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    PQ's down?

    I only have one PQ that is set to run and though its tagged for Friday's it never arrived until one o'clock today...but, at least I got it.
  2. Cancel that...I found it to be easier and quicker to just redo the entire thing. After spending the whole day learning the program it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Actually probably better in the long run as maybe I'll retain some of it now.
  3. Just doing my first Wherigo and ran into the same error. I've no idea what I did or how to fix it but if anyone would care to look at the file I would most greatly appreciate it. Its taken me nearly a whole day to get it as far as I did and now, I'm ready to toss the laptop out the window at the thought of starting over...
  4. I sent my original Vista in last summer after having the problem of it powering off. New unit was shipped to me via DHL a week later. Nobody was home so I had to go pick it up at DHL. Upon doing so, I got back in my truck, opened the box, took out the new unit, dropped in fresh batteries, set it on the dash and headed for home. After a couple minutes I grabbed it to see if it had got sattelite lock and guess what....yeah, it had already powered off. Thought maybe it was just a fluke incident but over the next week or so it was doing it as much if not more than the first unit. Went back to emailing Garmin as I didn't feel I should have to pay the shipping this time around. They were nice, sent me a pre-paid shipping tag and a week later, I got my third new Vista in the mail. I didn't do much caching at all over the winter but so far this spring the problem is back. I think I'm still just inside the first year since purchase, but at this point...why bother shipping it back. Each time I've tried the battery issue and that is definitely not the problem. I've always used mine in the vehicle too and have the cigarette lighter adapter. They like to power off when running on that too. I think there is quite simply a design flaw somewhere and Garmin never stepped up and admitted it nor done anything to correct it.
  5. Forgot all about that one, thanks. I'll go remove it right now.
  6. Speaking for myself, I had no idea that turning a lost/stolen geocoin into a virtual was in any way shape or form "abuse". My first coin purchased was given a mission and turned loose. It passed through four or five hands and disappeared. Instead of letting that $7 or whatever it was be forever gone I turned it into a virtual. I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but when I seen the virtuals bugs I thought it was a rather neat idea. Figured it was a few steps above dropping it into the great TB graveyard in the middle of the Atlantic at any rate. Also thought there would be many icon collectors that would enjoy it which obviously there is/was. So again, I had no idea that creating a virtual bug was a no-no. Had I of known, would have never happened. Just like when I first seen this topic this morning, I went into my bug page and took out everything "virtual" and references to the bug number.
  7. Try a walking/hiking stick. I found a cheap one last fall at Meijers for $10 and if you take the rubber boot off the end it leaves a nice little metal tab...works great for "sounding out" ammo cans. Tupperware gives off a different sound too. Other than that, keep hunting...persistance pays off. Read the caches pages and logs for other little clues and hints. As for those DNF's, don't worry about them. We've all got 'em and still get 'em. Just had three in one day a couple weeks back.
  8. And I would think if it was policy it would be written somewhere, other than a post in the forums. I was simply inquiring as to where I could find/read it such as the guidelines.
  9. Exactly what is the policy, out of curiousity, as I didn't realize there was such a thing.
  10. Folshen

    Opinions Needed

    I think the TB Hotel owners generally have good intentions. I must admit, even though I'm not fond of caches on private property, the hotels in someones yard are nice. They usually are stocked, people seem to have no problem trading bug for bug, the owners do routine maintenance etc... All good for the bugs. At the same time though, I think the "do not take a bug unless you leave a bug" rules are completely rediculous. If I had a personal bug that wound up in a hotel, someone visits that hotel and could help my bug along but refrained from taking it because they didn't have one to trade.... Well, those rules just don't work. Bugs are meant to travel, if you see one and can help it out, by all means TAKE it! What's the hotel owner going to do about it? If they pitch a fit then its not a hotel, its a prison.
  11. Folshen

    Icon Swap Meets

    Spotted / Viewed / Spyed...either way, I like the idea.
  12. Sounds good to me. Seems like quite often there is a local cache that I've already completed that gets changed. Location and container, usually not by much, but changed just the same. Then there is a note from the cache owner stating that anyone previously finding it can do so again.... Of course the only time I notice it is by stumbling upon it since it remains in my "found" pq.
  13. I'd say its a great idea. I only put one USA Geocoin out into the wild and it disappeared rather quickly. For my second one, I turned the Dremil tool loose on it. It's only a "sliver" of a geocoin. Figured nobody would want that in there collection. Perhaps it'll have a longer life span.
  14. The only decons I've seen with wet contents are either as stated above, previous cacher failed to close it properly or they closed it with the strap caught inside which prevents a good seal from being made.
  15. Found one USA Geocoin in the wild...actually found it twice. Second time we took it out of Michigan and dropped it in Kentucky and its currently moving around New York. As for releasing, we turned one loose and it lasted two months before coming up missing. Had the same thing happen with a Michigan coin that went MIA.
  16. Letterbox Hybrid A letterbox is another form of treasure hunting using clues instead of coordinates. In some cases, however, a letterbox has coordinates, and the owner has made it a letterbox and a geocache. To read more about letterboxing, visit the Letterboxing North America web site. ::shrugs::
  17. Good point...and I'm not sure. Have to go see what I can find.
  18. We had this problem with a cache we hid. Gabrielle's Big Hide Stepped off the asphalt trail and ten feet into the woods we found the remains of a letterbox. Container, rubber stamp and log book and suprisingly, everything was in good shape. We collected it all and took it with us. Went back across the asphalt to the other side of the trail and hid our cache. Got home that night and contacted the letterbox owner then wound up meeting her and returned the remains of her letterbox. Long story short, not long after that we started getting a lot of logs where people claimed to have found the letterbox. Went out and inspected and its no more than 30' from our cache. I again contacted the owner to let her know I would move our cache and she pleaded for us to leave it there. She was THRILLED with all the extra logs/attention her letterbox was getting. Just to avoid confusion I added a note about it in our cache page. Have tried convincing the owner to turn it into a Hybrid Letterbox and we'd go ahead and move ours but so far, no good.
  19. Now I know what a gaging station is, thank!
  20. It doesn't seem to matter what mine is doing. It could be setting perfectly still on a bed of feathers and it will simply blink off... Couple weeks back it made it through a seven hour car ride and never had a problem. Seems to have a mind of its own.
  21. I contacted Garmin who said to send it in as it sounds like its defective. I haven't done so as of yet though because I hate the idea of being without my GPSr for any amount of time...
  22. Well its definitely not loose batteries... I've had it drop out while plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter now too. On a trip back from Kentucky it went seven hours without a problem. Other times, it might drop out, I can turn it back on and then within a few minutes its out again. I just received this unit through Cabela's about three weeks ago. I guess the big question is should I send it back to them or directly to Garmin? I think if I go with Cabela's I've got the "return" tag so shipping wont cost me anything but no idea what the turn around time will be. I hate the idea of being without a GPSr for even a day, let alone several days to a week or better...
  23. Nothing really dangerous so far...just a lot of deer, a rather large snapping turtle in the middle of a trail...brown snake, angry birds when you get too close to a nest. Probably the worst are the mosquitos and ticks.
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