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  1. Hi there, I am traveling to Dublin in June and besides Europe's First Cache which I consider a "must-do" are there any other must-do caches while I am there. Last summer I went to Prague and was fortunate that someone sent me a bookmark list of "tourist-friendly" caches ... I had the best time finding these caches. It was awesome! Does something similar exist for Dublin? Thanks in advance, -Maria / TheJump
  2. So are you interested but think the asking price is too high ... make me an offer.
  3. I have for sale, one Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx, gently used. While you can get this one NEW for $325 if you shop around, if you buy this less than one year old unit you will also receive ... 2 GB microSD card preloaded with CityNavigator 2008 NT (with unlock code) Ram Mount cradle (http://www.ram-mount.com/) Asking price ... $350 Reason for selling: recently upgraded to Colorado 400T -Maria
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