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  1. Oh this is so exciting (paper ripping sounds) and the the academy has choosen to give the coin to.......... (Soft music playing the background and increasingly getting louder because........is taking to long for theri acceptance speech.)
  2. Hmm lets see how this works I nominate...
  3. Are the V2 going to be on the same order quantities as V1? Meaning are the black nickel going to be only yours or will you be able to order them this go around?
  4. OH! I had a secret pal from the Netherlands and at Sinterklass time she sent me abox of the neatest toys and chocolates! Its was neat to see what other holidays there are around the country. My tree will be going up as soon as I can find some lights that wont blink and drive the dogs nuts!
  5. What's Snow? Haven't seen that stuff since 2000.
  6. Gee awfully glad the daughter and I finished making our stockings today...
  7. Just a quick wondering out loud...does anyone know when these are expected to ship? I have ordered too many coins in the last 3 weeks and have had to come up with a spreadsheet to keep track. Thanks!
  8. Yea! Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparent!!!!!
  9. Just had to say very nice grits err pins!
  10. Well my previous guess came and went so I am going to guess again. Didnt see anything on reguessing but figured I'd give it a try! Sex of baby : Girl Date of Birth: December 2, 2007 Time of Birth: 3:23pm Weight: 7lbs 6ozs Length (will be used for a tie breaker): 20.75 inches
  11. 1. Participating-Email sent 11/4 (edit)Confirmation recevied 2. Received Name-Email received 11/18/07 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived Let the fun begin!
  12. Well either way I am interested in getting a bronze, maybe a copper not sure yet about that one. But it would make sense to since we already have the lead. I will go with the bronze for now. Yeah I know crazy woman babblin' and cant make up her mind.
  13. I ordered a lead coin for my hubby and he loves it. Was wondering though what would be the time line for arrival of these? I know that these take a while to make and wondered if this would be a Christmas present possibility or maybe Valentines Day.
  14. Send mail to Nielsenc! Email Sent!
  15. I havent found any either but isnt great to see them in person! I got to see a Mtnbike10 coin, 3 Easter Eggs, 2 Geocoin Fairy coins, and 1 Pot of Gold last month at Cachetoberfest here in SC. Even though I may not get to own them (or is it them own me). I am grateful to those who bring their great coin collections for others to enjoy. I learned so much!
  16. Glad you bumped this. I sent my email addy somewhere but didnt get an invitation and cant access the page (says its isnt published). Help! Thanks!
  17. Congrats on the blessing! Sex of baby : Girl Date of Birth: November 19, 2007 Time of Birth: 3:23pm Weight: 7lbs 11ozs Length (will be used for a tie breaker): 20.5 inches
  18. My day is brighten just reading about people getting these lil surpirses! Especially the ones where people go running out of the house like insane people, GPS's in hand. And after a geocoin!
  19. 1. Participating-Email sent 11/4 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived I cant wait for the fun!
  20. Beautiful coin, can't afford at this time though. Truly beautiful though and will have to go on my wish list for a later time.
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