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  1. in my desert i likes ta say rite on the gnats a**
  2. wow i dun got my lizard coin today it shur is a purty thing thanks a bunch lizard toad team . . . . . . . . . . Lynn . . . Sue . . . . Craig . . Georgia . . Don (Dhobby1)
  3. i just found where i dun put the story bout where i wuz always eatin the dust of them thar lizard toadz its a purty good advenchur iffen yall gots a hankerin to read it The Lizard Toads in Operation Desert Command put on by The Xtreme Team
  4. thats a mitey fancy hi falutin coin ifen i ever seed one im fixin to git me sum i think i seen yall lizard toadz out in the desert a wile bak duz this mean yalls bout redy with nuther of them fun qwest games
  5. ive always been sweet on that katherine gal she kin really make an ole hermit cry
  6. Now that the mad rush to get the top spots is over you can sign up and play at your leisure.
  7. well ill be go to hel n beyond i swears ya got mor gosh darn coins than carters gots pills hang on to one of them there gold coins me an the ole mule are headin out to find you a nice big nugget to trade by the ways how do yall make yer fancy coins spin like that
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