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  1. I checked it out and it has not changed.
  2. smitty id has not changed back to my first. My pocket ppc (Ipaq) has a place for unit id and a owner section. The owner section looks like a place where someome could find the owner it were lost. Is that where I give this unit its id?
  3. Sorry it is still coming up as the unregistered version. Let me check the id. Just so you know this thing rocks. Here is something else. I loaded 1000 caches before the crash and they are still there. It will not let me load any more because they excede the ten.
  4. To do that do ig oto settings, choose memory, and choose close cachemate?
  5. so what would cause the smitty id to change?
  6. Yes. Thank god it is here. I got the registration code and unlocked cachemate, then the ppc locked up. I did a soft reset, and then another. When it settled down and opened cachemate it was back to the unregistered version. I thought no problem....oops the smitty id is different. I thought that the smitty id was connected to the unit ids name which has not changed. What do I do to fix this and prevent this from happening? Nuwati
  7. I use a Sony Clie...old...old PDA. It communicates with my garmin 60C which is great for trips. I can load say the first 200 miles of caches onto my GPS (1000 or so) than delete and load the second 200 miles. It is a great thing. If you buy a PDA make sure it has a universal connector and not USB. Your GPS does not like USB connections with PDA. OF course there is a bluetooth adapter out there that allows a bluetooth PDA to talk with a GPS. I would not buy a PDA if it can't communicate with your GPS. Nuwati Nuwati
  8. Your right. Just drama for the fans I bet. Nuwati
  9. The few times I have logged a cache without signing the log were due to not having a writing tool to do so(blasted byop micros). However I always left something in the container that illustrated mt presence. Yes this meant that I had to get creative at times. I even went as far as to buy off next the cacher so that they would sign it fir me by leaving a dollar in the cache and posting online that I needed some help. Is this wrong. Well every time this has happened I found the cache...had it in my hand...and made an attempt to show that I was there. Right or wrong...I don't know, but I sleep well at night. When you see smileys you assume that the cache is there and you spend the time looking for this cache. OzGuff is a great guy, and a pure cacher. He beleives that it is not found until it is in your hands. I think his frustration lies in the fact that he saw smiles and could not figure out why he could not get the cache in his hands. When you are trying to manage your kids and find the most caches (caches that are there or not who knows?) it would be frustrating to find out later that the owner allowed a log or logs that were not deserved. I think the best thing he pointed out in his controversial log was that at the end of the day we all return to our own set of caching rules. Be cool folks. He was just blowing off steem. Lets not waste time hating each other. That is just stupid. I love you all. Nuwati
  10. I used a topo as one of my stops for a multi cache I placed. I marked the waypoint and the finder had to use the grid to find the UTM and then enter it into their GPS.
  11. I say go with a hard and solid theme. Maybe even expand on the previous TT theme and incorporate it into TT2. Maybe even put a story out there that the cacher can follow. There is a great multi here in western north carolina that allows the cacher a couple of choices at the start (Your Choice, by Rods and Ropes-Panthertown NNF). Each choice provided the cacher with a different experience. That was a lot of fun. You could make the cache like one of those pick your own ending books? Incorporate a night cache twist...everyone loves a twist. Possibly a hydrocache? Thats it. Throw in a night time float down the French Broad from Rosman to Brevard. The river is forgiving in this neck of the woods. Use AM transmitters and solar powered illumination with timers. Use a well hidden PDA with clues to beam. Use the internet to provide clues like you did with Grave Yard Shift. I heard that was a great cache. Make the cahcer feel like they are on an ellaborate adventure. Do this with props, I loved the print outs. I feel that printed materials make great collectibles. Most important...don't set out to out do the original. Design your cache so that it complements the original. Expand on the theme I say. Well that is all for now. Nuwati
  12. Did someone say TUBE TORCHER...I would love to tag along on this one. Great cache. Nuwati
  13. Hi, I work about a mile away from sliding rock. You may want to call the Pisgah Forest Ranger Station before you try to go to sliding rock (828-877-3265). They are currently working on the sliding rock. It received some flood damage from the Hurricanes. That should not stop you from heading this way. The shining rock area is a great place to cache. You will have 360 degree views from some of the balds up there. Whan are you headed this way? Are you looking for multi caches, or traditionals. We have a few roads that are still closed in the area but there are ways around these. Drop me an e-mail and I can suggest some great caches. Matt (Nuwati)
  14. Of course it is also a good example of our self policing skills...I don't believe there is an approver out there that would approve a virtual cache of that nature. I think it was a funny joke too.
  15. Have you looked at quakemap? It has a viewer that also handles GPX files. I believe quakemap for desktop cost 10 dollars and the PDA viewer cost 19 dollars. Maybe it is worth a look. Nuwati
  16. Do I have to have Topo or the streets program to accomplish this? All I have is the desktop for the Handheld version. Are you starting to see my problem? Nuwati
  17. I transfered some waypoints from cachemate to my Garmin 60C. I got the stupid GC..... yada, yada waypoint code. Means nothing to me at all. Is there anyway to transfer the actual names of the caches? Nuwati
  18. Could someone help me out with the Draw Layer concept. I want to export cache waypoints to my PDA. There is not anything in the Help section that deals with this. Could someone pass along a step by step description? Thanks in advance for any help you can pass along. Cache on! Nuwati
  19. Don't forget about the Outer Banks earth cache located on the outer banks of North Carolina. Nuwati
  20. Ok, how do I make a draw layer? Can I do this just with the desktop 2005 delorme handheld software? A step by step would be great. Their help section is of no use on the subject. Nuwati
  21. I have the 2005 Handheld edition and the thing that gets me is I can't figure out to get cache waypoints into my maps for export to my PDA. I got this porgram so that I could let my wife see where it was that we were headed. I thought it would be a nice thing to use so that should would feel more included. Can anyone tell me how to export the waypoints in bulk? There POI stinks. I have never been able to find a single that I needed. Nuwati
  22. Hi I have a palm zire 31 and a Sony Clie. I bought the zire 31 not realizing the communication problem. Having the option to connect your GPS to PDA is to cool to loose. The Sony Zire 71 has the camera and also as a universal serial connection so you can connect with GPS. Nuwati
  23. I place ammo cans in the public domain. I work hard on hiding them and love to here about the find, the hunt, and the joy. It makes my day to see that someone found my cache. If you don't want to sign my log in the box or online then I will not judge you. Nuwati
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