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  1. Brenda: Stitch Heather: Tink DD: chip n dale
  2. Brenda: Stitch Heather: Tink DD: Yzma
  3. Brenda: Stitch Heather: Tink DD: Mushu
  4. Brenda: Stich Heather: Tink DD: Fairy Godmother
  5. Brenda: Stich Heather: Tink DD: Snopw White
  6. Brenda: Rufus Heather: Tink DD: Happy
  7. Brenda: Fairy Godmother Heather: Cinderella DD: Sculley How many pins are there? I know people go crazy over these things... and I thought geocoins were addicting.
  8. Brenda: Jack Sparrow Heather: Boo DD: Jack skellington
  9. Brenda: Daisy Heather: Minnie DD: Tigger
  10. Brenda: Jasmine Heather: Stich DD: Goofy
  11. HOORAY we have a winner!! I got a haircut...but not any ordinary haircut, I chopped off 13 inches of hair!!! It is going in the mail today to Locks of Love. (Sorry for the delayed response but our power went out! ) Dang that was my exact next guess. Ha! Congrats to the winner!
  12. Fit into your high school jeans
  13. Stayed in bed all day long. (yes there is a theme going on)
  14. I think I saw one of these at Cachetoberfest (GC1546V) and it looked awesome! Nice coin!
  15. Congrats all recent finders! Sadly I read today that the Great Pumpkin visited only 90 minutes from me. Unfortunately I had other pressing adventures to attend to. Hope they fall into good hands!
  16. I received my Trick or Treat coin yesterday. It looks even better in person! I received a cache movers coin and a hot pink geocaching jelly bracelet. Thanks Oak Coins for the much needed treat!
  17. Congrats to all the receipients seems like the CreepyCrawlers havent been sleeping but crawling about shoving coins ins mailboxes. <-- it's my halloween costume
  18. Off subject I know...but Donorgirl gave my daughter her very first geocoin over the weekend at the Cachetoberfest here in SC and that is ALL my daughter has talked about. Oh yeah and her own painted ammo can with cows. Thank you so much for making her 1st coin such a special coin. Back on topic congrats on the new mystery coin and more importantly the new niece or nephew.
  19. OH!!! So cool looking!!!! I really like the glow! Congrats to all who have received one!!!
  20. 007BigD that was a wonderful collage of pictures. GCF you have done such a generous and wonderful gifting of coins to many grateful coin collectors out there and as always it only takes one to spoil to the bunch. I am happy to say over the weekend I got to see in person not one but two of your coins they are beautiful and the person who owned them would never (just many others) sell hers. Thank you for all you have done.
  21. Yes a bit far for me to drive too 2366.9mi from home. But he/she could be crawlin to the east coast at this very moment.
  22. So what is the Christmas mission? And how do you sign up and yes I'm interested.
  23. Jack -O'Lantern The jack -o'lantern chuckled Then winked his funny eye, "I would rather be a pumpkin-face Than be inside a pie!" Jolly wolly pumpkin face You're happy tell us why. I'd rather be a pumpkin face And not a pumpkin pie! We have this one on the bullentine board at school. <edit for grammar just cause I work at a school doesnt mean I can spell>
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