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  1. The ones up at UMASS-Amherst come equipped with the No Zombies attribute. My link
  2. Lots will be temporarily disabled while things sort out. Some will go away but some will not. Hopefully life will go on and return to normal quickly for those affected by the storm.
  3. "Nobody ever looks up." Quoted by many people who hide caches, and by many cachers who can't find them.
  4. We have actually found multiple caches exactly like the third kind. They were not fun and didn't do well in the elements.
  5. I think you should reach out to the GeoCoin fest folks and ask them to post it there as well. Some travelers may not be aware of the status.
  6. like spatulas? Only if you are ready for the Aunt Jemima treatment. Not everyone can handle it.
  7. What's the point? You create a team login so you and 3 dozen of your closest friends can have the highest total finds? Congrats, you just won the interwebs for the day?
  8. Sure, it happens more than you think. Here is an example of one we did involving people from all across the USA. My link
  9. We have done a few caches in different ways without a gps. 1) We went for a walk in the park more than once and saw something suspicious (stick piles, a pile of pine cones, odd hollows in trees). Upon further investigation they turned out to hold caches. 2) Calling our daughter 1100 miles away while she was at an event without her gps, and guiding her to a nearby cache while talking on the phone and using google maps. 3) Driving on multiple road trips and pulling over to stretch. Thinking "this might be a good spot for a cache" and looking around for a couple of minutes and finding one. Accidentally got one wet that way as well. 4) Before we got our premium membership, we would use the public caches to triangulate PMO caches. We would write them down in a notebook after we found them, and six months later when we bought a membership we were able to go back and log them. It was part of the fun when we first started out. There's always a fun story to share.
  10. FTF means something in the real world? I guess it's just a matter of perspective I guess. People will do what they want. You can't control it; you can only control how you react to it. We don't let certain things bother us. This would be a prime example of water off a duck's back to us. I know this; when I die I don't want anyone putting "He found more film containers hidden in lamp posts all over the world" on my tombstone. I would rather be remembered for the quality time I spent with my friends and family, not my finds or numbers associated with them.
  11. Thanks for moving this NJAdmin. I guess I always considered Pennsylvania as New England rather than a MidAtlantic state!
  12. The cache was good; the circumstances of it's removal were heinous. My link Not picking sides here, but we expected this. Wish we could have found it first.
  13. We sent you a message. We'll adopt it if you send us a link.
  14. Addictions are overrated. I've managed to get several new players into the game by introducing them to it at work, Scouts and other activities. Some of those guys are really addicted; needing to cache every day and such. I just feel like their dealer now. Who needs a cache fix?
  15. It's been hot in the MidWest for the past couple of weeks. We've slowed down a bit; the kids don't like going out when it's really hot out. Eight of the last nine days have been at least 96 and they say it's going to be another 5 or 6 days until it breaks. It's so hot out even the ticks don't like it. We take advantage to work on some puzzles that have proven better than us, and there were some recently added Library Puzzle caches that were indoors and lots of fun. We've also done some easy park and grabs just to keep active. We cope. It's all we know how to do.
  16. We would recommend trying to read the one name on the log, and then using the "find another player" link Find another player link to look them up. You could go back in their geocaches history to see what they logged on or around the date on the log. That might give you an idea of the cache this is. It takes a bit of effort, but it could help you get what you need.
  17. A couple of more things on the route I suggested: If you went through Idaho and MT, you could sign the Idaho Jasmer Challenge on the way (it's in Post Falls, and about a total 15 minute delay from the freeway) and you should make sure you sign the Utah Jasmer when you are passing through on I-15. We have both.
  18. One other quick note, for historical purposes, we would also add GC80 to the list. Make sure you check out some cool oldies in Utah since you are there so much.
  19. Looking at your route, here are our suggestions. We have done some of the caches you don't know about too well. We would go from Renton to Butte, MT and spend the first night in Idaho Falls. It's about 12 hours from Renton and a very long day, but it sets up the rest of your trip better. IF is a nice town, and you are freeway the entire way. Lots of pretty scenes, and the rest areas along the way have easy caches. There are also some easy Virtuals in IF. Idaho Falls is an hour north of GC5C, Southern Idaho's First. Leave for that one and try to do the cache in the morning before it gets hot in Pocatello. You'll have a better experience of it. Be prepared for a hike. It did take us 3 hours, but others have made it quicker than we did. Depending on the time of the year, you may be able to drive part way to GZ. We would spend the second night in Nephi, and depending on the time we got there, think about doing Potter's Pond (GC3B) on the same day. Worst case scenario would allow you to at least drive up and check out the area. Please realize PP has challenges; it's elevation limits access, there is a very cold creek to cross, and it sits at the end of an 11 mile dirt road. However, it does look like it's already been found this year. It's going to be sketchy until later in the year. If you can pull those in your first two days, then your trip gets easier. If we had to do it all over again, that's probably how we would do it. One other point along your trip, and I don't know if it interests you, but there is a challenge out there called the Pony Express Trail Challenge. http://coord.info/GC1PRHM A lot of your route covers the western half of the trail and might prove to have some interesting caches. Oh, and Vitreous is a challenge. The road was a bear to find, but once found it was easy to get to. Have fun and post how it goes. We're curious.
  20. Queries aren't running either.
  21. We hosted a Flash Mob event on Leap Day at our local library after closing hours. It was supposed to be 15 minutes long. Five minutes into the mob, a cache 75 feet away posted. We had 4 dozen people at the flash mob. There were 4 dozen FTF claims on the other cache that posted. Everyone had fun. That's what really counts.
  22. We cache for many reasons. 1) When we started, our youngest was 3. He is now 8. He leaned to read way above his age/grade level due to caching at historical markers, points of interest, reading log books, and cache descriptions. 2) He has learned a lot about computers, math, geography, geology, the environment and history through caching. 3) We have made some long trips (including a cross country move) that caching allowed us to learn about our destinations prior to the trip. 4) You get extremely close to family members when you are loaded up in your car with a goal in mind for a long time. 5) You meet lots of new people along the way. 6) You get to discover new ideas and learn things you might have missed in your normal, boring life. 7) And as corny as this sounds, the photos, logs and finds along the way have provided us with an on line memory to share with others. It is, at least to us, much nicer than places like Facebook or myspace.
  23. Even though the rules are open, to some folks it really is all about the numbers. At least they looked like they were having fun, and that does count for something a lot of people value as well.
  24. There is also the Illinois River Road Cache series: Illinois River Road
  25. This is a great list. I know we do some traveling and probably wouldn't have experienced some of these cool opportunities without this list. Thanks for posting it.
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