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  1. Conversely, don't over estimate how important find count is either. Your numbers mean nothing to me, and I suspect mine mean about the same to you. Find count is only valued by what an individual puts on it. Some rate it very high, some very low. Mine? I honestly believe I am the only person who should care about my finds, and if someone else is putting value on them other than the cache owner, then please stop and go play outside for a while.
  2. Don't worry, your secrets are safe!
  3. Go to https://labs.geocaching.com/Logs You get there by clicking on your name on the labs.geocaching.com site. See the cache? See the little trash can on the right hand side of the page? Click and begone!
  4. We have been to all the Seattle ones as well, (and all are cool places), but in looking at the others in LA and elsewhere, they all seem to be space related. Cool places to take the kiddos if they like science.
  5. 16 caches in about 8 minutes if you type slowly. It doesn't seem like anything different than couch caching.
  6. Found the links to the lab caches through google. Looks like a promo for certain cities and the movie. https://labs.geocaching.com/
  7. Link please to the Seattle page?
  8. Looking at bookmarked lists is another way we have found places that used to hold caches. Looks to some of the older members and you can find all sorts of interesting archived caches and places where things used to be. It can help you with a bit of history in your area.
  9. There are way too many stereotypical remarks to make about where this occurred, but on more than one occasion we have seen cachers not paying attention and just zooming along at high speeds. This one is new though to us!
  10. I would expect more activity like this as more states make pot legal. I find it amusing but will pass on playing the game.
  11. My milestones are now off and it won't allow me to lock them in anymore. Keep plugging away guys!
  12. Ask Trayvon Martin Seriously? Did you really just go there?
  13. From the release: Additionally, Lab Caches are not included in the My Finds Pocket Query (or other Pocket Queries) and will not result in any Souvenirs being awarded. So they are going to count once more for my stats but I won't be able to generate them on a My Finds PQ so they will still mess up my other party stats programs. Thanks guys; that really doesn't solve anything.
  14. How can I add my DNF Pride? I really was hoping that feature would be added! (Seriously, I want to know.)
  15. The BSA (US Scouting) initiative for the past decade has been dedicated to advancing technology and evolving the program to keep kids involved. Geocaching is a great opportunity to combine gps, computer and navigating skills. Navigation isn't a merit badge; Orienteering is for older Scouts and the Map & Compass belt loop is for younger scouts. By keeping caching separate, they can still combine some of the skills the other badges require, but allow different awards for them based on the level of expertise and the different activities involved. Personally, I feel letterboxing is a much closer activity to Orienteering than GeoCaching is. Several of the existing merit badges combine similar skill sets; every outdoor activity has some first aid component in them. This is simply a great example of where two badges have some common area of overlap. I like the new badge.
  16. We like the idea of a tracker maker themed event. That could be a lot of fun, and then you could start them out in a race or something if anyone wanted to. We like that a lot!
  17. We were part of an Easter Egg hunt that coincided with a CITO in the cemetery a few years back. The kids were super happy to find some small prizes along with eggs while they helped clean things up. Cito Event
  18. In our state we just call them 'Bumpers'.
  19. But 10 years ago people weren't so concerned with numbers much either. The game has evolved since 2004.
  20. Typically, saying you were part of a team in most traditionals is enough to let the log stand with your explanation. We have found that some Virtual owners do require the information to be resent with the new cacher name in the sake of preserving the validity of the logs. I would relog the cache and resend the information. It should be fine.
  21. Well, we didn't plan to watch the entire thing but did anyways. It seemed like a cute introduction to the game. Players will decide how far or how deep they want to immerse themselves. Well done!
  22. It was probably just one of those Washington State Cougars anyways.
  23. This is something new to us that we had not heard of before. It might be fun to check some out and learn something new in the process. Thanks for sharing!
  24. Curious... I liked my random cat pictures. The interwebs need more cats!
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