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  1. Can anyone help me figure out the Coordinates for this place. Brown Trout Mountain Grille #35 Highway 281 North Lake Toxaway, NC 28747 (828) 877-3474 Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nuwati
  2. Strangest thing my wife says that I have a photographic memory. I remember the caches I have done and the folks that own them. I can even remember the caches that I have not done. But that is about all I can remember. I seem to forget to take the trash out, mowe the yard, pick up the kids. Mostly my mind is a clutter full of GPX files and old rap lyrics. Nuwati
  3. Try the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. Great program. It will export GPX files to National Geographic Topo. It will also convert the waypoint name into a smart name. If that does not work then spend ten dollars and download Quake Map. Quake Map is packed with features desinged to meet the needs of Geocachers. I use quake map to generate two sided maps (aireal photo, topo) as trade items. I promise you will not regret it. It will also handle LOC files. Color code your track points according to elevation. Multiple map scales. Great program. Nuwati
  4. Can't beat going paperless for $40. So cheap the wife can have her own. I love it, it is so liberating. I bumped into some cachers the other day who had a stack of print outs. Glad those days have passed. Palm m100 is the way to go. Nuwati
  5. National Geographic Topo is available for mac usage. Nuwati
  6. Quake Map Maptech Terrain Navigator National Geo. Topo Mapsource Topo USA Mapsource Roads and Rec Ozi-Explorer
  7. Western North Carolina's TUBE TORCHER. What a trip.
  8. I am still humbled by the whole experience. Wake up east coast cachers and make your way to the TUBE TORCHER, this maybe the southeast geocaching grail. If it is not then let OzGuff or myself know so that we can find a similar experience. If you do plan on attempting this cache please let the cache owners know so that they can check clues. If anyone is looking for a partner then let me know, it is worthy of a redo. Nuwati
  9. It's got to be the TUBE TORCHER. If there is anything like near western nc let me know. I just finished reading Angels and Demons (by the same guy who wrote the Davinci Code), this cache came right out of the book. Nuwati
  10. Got it. Thanks for your help. Nuwati
  11. Okay so there is an order. Topo has to go first?
  12. I just bought Garmin Topo USA and loaded it onto my GPSr. I have Roads and Recreation...I should say had Roads and Recreation on my GPSr. When I loaded Topo it did away with the Roads and Rec data. It is my understanding that both can be used on the same GPSr though obviously not viewed at the same time. So how do I load the two of them? What's the deal with the program hierarchy? Is there a certain order that these have to be loaded? Thanx for your help. Nuwati
  13. I am using a Rino 120 now and I love it. I went caching with some from last week who also have Rinos. My wife had to feed our baby so she had to stay in the car. We left one of the units with her and she could track where we were on the hunt. A virtual hunt for her so to speek. Also the ability to send waypoints is a super cool function. The 60Cs sound pretty cool. The geocahing stuff on it already exist on my Palm M100 ($40 dollars off of E-bay). Cachemate does all of that and more($7). Garmin needs to raise the bar a little higher if they really want to make a unit geocahing specific. As far as i can see the only thing this unit has going for it is a flashy color screen, mucho memory, USB port (needed to fill all of that memory up), increased battery life. If you want to give me one then I will gladly take it but the price is a little much for me. Sound like the words of a North Carolina State Employee who has not had a raise in 3 years. I would purchase the Rino.
  14. I think it's cool. I have a Garmin 2000 that was purchased in 1999 and it works fine. Not quite as automated as my newer unit. You have to know the coordinates for your current location to get it to lock on to other sats but after you do that it works fine. Nuwati
  15. Is'nt it funny how all fun and care free activities drift towards order and structure.
  16. I went to the FAQ section at www.keenpeople.com. There is a step by step guide to adding your own background and a few other things. It is real easy. Nuwati
  17. Sorry if I offeneded any of you actually it was just a joke. Didn't realize how many geocachers were so sensitive to my inappropriatness. My wife has properly repremanded me now and I appologize.
  18. Western North Carolina need no stinking group. We are true to our nature...Loners. Keep a look out for event caches, there are quite a few every year. If that don't do it then drop me a line. Nuwati
  19. So how do you know if you are registered to win the rhino? I filled out the form. So what next?
  20. There is one located in the USA, in western North Carolina. Jenny' Bed and Breakfast and Travel Bug Hotel. The greatest idea known to man. Nuwati
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