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  1. Okay I have a friend of a friend of a friend whose uncles cousins neice plays golf with a guy whose grandma is a personal friend of Matthew's grandma (they play bocci and go way back), I'll work on a date for you....Okay? Congrats to the winner I missed this cointest! But as soon as I get ahold of Matt, boy oh boy. PS If anyone knows Orlando Bloom, I'm game.
  2. Please take this completely tongue in cheek....Whats wrong with adults in NZ? Seriously though maybe the Great G-P will make a stop there for you and maybe at the Cachetoberfest Im going to this weekend.
  3. Okay I have to HA that one too. My best friends and her nieghbors put on a 4 yard haunted house every year complete with bobbin for apples, pinata, potato sack race, 2000 balloon pop game, pumpkin rolling, and prizes and candy gallore. We started building the haunted house in August. Its huge! The oldest adult in the crew just spent $100 on a couple of cases of silly string to spray at the kids and was quoted as saying "I dont think it'll be enough." All of the adults are worse than the kids when it comes to the costumes. And to get this slightly back on topic, the Geo-Great Pumpkin dropped a coin 226 miles from me and my husband called me crazy and obsessed because I wanted to drive there to see if it was still there.
  4. Congrats to the winners and one more thankful thought...I am thankful to all those out there who willingly give to geocaching community. These people have huge hearts and make this fun sport even better or as my 1st graders would say "more funner." Thanks!
  5. Okay I agree with the follow your heart, but at least take a picture of them for the memories. Just my $0.01. Good luck
  6. Gee sounds like a plan 'cept there are too many mosquitos outside still or at least where Im at. Take a picture for me!
  7. I am thankful for good friends, healthy family, awesome hobbies, and for life itself. Not much more I could ask for...I mean the powerball would be great but I'm good without it.
  8. That is a nice coin! Congrats!
  9. Female saints and social justice (a historical and contemprary view). Wanna help me? Missed the contest and cant really help you with your paper but nevertheless it sounds interesting...a lot more interesting than the change of seasons and "In the garden I rest my feet" project my daughter is doing.
  10. If these are Mystery Coins, as they appear, they typically aren't sold. Okay my newbie question of the evening...how do you obtain a Mystery Coin? Is this like a Pay It Forward where you have to be nominated? Thanks1 There are several ways: a). trade with someone who doesn't want theirs or has more than one b. find one left in a cache as swag (so it becomes a swag item trade in a cache - remember, always trade fairly) c). be sent one - there are at least two of these that just end up in peoples letterboxes (posted) Thats pretty much what I thought...thanks so much!!
  11. If these are Mystery Coins, as they appear, they typically aren't sold. Okay my newbie question of the evening...how do you obtain a Mystery Coin? Is this like a Pay It Forward where you have to be nominated? Thanks1
  12. and we have a winner Congrat's DD! SCYoli, you were soooo close so many times, I was yelling at you but you must not of heard me, lol. Arghh, thanks anyway! BTW I received my coins today they are beautiful! Thank you! Congrats Dressel!!!
  13. Just a quick note, my hubby just received one of these coins and they are beautiful. The coin is really heavy and huge. It is truly a wonderful piece of craftmanship.
  14. Very nice. You have pretty much the same coin collection as I do. I have my Sunburst hanging from my rearview mirror in my truck though. Thanks for sharing! I like the way the turtles are mounted.
  15. Thanks for all the awesome ideas. I never thought of craft foam and I work in a school! I will definitely be putting some of your ideas to good use! Thanks for all your ideas and any future ones!
  16. I hope I am approaching this question the right way. I wanted to know how you display/store your geocoins. Or is there a special book/binder/coin keeper that is available for purchase? I've just recently within the last month or three have really gotten in to geocoins and have built my collection up to 10 coins. (I know now much but a start). I want to be able to take them with me to events. What's the easiest/best way to do so. Thanks all!
  17. Hey me too! But I also got 2 Marinara FSM and a Azul FSM. Sad to say I only have 2 more coins on the way to me for a while gotta pay for my Geojellies so all my buying is on hold. sniff sniff
  18. I love the icon! How cute!!!
  19. Okay to clear this matter up it would be pronounced as follows: Canadian Wee-gee eh (emphasis on 1st e) Southern Wee-geeeeeeee (emphasis on 2nd e) Northern Way-gui (no emphasis on any e) Californian Weeg (emphasis on 1st e but with a j ending)
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