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  1. An ugly work around. If I delete <play/> I get the old map interface which will work with Leaflet
  2. Just discovered that I can change preferences from Google to Leaflet on the map page which makes it work, however I haven't found out where I can make it a default setting.
  3. geocaching.com/play/map I'm getting a blank page today. Works OK on IE. Do I need to change a setting at my end or has something changed elsewhere?
  4. All good now. Editing on MS Edge is working.
  5. Having removed the total trackables from the <About> page, could you please move the total to the top of the <Trackables> page? I know that the total is down the bottom but that's an awfully long way down for some of us. Haha. If I click on go "Back to Old (profile) Page" the total still exists there. What an elegant workaround!!
  6. I'm using MS Edge and cannot edit logs. I have to go to the log on my iPad using Safari to tidy my mistakes up. Is this going to change or am I stuck with this forever????
  7. Try, http://nzopengps.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6:downloads&catid=7:how-to-documents&Itemid=11 It works for Garmins.
  8. I know this is a view that will divide opinion, but I disagree. You have a huge profile page, with loads of badges/souvenirs/images from the GSAK stats generator - all of which take time to load and eat up bandwidth. If I want to look at your profile I'm usually doing it for a specific purpose and it's unlikely anyone is going there to look at your GSAK achievements page so I would prefer it to be under the "About" tab where I won't have to wait for it to load unless I'm specifically interested in seeing it. My own profile page has a bit of info on it, which I'm sure nobody is really interested in so it's fine by me if that's stuck away on the About tab. I would simply suggest to make that user configurable. Means that _I_ can chose what _I_ want to see as default profile tab. This would give everyone the choice and everyone would be happy then! I was just about to post the same thing. Have a default view tab option. My "default" Profile Tab has been relegated to last as an "About" Tab. Not happy.
  9. Is this a Markdown problem or not? It has occurred around the same time. Using Firefox browser 44.0.2 I can no longer see any photos on cache pages or in logs. I can upload a photo but I have to go into IE to see it and edit it.
  10. I just logged twenty caches through this app on my iPad and then when I got home had to edit them all to get the correct date. I won't be using this app again to log caches. Time issues aren't just associated with this app though. I found a cache at 12:15 am the other night and had to wait until 1am before the Geocaching.com website would allow me to make the find.
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