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  1. What a beautiful coin inside and out! Congrats finders!
  2. There are 8 beautiful Castles in Dorset, England Corfe Castle Sherborne Castle & Lakeside Gardens Durlston Castle Portland Castle Christchurch Castle Lulworth Castle Highcliffe Castle Maiden Castle
  3. Ohhh mail dude why have you forsaken me!!! There are turtles that need to be in my warm hands. Off to go shove a snickers in the mailbox, bribing the mail dude never hurts.
  4. Would like to trade V2 GeoNerds. I have a beautiful white to green glowing one. Thanks! Yoli
  6. Well if you are worried about paypal and not receiveing merchandise yada yada then just send me one of those GW6 turtles. Just kidding or am I
  7. Wow thats a beauty I like the black (satin?). Congrats to all the finders and may the luck of the Irish bless many more!!
  8. OH How pretty! Steph you are truly talented! Not going to GW6, its on the opposite coast, so good luck to all who are, cause I'm sure there will be a small mob around Steph for these coins!
  9. Congratulations! Oooooooohhh! Nice coin!
  10. I have sooo been waiting for these, I'll need to order a couple of clutches of these. They look great Jen!
  11. I think my mailbox has a faulty spam filter...all Im getting is bills and no fun stuff.
  12. 1) date of birth - May 10 2) time of birth - 11:27 pm 3) official weight - 6lbs 6oz 4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl - Show me the geocoins! Congratulations!
  13. Congrats on the coin, its really cool looking. The only coin that I have been unable to put my hand on have been the loggerhead turtles....any of them. I have bid a a few times at that e place only to have the price rise over $40 and my hubby tell me no. I dont know where my interest in turtles came from but I think they are graceful and beautiful and quite simply lucky. I had an special endangered species sea turtle license plate on my old truck (now my hubby's) but with the purchase of my new truck I was unable to purchase that plate and had to take a standard SC state plate (blah). So I get to watch my beautiful turtle plate on my hubbys car . One of these days when I actually have some trade ammo I will get one of these coins.
  14. I would like to trade some v2 nerds also. Trying to get a nice picture to come out to post....they glow brilliantly though!
  15. I'll go with the home team the Hurricanes.
  16. Okay I'm one of those people who seldom says much but I have to put in a few cents here. 1st I think that any coin put on ebay that has been sold or gifted with the caution of "if you ever want to get rid of me please talk to the designer 1st" is wrong. 2nd I would like to ask everyone what they think of the predicament that I am in...I bought a coin from a seller not ebay the first week of February and never received the coin. I have email the person the 1st week of March, the 3rd week of March and the 1st week of April and nothing still. I keep getting a its going in the mail this week. I want the coin but I also think at this point I'd rather buy it from ebay and actually receive it! What should I do?
  17. Allright my stupid question...did we pay for these already or were we waiting on an invoice? No, no one has paid because I haven't sent out invoices yet (covered in a paragraph or two before this one). I was joking but I guess my sense of humor isn't always understood by all Guess I'll keep my day job. Humor is fine, I just wanted to make sure I had paid for my coins....I've ordered a few too many coins lately and I DEFFINATELY did not want to lose these. Sorry Steph, I guess I was just being too literal. <big hug>
  18. Allright my stupid question...did we pay for these already or were we waiting on an invoice?
  19. As a side note, I received all 24 and the MysteryNerd <really cool and thank you> and boy do these Nerds GLOW! I help one up to the light bulb for a quick second and before I could turn off the lights you could see it glowing really bright! I will try to take a picutre with the camera, its supposed to have a coin macro type setting on it.
  20. I have NEERRRRDSSS!!! Yea! Thanks! Looking to trade!
  21. Okay my list. Thanks for fun! january---let it snow window february---Loved This Cache Lips march--Pot of Gold april--Rainforest Jewel may ---Flower of Life june ---GW5 Sunburst july---Searchin' in the Sand Beach Ball august---GC&PC Back to School september--Blind Acorn october---Monster Cache november---Pay It forward december---Loggerhead christmas
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