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  1. My Dream Geocoin by SCYoli My dream geocoin is a baby loggerheard. I have always thought that sea turtles are beautiful and graceful. For a turtle to swim back to where they where born to lay eggs to only have .001 % of those eggs survive. is sad. They are gentle and beautiful creatures and the baby loggerhead coin dipicts them so beautifully. Also Turtles and tortoises bring good health, longevity, and protection from evil. One day hopefully I'll be able to trade for one.
  2. Congrats TSun! Must be a great feeling. I can't wait until I can do some trading like that! And as for mailbox no coins today due to it being sunday, but something should be coming next week to fuflill my birthday mission.
  3. Congrats Nurse Nana! What a deserving person! Makes me want to go better myself
  4. I too received mine today, it is beautiful! Thank you so much for the cointest!
  5. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name: June 20 (ooh this one is going to be HARD!) 3. Mission Sent: 4. Birthday Arrived
  6. As this is a reorder there is not limit, right? Just in case I dont get to the computer until Friday. BTW the blue looks awesome....as usual!
  7. GATOULIS is from a beautiful place called Greece and apparently likes kitties. And all I can think of now is fresh olives. Mmmm!
  8. I do not personally know RSG but I know her Walter has been giving her troubl lately and she seems to be a very nice person....So Walter quit acting up!
  9. Oh my first coin, the coin that would introduce me to this bad bad habit. It was a the GW5 Sunburst, it was so pretty so translucent and I thought it would be neat to hang from rearview mirror. Little did I know that little piece of metal would be the end of extra mad money in my wallet.
  10. I am guilty of at least one of those...the second time I realized where the name and info was supposed to go. Sorry! I only want one butterfly.
  11. *Gasp* The three other colors! The pink, light yellow & light green! Those were not for sale at Hogwild, were they? Please tell me they are your personal version and not that I missed seeing them in the store! Those are sweet!! 'Specially mixed in with the red, blue & bright green! CF30 Yep they are mine. Don't tell Yime but I liked his colors so much I borrowed a couple, then tossed in a pretty pink cuz I'm a Chick! They weren't at Hogwilds store, but I heard they made an appearance at GW6. There are more pics on my site. I received my Lizards in the mail today and boy oh boy I love em! I cant quit playing with them...and I dont think that hubby will be getting his set. Its more fun to play with two sets than one!!!!
  12. Very cool! Great design!
  13. Nope I got it, its these colorful beauties:
  14. It never fails...after having a hard 2 days of work reading these stories always puts a smile on my face! Thank you The Wishing Coin!
  15. Not because I know anything about selling coins but I do think of myself as a good sales person. Nothing is worse than running out of a product. So bring as much as you can carry. Its always better to have too much than not enough. Also as a buyer...I may not buy today or tommorrow but a month down the road when I run across a business card I might be able to buy then. I picked up a business card at the area fair in October for a Pachinko/Game room business. I cant buy a pachinko machine today but you know when I do win that powerball I have the card and a place to call. Just my $0.02. Good luck with all your ventures, you'll do wonderful.
  16. Okay I dont really like bbq but I love my corn done on the grill do heres that receipe. 1/2 cup mayonnaise 5 ears corn, husks and silk removed 2 cup shredded Parmesan 1 tsp each of salt and pepper (freshly ground) a dash per cob Chili powder Prepare grill. Brush a thin layer of mayonnaise on corn. Sprinkle the corn with cheese, chili powder, salt and pepper. Wrap each corn with foil and place on the grill. Turn occasionally and cook for about 10 minutes. When corn is golden they are done. Serve warm.
  17. As not to start a new topic I dug this one up to ask a question. I know that there are many mystery coins out there how many of the mystery coins are solely dropped in caches? I know many of them are unexpectedly mailed which is awesome but I wanted to know how many besides the Geo Leprechaun and Secret Agent still get a chance to get out and cache? Thanks!
  18. Happy Birthday Karma!!! No stories as I havent met you...yet!
  19. We live just north of Chattanooga and have about 300 active caches between just my wife and I in the area with plans on placing at least 250 or so more for GW7. We have also already been in touch with a bunch of our friends from our local club, www.getgc.org and they all want to get out and place caches so look for a BUNCh of new ones between Bell Buckle and Chattanooga. Well I deffinately want to do some more caching with you! The Cary's backwards number run was a BLAST! I was in the Blazer with my hubby...yeah the ones who hopped curbs and median with you! Cant wait!!! I am thinking camping will be a great idea, allthough I havent told hubby yet!
  20. Received my Turtles yesterday they are beautiful! Another Phenomenal Steph deisgn!
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