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  1. Ditto these were some the coolest coin!
  2. I told you at GCF what's this Snow y'all keeping talking about! Sunny and a high of 70 today.
  3. Could it be 5 is your favorite number?
  4. Adult Mission SCYoli 1. Participating: E-mail sent Oct 21 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Now to prepare some goodies.
  5. *sigh* - the curse of the newbie...no older non-trackables and no old school classics.... oh well, it can go on my hearts desire list... I feel your pain no traders here either BUT old school my hubby is kind old I'll trade him for a dark Yime. And to keep on topic looking to trade some Big Beans, Geojellies, and Nerds. Thanks!!!
  6. Darn I actually knew what the prior use was too!! It was almost as cute as the one my son made last year...he didnt leave a slot on his box because he didnt want any valentines from icky girls!!!
  7. This is beautiful! Well done! I love it in this finish! I'd have to see the copper and BN to decide. Usually I really go for copper but gold is perfect for this coin. CF30 Love the gold nice coin great job! Now is a snake in the works for your series? Looking at your avatar...would love to see one!
  8. I have a few questions about pathtags. Since attending GCF my daughter is now intent on getting her own coins. So I decided Pathtags would be the best way to go. I understand a starter kit is $99 plus shipping and handling and she can design pretty much anything her heart desires (probably cow related ) but what I wanted to know exactly how many makers are out there? And NOT by reputation but by easy of use who is easiest to work with when designing a pathtag or all they all the same? And lastly what is the easiest way to design a pathtag? Can I draw a 10 inch circle, let her draw away, and then shrink it down to the template or do I have to use a program? I know that there are deisgners out there that will help but I think it'd be a better idea to have her do it completely herself. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. Im an idiot who thought that I just got gypped in life and ended up with 3 of the same pin so I gave one to a little boy who wanted it. Didnt know you had to trade to get all three, so I ended up with an imcomplete set.
  10. We say yall the PA crowd says Yinz. And if you say yall in PA people ask you where are you from. The lady at the gas station we stopped at actually called me precious with my southern accent.
  11. I couldnt have said it better myself Tsun. I had a blast and I am not an outgoing type of person. I met all the people on the list and felt right at home with everyone. And yes I had preconceived notions of some of the crew on the forums....all were erased after meeting everyone. I had fun, my kiddos (Erin & Sean) had fun, and even the grumpy ole hubby had fun. The kids now wants theri own coin and I know that I have some great internet friends! Thanks to all and cant wait to see y'all again. (HA!!! I'm not in PA I can say y'all again!!!!)
  12. Any pictures yet? I can tell you, it's NICE!! I believe Yime was telling everyone in GCF that it was just baked a little too long in the oven.
  13. Wow what a beautiful and intricate coin, I love it! A touch of the Irish Green would be great too!
  14. I have my #6 and Degai's #6. And amazingly I still have my #1, I didnt realize that the gold werent the #1's not that it mattered I'm not too particular. Spart im me and we can switch out the two 6's I have.
  15. My little one found one in a cache while doing the mingo cache run in PA and we didnt even realize until we were on the way home last night that it was a mystery coin....might have to bribe him for it...the devil will make me do it!!
  16. I always like buying one or two Christmas coins....but for you I have two words....Christmas turtle.
  17. Nah, if you can find them ( seems to be hard around here except at Halloween ) You gotta eat Kraft - they aren't as sweet as Brach's and Almost as a caramel should taste As far as Peeps go . . . ever put them into the microwave for say 6 seconds ? No No No you have to freeze them over night. Crunchy peeps are yumm-o! And I cant wait to see more coin looks like a full halloween theme and even looks like it's glow in the dark!
  18. Congrats Solan! This contest has been fun!
  19. Dang! Darn, darn, darn!!! CF30 How'd you get a picture of my mother in law on a coin?!?!
  20. I would love to mostly trade nerds, beans, and GCF coins but I also plan to do some serious coin damage! Good bye hubby's 3rd quarter bonus.
  21. Hadnt had a chance to check in on this recently but checked on the 2 coins I started off on their trips to find out they have moved....quite a bit. One coin has gone 500+ miles up north and the other went to islands oh about 2600 miles away!!! How Cool! Thanks for having this cool contest!
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