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  1. Calendar link was very useful, miss two Events this month, Need it! PLEASE FIX!!
  2. Be nice to have a little person to drag onto map for street view. Save me from switching back and forth to Google. What would it take to go to Google, Microsoft, or another interactive street view map? Downside to Google, it doesn't show interstate exit numbers.
  3. Same problem on cell phone. Send not working. Tried different browser. Worked on first message, but nothing on following tries. What I like best, is messaging from cache page, because it uses cache name as header. Hope it gets fixed.
  4. Visiting some cities in Canada. Cannot see caches on map?
  5. What irks me most is.... Log your visit, wished it would show "Posted a note" icon. For example: We post a lot of notes on Challenge caches around the states. Be nice to have an Icon for "posted a note" on the cache page, of coarse a found or DNF log would override it.
  6. love it. keeps us on our toes. should help to keep the game going.
  7. Jazzmasters

    Write Note

    Would love to see an icon on cache page when you post "Write note" Like the "Found it" shortcut. When posting notes on multiple cache pages, would make it very handy without having to scroll through all the logs to see if you've been there before.
  8. solution not fast enough. Give us an option to turn off "Recently Viewed Caches". Not like you have to write new code. Should be commands in old code to copy over.
  9. Jazzmasters

    cant load caches

    Cannot download to gpsr: three garmins and a Delorme. Latest plugins loaded, still not action. Whatz up?
  10. Help. I am trying to change my email address. It will not validate. And, it will not let me delete my old primary email address. Any suggestions of what to do?
  11. We're sorry for your loss, and our prayers are with the family. The sad news is spreading through Georgia.
  12. Adoption page not working. What's up?
  13. Adoption page not working. What's up?
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