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  1. Running gmail as well and I have not received my PQs. What give Groundspeak. Nuwati
  2. Nuwati

    Help With Item

    How do I make a new file. Again, not trying to be a pain, just hanging in there. Matt
  3. Where do you enter that code? Nuwati
  4. Nuwati

    Help With Item

    There is a Wherigo library? I could use a little more info...maybe a book on how to do this. I am not nocking this thing at all, but I bet we could all use a little more info on how these come togeather. Matt
  5. Nuwati

    Help With Item

    I want the player to enter zone-grab book-open book-get code-figure out code (real world)-enter variable-open next zone. How do I do this? Nuwati
  6. Nuwati

    Help With Item

    How do I open an item (book) to view an item (Journal Entry)?
  7. Make sure that you exit the Wherigo player completely. Establish your blutetooth connection, cut on the GPS, and then start Wherigo player. Nuwati
  8. Jeremy, I removed it and reloaded the player. I also cut on my bluetooth connection and gps. It cranked right up and now all is well. Does the player look for the GPS on start up, that could have been the hold up. When I first started the player it would not do a thing. I work for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and I see this as an unlimited resource far beyond the game application. Very tricky stuff. I am impressed. Nuwati
  9. The early version of the player worked fine with my PPC. Is this one larger than the older player? Nuwati
  10. Way to go boys and girls. I can't wait to begin building. This is hot stuff folks. An answer to the dreaded lpc. Thanks Groundspeak. Nuwati
  11. Nuwati

    Can't Wait

    This thing is great. Can't wait to get my cartridge up. Nuwati
  12. It is real cool. I played around with the beta version and have one for Western North Carolina. I did not publish it, I hope that it works with the new version. Nuwati
  13. Back to the woods. Out of the car. Sounds great. Nuwati
  14. Someone has to be first, I see no way around that one. Nuwati
  15. You know it is bad enough that City Navigator does not allow more flexibility in choosing your map size. I convinced my work to purchase a unit for road trips, so they bought an Etrex Legend C and the new City Navigator. I live in North Carolina and there is not enough memory to load the huge map segments. To add to that there is no other alternative on the market. I know that they are discontinued, but users should have more options. Nuwati
  16. Will Garmin ever change there map segment size. I have a legend C and I purchased it at the cusp of the change over. Work purchased the unit so our staff members could have it when they were on the road. The larger segments make it impossible to load the maps we need to travel around the state of NC. I think it was pretty crappy move by Garmin. Nuwati
  17. Find P&Gs if you are driving past, or you are in the area. Never plan a trip around them. Plan cache runs that involve long hikes or complicated multi caches. Try to cache with friends. Hide quality caches that meet multiple skill levels. Share the language of location with others. In other words, show them something of value through caching. Lets get out of trashy areas, get away from the parking lots and return to the views. Nuwati
  18. Check out the Garmin factory outlet. Sometimes they have great prices. Nuwati
  19. OK, not complaining, but I submitted five pq's this morning (8:30), it is now 6:03 PM and I have not received a single one. Nuwati
  20. It would be cool if they had their own attribute. Night caches are great. I have hidden two night caches, and I would like to hide more. Nuwati
  21. make sure it has a serial connection so that you can get a charger/data connection with your gps. I use cachemate to store my caches on my palm, then I use the cable to upload caches from the pda to the gps. This is great for long road trips. Nuwati
  22. Take it to the Police Department, show them the container, and tell them where you are going to hide it. I think that we should share the locations of all of our geocaches. Coordinates and pictures of the containers and all of the locations. That way they would at least have a file. Nuwati
  23. As long as it is not another stupid park and grab. You may want to consider making your final cache a mystery cache and have the other waypoints listed as traditional caches. The final being the bonus. You dig. Nuwati
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