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  1. The search function still does not respect home location relative to geographical boundaries. For example, searching by a US state provides results in a distance from some arbitrary location within the boundary, not home location. D and T needs to be visible and sortable at all times not separately. Currently, if one change the D to a T sort then it is impossible to go back to D. Regardless, this sort technique is not useful. A cacher needs to know both D and T if picking and choosing for list purposes.
  2. I was unpleasantly surprised today by the search page revisions. To suggest this update is a hot mess is an understatement. Here are some of the issues I quickly discovered. Too much white space, too little data. D/T ratings are not shown automatically. Searching by US state does not respect the home location or a selected location. Distance appears to be arbitrary from some unknown point. Deleting location in the filter will give a distance from Seattle or from some other arbitrary location. Distances are sometimes shown in feet (13,080 feet from GZ for example), sometimes miles. Sorting by date placed brings up ALL new caches, not respecting a geographic boundary such as a state boundary. Respectfully, this update needs to be rolled back to the previous version. This and all updates needs to be beta tested by actual users before public release. This update has the smell of the work done in years past by the huge Seattle based software company where close enough was close enough and things did not have to work well. This update may eventually work, but right now is horribly disappointing and not ready for public use.
  3. The filter that limits to uncorrected coordinates is missing. I use that filter in conjunction with series name or common words frequently when working on puzzles or geo-art puzzle trails. I do like the simplicity of showing caches with only solved coordinates. That said, I really don't see the need to force filters to the mapped version. The resulting list after filters takes up too much space as well. The current search filter is still a better user layout. Keeping the filter list and the map separate is a better system in my opinion.
  4. This won't be a comprehensive response, but might get you closer to your answer. There are settings to limit the distance at which caches will be shown. I have mine set to 8 miles. They do not show up when the map scale is greater than 8 miles on geocaching profile. That could be one issue. Also, the geocache filter settings might be preventing you from seeing certain cache types or sizes. Filter settings are different for each profile type (geocaching, recreational, automotive, marine, classic) and geocaches are not handled exactly the same as waypoints between geocaching and recreational profiles, IIRC. I only use those two profile settings (geocaching and recreational). The caches should still appear as a list without being on the map (assuming filters are all clear) when you do a "Find", "Geocache" menu search. The 64s series is a bit different than the 62s despite the interfaces being virtually identical. I seem to recall having similar problems until I modified the filter settings for geocaches on both the main settings screen and the geocaching profile. The biggest difference that really bugged me was the feature where found geocaches disappear from the map rather than show an open chest. Filter settings can change that as well. I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck.
  5. Nope, still broken...I am getting the 500 error when trying to look at a cache page as well as being required to log in when the system does find a page.
  6. Nope, that does not work. That would be too simple, but it should work that way.
  7. I attempted to upload my field notes from Garmin 64s as normal. I neglected to uncheck the "ignore before such date". The ignore date was only an hour before my upload and I have more than 100 finds to log. How can I reset the text file from my handheld so that it uploads all of the caches (duplicates would be OK at this point). Is there a time stamp trick I can perform to make the file upload?
  8. I let the paid app update this evening for "bug fixes". What I received was a defeatured update. Recent logs are now limited to the last 5 entries. Not cool! New app is clunky clunky clunky. Not an improvement
  9. Still no idea what was wrong, but now my field notes are loading as well as ever...
  10. As I am searching for help on an unrelated problem, I found this short thread. For what it is worth, several months ago I had to start shrinking already small images before uploading to Groundspeak. Groundspeak server would not accept any images larger than 640x480 or thereabouts. The compression feature simply stopped working for me. Working with their tech support went nowhere. About the same time, geocache description pages would not load for me. The solution for the slow or no page loads at that time was to utilize a VPN as suggested by GC techs. No idea why that helped, but it did. Somewhere along the way, that problem disappeared and the VPN is not needed, but images still must be small to upload for me. My internet provider is a satellite service and I suspect that latency timing is a big part of my issue but nonetheless Groundspeak servers do not always play nice.
  11. Yes, that box is unchecked and the time stamp shown is before my field note date/time stamp. Today, I tried a different computer (was using a Mac, now on a Windows machine) with same results. I was thinking perhaps something changed on the Mac side that prevents me from uploading to Groundspeak. After selecting the notes file and hitting the "Upload Field Notes" button, the GC screen comes back with "No file chosen". Looks like I need to open a help ticket with Groundspeak.
  12. Yesterday, my geocache_visits.txt file would not upload from my Garmin 62S to GC.com. Same issue today. After selecting the visits file and pushing the upload button, an error comes back saying "file not selected". This process has worked flawlessly for years but now nothing I try works. I have attempted Chrome, Firefox, and Safari working from two different internet locations. I have cleared cookies and browsing data but still no good. Uploads worked fine on Christmas day, but not now. Does anyone have advice? I am not really wanting to go back to manually entering GC codes to log my finds and DNF's.
  13. As too many people have already indicated, the new search format is terrible. In fairness, I do like the ability to perform some of the additional filtering but the resulting output is terrible when coupled to the 30 mile limits. I realize the work around for states is to ignore the distance box, but then the resulting list appears to be a random compilation of the first 1000 caches that the database spits out for a given state. Add to that the poor use of screen space for the output indicated in the above posts and we have a software mess worthy of Microsoft Windows 8. My bigger concern is the next sections that will be changed will be maps and pocket queries. Maps are already poor resolution for a rural cacher like me since I cannot really filter out my finds and still see a reasonable area to select for a query. In other words, where are the areas with a reasonable amount of caches to seek within 150 miles. The output list from a pocket query is currently easy to read. My concerns is that this too will look like the new search screen output.
  14. The new search function is horrid. Obviously my feedback from the preview was ignored as were many others judging by the feedback on this forum. Seriously, 30 mile limits! That is ridiculous. The new listing format of the cache found by the search is a terrible waste of screen space. This entire exercise appears to be an attempt to look like a phone app. NOT GOOD! Fortunately, the query function from the map screen still works and the listing format is not yet changed (Groundspeak, DO NOT MESS with these list). Unfortunately, I can no longer look at any of my bookmark lists. Hopefully, that is just a server problem today.
  15. NDOkie

    FireFox Problem

    Yep, clearing the browser cache cleaned up that problem. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that direction. Had already looked through and disabled add-ons and cleared cookies without success.
  16. NDOkie

    FireFox Problem

    Recently, (last couple of weeks) cache description pages are not loading properly when using FireFox 10. I tried changing to FireFox 11 thinking it was related since issue appeared roughly same time the update notices appeared for FF. By not loading properly, I mean the information is visible but not formatted as I expect and also loads slow. Internet Explorer and Safari both present pages just fine. It is FireFox that is giving me problems. Anyone have ideas on this one???
  17. Thanks, everyone for the feedback. The PQ method is essentially what I do today using either EASYGPS or GSAK to view the result. As stated, the newer map function allows me to see these on the GC maps. This method is just kludgy whereas having direct visibility on the GC maps would be much more efficient (particularly when there is a 5 query limit per day).
  18. Has anyone come up with a method to increase the map area that shows found caches? I would like to be able to see or at least filter my finds out of a larger map area than GC presently supports. I would like to see at least the ability to do this over a 100 mile radius because where I live the cache density is not particularly high. This feature would allow easier trip planning prior to running PQ's for the trip.
  19. I am a Mingo alumni. The second most cool factor about this cache after its age is the mowed path from the road to the cache. It reminded me of a temple or memorial. Totally cool!! Add to that the incredibly large log book and it is a worthy caching experience.
  20. I have had this happen two or three times. I don't know that I did anything the first time or two. The last time I may have reset (cleared) all of the waypoints inadvertently when I reset the trip computer page (I am still not sure I did this). Everything goes away, including calendar entries, when you do this. I have intentionally performed this reset to verify that this happens. Make sure that you don't have the waypoints box checked on the reset page when you clear the trip computer. Geocaches will all show up on their page if you push "find" button and then select Geocache icon. Closest to position could be many, many miles, but will show up regardless of actual distance. I hope this helps you. Good luck!
  21. thanks for the reply. I reloaded the EasyGPS application and the waypoint name reverted to the format I expected. Don't know how or why this happened. Again, thanks.
  22. I am attempting to move into the paperless phase of geocaching. When I load the GPS (Garmin 60 Csx) from EasyGPS, I get abbreviated waypoint descriptions instead of the usual GCxxxx names to which I have become accustomed. These would be easier to search out on the Palm rather than a jumble of abbreviations (I think so anyway). Is there any way to get EasyGPS to populate in the manner I am accustomed when downloading one by one from geocaching.com? Thanks, in advance.
  23. We bought a Garmin Geko for my 11 yr old. That way he can participate equally (or nearly equal) when he and I are on the final hiking or searching phase of a cache. Only thing is this unit isn't terribly good under tree canopy. Geko can be had for around $100.
  24. I did more research after posting my question and came across similar information about internal memory storing waypoints rather than the memory card. I just tried your suggestion, but the only items in memory were stored after the unit blacked out. As you said, it was a long shot, but I hadn't thought of anything along those lines. Thank you for the reply and the suggestion.
  25. Today, my Garmin 60 Csx powered down on its own. It has done this once or twice before without any consequences. I simply turned the power back on and went about my business. Today, the unit shut off (screen went black) as I was holding it in my hand. Unit powered up normally with the power switch just as soon as I noticed the unit was off. After power up, all waypoints and geocache data was gone. City Navigator 2008 was fine. No other maps are installed. This unit has a 2 gb card. Batteries (alkaline) were fresh with less than 1 hour on them. Unit was not dropped or squeezed or otherwise damaged. The batteries and SD card were both properly in their place. Unit is <5 months old and has latest s/w 3.50. Has anyone else experienced anything like this recently? What was the solution? I am attempting to contact Garmin via website, but their customer support application is not working (again!). I'll have to call them next week.
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