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  1. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name: Yup 3. Mission Sent: Yup and Received! 4. Birthday Arrived ---YESSSS!!!! It came! Happy Hampster Dance!!! I came home today after an awful day at work. People in my office all day because they dont have anywhere to go, (the school that I'm at is under construction). And I really didnt get my work done so home was a plesant sight as was the HUGE box in the hallway!!!. I dove right in, the heck with dinner. Thank you, Thank you, thank you Sarah!!! This was the best unexpected bday present I got this year! Wrapping flying off! Hampster Dance Card!!!! Real cool Waistpack Inside the waistpack Lock n Lock Inside the lock n lock Everything Blingage In the end I received 3 yummy bags of Jellybeans (my favs), 1 lock n lock cache box, 2 tube caches ready to go, an awesome waistpack with 2 bottles, a cooldanna, 2 MWGB birds, 1 crystal ball Geocoin, 1 adorable Pug cache coin (I love pugs yet dont have one!), a really coll hampster dance card, and a beautiful Geogem (I've been coveting them!). Again thank you so much Sarah (Crowesfeat30). You did an awesome bang up job and I could NOT be happier!
  2. ...I coulnd't even finish the above post.
  3. I dont deserve to win because today is my birthday and Im in a bad mood. My hubby made me do the dishes and the dinner he made was not my favorite. And my mommy made me a cake and I had to share it with my kids. And its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!! Thats why I shouldnt win!
  4. Hmm and I got lost on stage 3, will the answers be provided after stage 7? Thanks for what fun I had.
  5. Okay will there be a puzzles for dummys class after this is all done. I am stuck on stage 3 and I think its because I'm trying too hard.
  6. Note to self: Follow Tsun around at all times...recruit a few of the GSA to help...oh yeah bring dark glasses and trench coat. Seriously though cant wait to put faces to names and meet everyone. Oh BTW these arent Steeler colors they're my high school's colors. Near the sea coast of Carolina Colors, black and gold Stands our noble Alma Mater Glorious to behold
  7. Ooh how pretty. I booked my room today I cant wait.
  8. Sent in stage 3, grasping at straws of how i came to the answer though.
  9. Grumble Grumble I hate puzzles! Working on it!
  10. I just sent it stage 2 however Im not sure if its right.
  11. Congrats I barely stayed sane trying to get this one right.
  12. Level 0 hmm sounds secretive....I'll accept for the time being.
  13. This is a silly question but is there any way to find out your decoder number if say it hasnt been activated and was in your stolen purse. I dont believe the people who stole my purse have any clue what geocaching is and probably chucked it or maybe just thought it was a cool coin (which it is!) and kept it, but I doubt it will be activated. Just grasping at straws.
  14. It was probably me who was waaaaay off but I've submitted another one and if this isnt right I will just stick to putting in coordinates and following my GPS and hoping I dont fall off a cliff.
  15. I hope so too, because I must have missed the presale. I love the flip flops straight Carolina Girl Style!
  16. It did not get sent back...it came today . Heather was just thrilled opening everything...you really went over the top. It seemed like it took her forever to open everything! When I clear out some memory on the camera, I'll post some pictures later. She received 5 coins - Electric Sunflower Big Bean, BrokenW Dragon (and pin), blonde mermaid, a V2 nerds, and a 2008 Earth Turtle. Then...there was a boatload of candy, coloring books, notebook, folder, 2 lip glosses (she loves lip gloss), a tink necklace, tink sunglasses (could've used those before our vacation - hubby had to run out to the store to buy some the night before our vacation), moon sand, growing crystals, whistling balloon helicopters, and Glow and Go markers (she was rather excited about these). PLUS a geojelly for Brenda and some lip gloss for her too (that was so nice of you to remember her). All I can say is WOW! Thanks SCYoli - you made Heather's day! I'm so glad everything was enjoyed and that the box didnt come back to me, I've had a bunch those lately with the postage rates and me not putting enough stamps on things! Happy belated Heather!
  17. I'm sure it was so hard to pick just one charity, they were all so deserving. Congrats to the winner!
  18. WINNER!!!! Congrats! Congrats to the winner! All of them were funny, I kept waiting on the Christian the lion to eat the people or something silly but it was very touching. I know its too late but this one made me laugh like silly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clh2PioWD3Y
  19. 1. Participating - Yes 2. Received name - Yes 3. Mission sent - Yes but I think they are out of town so its sitting at the post and Im worried it'll get sent back to me. Crossing fingers. 4. Birthday received Not yet but only because my bday isnt until the 21st
  20. Another thought would be to leave unactivated coin in a cache with a brief story of the GSA elite forces and get them to covert to the dark side of geocoin collecting.
  21. Volunteer at a summer camp, bible camp, senior center and teach "What is geocaching?" to some muggles.
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