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  1. It's been a while since my last visit, but I'm happy to see that the "regulars" are still around, and that GWho made National News, congrats William! you certainly deserve it!
  2. Congratulations, just half way to the 1000 mark WOW! Hope to meet you at the trails some day! [This message was edited by ZeeWire on November 01, 2003 at 07:10 PM.]
  3. This weekend I only have Sunday available, I think I might go again to explore another section inside the Bear Mountain / Seven Lakes Area, I'm sure the Fall colors & better weather, will make it an even better experience. I'll try to post more concrete hiking plans tonight in case anyone is interested to pack lunch for an intense hike and expend a day immersed in nature. I'm thinking of an early start but that's subject to change. If anyone is planning something else that involves a beautiful area and a nice hike, I'm all ears. [This message was edited by ZeeWire on November 01, 2003 at 03:40 PM.]
  4. 34.12229% - Total Geek Have you ever talked about circuit components (transistors, diodes, capacitors, etc.) at a party? YES Have you ever carried more than one personal item in a belt pouch as opposed to your pocket? (multi tool, cell phone, pager, etc.) YES Have you ever owned a calculator watch? NO Have you ever built a homemade antenna for any purpose? (Aluminum foil and coat hangers don't count.) YES Do you own more than one comic book that is newer that six months old? YES Do your friends consider you the "go to guy" when they need to hook up that new VCR, stereo, or surround sound? YES Do you have more than 3 remote controls to operate your home entertainment system? YES Have you ever intentionally chosen a seat at the front of a classroom?YES Have you ever waited more than 30 minutes in line to get movie tickets?NO Have you ever been recognized as a regular customer at a coffee shop? NO Just a few more to keep things going. By the way, I failed the test miserably. While I can't answer yes to all of the questions, I'm pretty sure I qualify for geek status.
  5. Keys, Mini Led Light, & Emergency whistle. (You could say, is a geocaching safety kit to keep it in topic)
  6. I just put to the test the Princeton Tec Yukon and it works GREAT! It has a LED Xenon Combo Light and that gives me much more flexibility than just one kind.
  7. Latest Snake Encounter in the Bear Mountain/ Harriman Area. I think is an Eastern Milk Snake, as it had a "Y"shaped marking on the back of the head.
  8. Even thou it seems that tomorrow won't be the best of days, I think I'll still be going to the Harriman / Bear Mountain area to hit some caches. My idea is to start in the morning with the Black Rock Mountain Letterbox hybrid and park at N41 13.823 W74 08.399. From there my plan is to pack lunch and then do some mayor hiking (9 miles +) while hitting some caches along the way, so most of the day will be spent in the woods. Anyone is welcome, just keep in mind that my main goal is to explore the area & enjoy nature while getting a intensive workout, the caching experience will be used as an incentive just to keep me going! If someone is interested I'll check this forum before heading out to arrange a meeting place, other ways, just head out and enjoy the hunt, chances are will meet in our way to any of those caches. The best way to track another cacher in the area is to post your next cache heading in the log book as well as the time you were there. Happy caching everyone!
  9. I recently came across this one in a GPS dead-Zone: "The cache is above ground, but not in the open." Thank god my Caching instinct help me avoid a NF.
  10. quote: We targeting The Love Shack and Beyond and the other two cache on the mountain, for a cache hunt and hike this weekend. (Sat. 10/25) I'm afraid this Saturday is not good for me, but I'm planning to hit some caches up north in the Bear Mountain Area this Sunday (weather providing),so I can check out the trails up there as well as the Fall colors. Have a great hunt guys!
  11. I like to use a "Dakine Poacher" Top-loading Pack that was originally designed for snowboarders but it's amazing for Geo-hiking. The size is just perfect, not too big, not too small (2000ci) that's why it works great as a backpack/daypack. The best feature is the back access zipper, designed to get at the main compartment without having to take off the pack. This Back access also has a mesh organizer pockets perfect for holding a compass ,nutrition bars.. On the sides has quick-draw holsters great for hiking poles. The top cover includes a Map pocket with clear window and the belt has a removable hip stash pocket for small valuables. It is also camelbak compatible and I use it in combination with a 3 litter hydration system.
  12. Thanks for the link, I've been thinking about getting a new pair for a while,,, I'm afraid I was also too late for the $1.00 sale
  13. This was my latest Snake encounter in the Hudson Palisades. I think somebody here also posted a similar picture but I still don't know what kind is it. Any guesses?
  14. I was setting up an emergency kit when I remembered about GPS and I thought it would be a great addition. While researching about the different kinds of GPS systems I came across a link to Geocaching.com & the rest is history.
  15. I only have one day open, either Saturday or Sunday (weather permitting), so now it looks as if Saturday would be the most likely Geocaching Day...
  16. quote: I'd still like to get a group hunt together for the Hudson highlands. I bought a trail map for the area last week. It would have to be a Saturday for me. Probably over the next few weeks. The fall colors should be near peak in Mid Oct, so maybe we can shoot for that. What's the status on that GroupHunt, is anything being planned?
  17. Congrats! (Here 300...still seems so far away...)
  18. Congratulations, That had to be an interesting hike.
  19. quote: Terrace Pond, Magster's Bearfort Mountain cache, then GC5 is a good route Mmmm....interesting...
  20. WOW! & the best part is that I was there to see it happen!...Congrats Team Ekitt10! This was certainly a milestone inside an adventurous grouphunt!
  21. May be I'll stop by the area, I don't know about the time thou, so if I don't see anyone, Happy Caching!
  22. I'm not aware of any service like that besides the classic mapquest. I like to use Expert GPS for that. I can get the waypoints overlaid over a choice of topographic or aerial maps, But the best part is that I can scan any trail map of an area and then use it in the same manner! Really useful if you like to see what trail is closer to the cache.
  23. I was not aware Reservation One was so popular... I'm glad. I will always remember this one for being my first, and the one that got me into Geocaching.
  24. I'm also tied to Weekend-Only Geocaches. The only ones I can do after work have to be close one stars, but I like to leave the easy ones for my son. So if someone likes to team up for a nice & challenging Weekend Dayhike/GeoCache, I could consider it if is not a virtual or a micro.
  25. I just had a similar experience today, close to the last cache of the day. I saw a couple engaged in an "anatomy" lesson, I quickly realized what was going on, so I treated it like a Bear encounter, I made them aware of my presence and I gave then some time before I closed into the area. I guess they were glad I did not make of an embarrassing situation even more awkward one.
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