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  1. Well the problems appear to be resolved. Been posting for a day and half. Even the little counter on how many WM is back. Thanks to the admins for taking care of the problems Willie
  2. It appears some us are getting a lot of Error Occurred messages and can not update, post, or view anything past the profile page. I try to post early in the morning starting at 5am or so until I go to work. Site seems to be a problem until I leave at 6:30a or so However it appears some of you are not have a problem, so I am thinking it could be me or some circumstance that causing it. Maybe corrupt cookie, since I go directly to my profile page based on a shortcut or something else. There are times I can't even get to the forum. to post a question. I get page not found. I have been posting since about 8:45A 7/15/15 on a different computer. What say all yea. Is it me or are there other folks experiencing what I have Willie
  3. Captain's Log 7/14 5:50A got in two updates and released now getting errors sighhhh Willie
  4. I do most of my posting early morning 5am to 7am EST. Last 2 days anytime I tried to access a function from my profile page I get and error screen. It is Sunday 7/12 and site is not working
  5. Site is essentially down. Unable to access past my home page. No updates or views of anything
  6. 6:10 AM EST site was letting me update unfinished waymarks with photos and then stopped. tried mulltiple access routes and received error screeen Willie
  7. At 6am able to post a WM, however when trying to post a 2nd one got an error. Closed browser and reopened, Able to partially post another WM. Got all the way thru except forgot state. Unable to update ST (similar problem from a couple of days ago) no dropdown and cannot enter state. Willie
  8. 5 AM EST, unable to post waymark, Brought to Error Occurred and requesting what you were doing. Tried 2 times, site still having problems Willie
  9. Unable to access drop down for states to complete a posting
  10. Unable to get the State set on a WM. No Drop down when you click the state BC
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