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  1. see you in a week. Unacceptable. That's like someone losing money to a scam. At least that's how it feels to me. <RANT> Due to the MAJOR stuff up, maybe ALL Premium members should receive an additional ONE months Premium Membership as compensation for the stuff up. We are paying for something we are not getting. Why is Groundspeak continually tweaking with the LIVE system, why isn't the development work done on BACKUPS and only deployed when all the bugs have been ironed out. The ONE and ONLY reason I have a Premium Membership is for Pocket Queries. As we are limited in the number and frequency we can get a day, most of us create PQ's the day before we go out on a caching run. With this stuff up and the recent deployment of the stuffed up website lay out, and last year's episode when the webiste was off line for a considerable period of time as there was no contingent backup, there are a number of disgruntled members who may decide its not worth persevering with Geocaching as we do not have working tools available to us. Surely there are enough Premium members to pay staff appropriately to do the job right - first time!! Hopefully someone's head is rolling - this is absolute CRAP. Don't use us PAYING customers as guinea pigs!! </RANT OVER>
  2. # MacDescription = Export GPX files by cache type w/spoiler pics for POI Loader # MacFileName =GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk # MacAuthor = jjreds thanks to cron/pilotsnipes/Clyde/Kai Team/Lignumaqua # MacUrl = http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download # MacVersion=7.2.1 SET $Macro_Version = "7.2.1" You've forgotten to update the Version with the latest version.
  3. Pilotsnipes, Thank you for all the assistance. Your macro set the benchmark for jjreds. Whilst I have "graduated" to using jjreds macro, jjreds has borrowed significantly from your initial macro in order to make more features available. Hat's off to the PILOT for a job WELL DONE!! Now if only we could ..............
  4. Hi jjreds, I'm having trouble sidplaying the POI creation date. I've run the macro a number of times, being careful to click the creation box in the configuration. It appears to save the setting. I then create the GPX file and install it on my Nuvi. When I check the POI for a cache, there is no POI creation date. I then check back to the macro and what was previously saved is no longer saved, that is the POI creation tick box is now cleared whereas when I created the GPX it was set to display the POI creation date. This did work in the first release but does not work with the latest release. Whilst on the subject of the POI creation date, is it possible to code that it used the PC date format? Us aussies downunder use the DD/MM/YYYY format for dates!! Thanks again for this great nuvi GSAK macro.
  5. jjreds, Feature request - any chance of adding into the details the date the POI was created so as when in the field you have an idea as to how old your information is. Whilst I try and do a weekly update, sometimes this isn't possible and then I struggle to remember when the last time I ran the macro was. Jardry
  6. Looks like a lot of great fixes, but I can't understand "Removed find and hide count from friends list". You have now removed the only useful feature of the Friends List. P.S. Also just noticed that my avatar pic displays on GC.com, but it is "squished". Does it require different formatting than in the forums? Can this be reinstated! I too found this useful to see whether my caching friends had been out and about. Now it looks like I need to check each friend out to see if they've been active. "My Friends" is no longer a useful feature!! Jardry
  7. Great macro - thanks for all the effort that you've put into it. Jardry
  8. HI, where and how do I change my Premium Membership payment option. I can't recall whether I checked automatic annual update or manual annual update. Sorry if this has been asked thousands of times before, but I get so many pages returned when I search for "membership renewal" it was easier to ask again. Jardry
  9. Jardry

    Diary Page

    I too like the idea of being able to blog about geocaching. The User's Profile page has a number of Tabs - Profile, Geocaches, Trackables, Gallery and Bookmark Lists. Could TPTB consider providing a facility whereby Users could add a Blog Tab by editing their profile and the User would enter the URL of their Blog. GC.com could load a page to say that the visitor is leaving the GC.com website and that GC.com have no control over what has been blogged and after 5 seconds the Blog opens in a new window. To me it seems to resolve the problem of GC.com hosting blogs and Users wanting to Blog about geocaching and having a very visable link on GC.com to their Blog. I for one, don't often click on a Users Home Page as I don't know what to expect, whereas clicking on a Blog link you know what you are going to experience. My two cents worth. Jardry
  10. Even if your "friends" don't accept your request you can still check the other tab to quickly go to their link, so at the moment it seems its nothing more than a bookmarking service. Jardry
  11. I'll second SamCarter's comments. Previously we could just select "tomorrow" and log our finds, now we haven't a "2008" year to select. Having found 2 FTF's this morning, it would've been great to log them so as other nearby cachers realise the FTF opportunity has passed and they could consider whether to go out or not. In our neck of the woods the temperature is forecasted to be 43C degrees (110F degrees), too hot for most cachers. Jardry
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