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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It seems that there is a problem to keep HTML tags in the comments. I have seen other caches that DO have HTML code in comments but they were published before the new version of the site and presumably are not affected. The use of the HTML tags <br> and <p> were an integral part of the clue to the cache so I will have to find an alternative. Any tips will be appreciated. ds8300
  2. At the end of January I prepared a new puzzle cache where the clues were hidden on the cache page in the form of comments with the syntax <!--//-->. The code was accepted and the page rendered correctly. Yesterday, I checked the page in readiness for releasing the cache. All the comments had been stripped from the HTML code and I cannot re-enter them. Why? This is the code for what it's worth. No big deal or damaging in any way that I can imagine. This mystery cache will require you to see things from different perspectives. Don't go to the posted coordinates, unless you just feel like going for a nice walk. <p>Perspective can mean many things. Visual perspective can be thought of as the way things appear based on spatial attributes, dimensions, and their positions relative to the eye of the viewer. Train tracks disappearing towards the horizon are often used as an example of linear perspective. Aerial perspective is the way an object looks when it is seen through the atmosphere. Books and films tell stories from first-person, third-person, and/or other character perspectives. People often talk about “having perspective on things” when talking about wisdom that comes with age. Having perspective means having the ability to see things in different ways, where “see” could be physically seeing something, but might not be, and “things” might be physical things, but might not be.</p> <p>This cache will test your ability to see things in different ways.</p> <!--•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4"><p><br></p><hr size="4"><p><br></p>•<br> <hr size="4"><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4"><hr size="4"><hr size="4">•<br>•<br>•<br><p><br></p> <hr size="4">•<br>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p> <hr size="4"><p><br></p>•<br>•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br><hr size="4"><hr size="4"> <p><br></p>•<br>•<br><hr size="4"><p><br></p>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p>•<br><hr size="4">•<br>•<br> <p><br></p>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><hr size="4">•<br><hr size="4"><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br><hr size="4">•<br> <p><br></p><hr size="4"><hr size="4"><hr size="4"><p><br></p><hr size="4"><hr size="4"><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br>•<br><hr size="4">•<br> <p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p><hr size="4">•<br><p><br> </p><hr size="4"><hr size="4">•<br>•<br><p><br></p>•<br>•<br><hr size="4"><p><br></p>•<br>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br> </p>•<br><hr size="4">•<br><p><br></p>//-->
  3. From time to time I hook my old eTrex Legend up to my Kenwood TH-D7 when I am out geocaching in the forests so people at home know roughly where I am. Of course it's dependent on the signal being strong enough to hit a digipeater. Usually the combination eTrex Legend Kenwood TM-D700 is running in my car as SARARQ-9.
  4. In the last year I have had the opportunity to do some extensive travelling and have always taken my GPSr with me from Sweden where I live. It has visited Finland, Denmark, Estonia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Holland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, USA, India, China, Singapore, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and yes even Russia! As I didn't know a permit was needed there I didn't inform the authorities. Next time I may leave it at home. Today, it seems that a GPS is not uncommon, in particular as a car mounted attachment.
  5. For information about my caches I write the description in English and Swedish. For my logs on internet I write in English but in the logbook with the cache I write in Swedish if it is in Sweden and English elsewhere. As an Englishman living in Sweden using both languages is not a problem but I can appreciate those not so fluent in English prefering to write in their mother tongue wherever in the world it is.
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