Should I have done some sort of re-setting to take account of the new location? I didn't encounter this problem in Austria or Italy. Also: can anyone tell me how to set acute and grave accents in my logs? I have a formula that says you use Ctrl + ' for acute and Ctrl + ` for grave, but this doesn't seem to work. I dearly want to show off and enter my logs in as correct French as possible!
  3. I dropped my unprotected Geko on to the tiled kitchen floor a while ago, and it now only shows a blank screen when I switch it on. As it's very old technology, I decided to buy a new GPSr rather than try to get it mended, but am overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions on which model to get next. So I haven't actually stopped caching, just gone into hiding for a while!
  4. I don't think they can reply - if you look at their profiles, they have been banned from us(e)ing the forums.
  5. I am planning a trip to Rugby this weekend, and was disappointed to see that some of the caches I would have liked to look for en route have been disabled. I don't usually post on this or any other discussion forum (because I find them so addictive!) but I did want to share a few thoughts on this problem, which will probably only get worse in the future with increased publicity about geocaching. Firstly, I believe that the 'environmental' claim is utter nonsense. Anyone can see that geocaching done correctly has a minimal or beneficial effect on the environment. I would guess that these (not very highly-educated, judging by their grammar and spelling) people are using it as a peg on which to hang their petty vandalism. This is the sort of mentality that enjoys destroying things and spoiling other people's enjoyment - the same sort of mentality that led someone to snap off some newly-planted trees in our village high street recently. So what do we do about it? The advice from geocaching.com to notify the police had me in stitches. I mean, can you imagine strolling into your local police station and saying you wanted to report the theft of a plastic lunchbox? I think the most important thing is to KEEP REPLACING THE CACHES. Replace them with small, inexpensive containers, with low-value swaps, and warn people not to leave trackable items for the time being. It's not so much fun vandalising something that isn't very valuable, and I bet if these people have to keep going back to the same place, they will eventually lose interest. They want to see those caches wiped off the maps, so don't indulge them! Another idea that someone has mentioned is to turn vulnerable caches into multis. It's dead easy for vandals to follow the co-ordinates straight to a nice big box of treasure, and my hunch is that they are less likely to go to the effort of following a trail. My commiserations to everyone who has had their caches vandalised. DON'T LET THESE TWITS WIN!!
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