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  1. And we have one geocache hidden at our Wildlife Education Center. The Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education is located just south of Asheville NC in the Pisgah National Forest. The zip 28768 if you want to search. Nuwati
  2. I work for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, and I will be teaching a Geocaching course for a BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) program. We are even going to order a few Geocoins. I think it is going to be a blast. Nuwati
  3. I took a buddy of mine caching yesterday. Now I have been caching for a while and I believe that if you hide it then I will find it...regardless of where it is, or it's size. I must admit that I was a little embarrassed to find a micro with him. It was in a Sagebrush parking lot. His first impression was, "why would anyone hide a cache here". Man, that is a good question. Do we hide caches just for the sake of hiding caches, or are we still trying to communicate through location. I think that I have lifted my last skirt. Nuwati
  4. This cache has been out for only a few days and there are 86 watchers. Nuwati
  5. Are you suffering from a little cache burnout? Tired of lifting parking light skirts? Is your rear end becoming a little larger from all of the riding around looking for park and grabs? Are you worthy of an adventure...or just foolish like me? Come to Western North Carolina and have a dose of the Torcher. If it won't cure you, then it might hurt you. See you on the trail. Nuwati
  6. I think that I will stick with my custom icons. If Garmin would like a good template they should check this forum. I wish that they would market geocaching software with every thing we need. I would buy that. Nuwati
  7. I got a Holux BT GPS to use with my pocket pc...so that I can finish this cool game that I am making. I also got 6 ammo cans, a camelback mule, a new computer with DSL (yes until christmas I was on dial up), a couple of coins, and some swag. The coolest gift I got was when my daughter mentioned her GPSr and ready to go cache that I gave her before the Ipod Santa had brought her. Now thats cool. Most of all I got to spend time with my girls...and find a few caches. See you on the trail. Nuwati
  8. I think it is easier at times to cache at night. For one thing my kids are in bed, the other thing is that my head lamp has a nack for showing colors that don't blend with the natural environment. I have hidden a couple of caches that can only be found at night. I wish that they had their own icon, but oh well. I like those because they are different, and there are not many out there. Finding a true Night Cache is an adventure. Nuwati
  9. I think that the cache hider and cache finder are part of a greater relationship. When I hide a cache, I look at my logs as feedback, objective feedback. I use this feedback to improve future hides or to improve the current cache. It is a little something I like to call learning. If my coordinates are off, then I want to know. If I am searching for a cache and someone has better coordinates, then it would be nice to know that as well. There are many factors that are involved in taking a waypoint for a hide. Maybe the geometry of the constellation was a little out of wack (it changes as the day goes on). Maybe someone else has a better GPSr. Maybe the leaves are out. Asking people to withhold this information is like asking people to not perform cache maintenance. I don't look at bad coordinates as an indication of my manhood. "."
  10. Okay. I am trying to do one of these Wherigo cartridges. I want the player to locate a plaque, solve a code, and enter the answer to receive the location of the next zone. Is that possible. Nuwati
  11. Raleigh is a great location for caches(home of this years Geowoodstock). Join the North Carolina Geocachers Organization and post in the forums. They will help guide you. Nuwati
  12. I think I understand your frustration. I hide a lot of my caches deep into the woods, and I hide a few that could be considered park and grab caches. THe P&G see a lot of traffic while the wilderness caches might be found once or twice a year, but such is life. I came up with a term for this, "Goat Leg or left leg disease". This happens when you use your left leg to often while stepping out of the driverside of your car to find a cache. This disease can become "big butt" disease. The cure is to use less fossil fuel and more human fuel. By walking the body will find it's ballance. Even though folks don't like to find my wilderness cache, I still place them. My hope is that it will irritate them just enough so that they have to go after them. I think that it is funny that a cacher can hide as many caches as they wish in an urban environment as long as they have permission and the caches are spaced .1 mile apart. Is that not an Urban Power Trail. What is wrong with a wilderness cacher doing the same? I would much rather save the gas, and take it out of my ... well rear end. Don't any of you get tired of driving around town finding these caches? My advice to you is that you play the game the way you like it to be played. Have pride in that. Let the rest sort it out. Nuwati
  13. Bookmarks are great if you belong to a geocaching organization and you want to place a hot link on that organizations website to your bookmark. I did that for some of the maps I placed on the NCGO website's download section. Other members could print the map and go directly to the caches on the map via my bookmark. That makes the Bookmark concept about 75% cool. If you could come up with a way for users to search bookmarks then that would make it 100% cool. Nuwati
  14. The sport is number based, and icon based. I think that more people would search and hide night caches if they had their own icon. How many times do you look at your finds and count how many you have found from each icon? Nuwati
  15. I think it would be a great idea to add an icon to the list for night caches. Not all night caches are the same where all you do is follow the fire tacks. Nuwati
  16. It is my goal in life to fill the cache full of caches that take folks away from their cars and into the woods. I don't care if they are ever found. My hope is that folks will tire of seeing them on their maps, and have to go and find them because they have run out of P&Gs. Down with P&Gs. DOwn with cars and wasteful fuel habbits. Lets use our bodys instead. Archive some of them instead. Nuwati
  17. 1. Garmin 3+ 2. Magellan 315 (Strange device, still keeps a lock) 3 Garmin Rino 120 (Given to my father for some activity known as fishing?-I miss this unit) 4. Garmin 60C (Backup) 5. Garmin 60CX (2 weeks old) I also have a 3 PDAs. 1. Sony Clie (Work horse, I transfer caches to the 60C via cachemate when I am on the road. This little guy stays in the car.) 2. Palm Zire 31 (Better battery life than the clie.) 3. Ipaq PPC (I use this with mapping software and a bluetooth connection with my 60C. As soon as PPC cachemate allows cache upload to the GPS this unit will be my new work horse replacing the Clie.) Please don't let my wife see this list...I think I would be in hot water. The good thing is that I use this gear for work all the time. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Nuwati
  18. Shooting a duck out of season is a big deal, and I believe it is a "federal" big deal. In the future contact your local Wildlife Conservation Organization (Game Warden). We are talking about huge fines and possible jail time. Shooting ducks out of season is one thing, but leaving it there to waste is another issue all its own. Nuwati
  19. I was wondering if "you guys" could lend a hand. I am headed to Roscoe NY from Brevard NC. I will be travelling along Interstate 77 and Interstate 81 (VA, MD, PA, NY), and was wondering if any of you might have some PQ files that would come close to this route? I am only 206 caches away from 1000. Thanks. I am also a premium member so there would be no conflict in sharing. send to (email address removed to discourage file sharing) Nuwati
  20. In Western North Carolina, we have many hiking trails that are packed full of caches. I am going to try to do more of those. I am also going to hide more of my caches along trails. Driving to one location and spending the afternoon under my own power seems more logical then driving from one LPC to another. I will also start riding my bike to work and around town. My theory is to take it out of my rear end, and leave it in my wallet. I will also continue to find caches if they are located in a place that I have to travel to anyway. I rarely make special trip to cache. Nuwati
  21. Will I be able to transfer waypoints from PPC to GPS via bluetooth? Thanks, Nuwati
  22. Before this cachemate release my Ipaq with wifi and bluetooth was playing second to my Sony Clie that I purchased for $50 dollars. I had gpxsonar on the Ipaq, but it did not hold a candle to the Sony Clie with cachemate. Cachemate is great for trips. If I had to go to Raleigh, I would load the first 200 miles of caches onto my GPS. Afte I was finished with those I would delete all of them from my GPS and load the last 200 miles via cachemate onto my GPS. Thanks for all of your hard work, patience, and help. Nuwati
  23. Is there anyway to upload waypoints to a GPS. I loved that with the palm. Will the Ique plugin hurt?
  24. Need a little help. I have an Ipaq and a Garmin 60C. I bought one of those bluetooth adapters and it seems to work with my Delorme handheld software. How do I use the bluetooth adapter with cachemate? I have gone to preferences and have tried to configure the plugins. One thing I noticed was that there was no set BT adress option. Am I missing something? I have the first versio...is this something fixed in later versions? Is there another plugin? Thanks, Nuwati
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