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  1. Am I relieved that I found this topic!!! I has a number of DNF's today. For caches I did find, while standing over the cache, my Vista HCx would report that my error is 20ft and that I am 26ft away. My HCx used to be very reliable but it has proved to be difficult since I upgraded to 2.60. WAAS was enabled. No maps loaded (using the base map). I will try downgrading the firmware using the method described in this forum. Then I will try the ones I did not find, and maybe re-visit the ones I did to see if the accuracy is better. I will contact Garmin tech support to complain.
  2. Went to my first TB hotel this morning to drop off a TB. The on-line cache log said there were none present. When I got there I found 3. I did not take them but I did note the tag numbers so that I could log that I "Discovered" them. But now I realize that "Discovered" means that you found it in the cache it was last placed. Is there a way to properly log them as being now located at this TB hotel? Should I pick them up "Grab" them and place them somewhere else?
  3. I've got the same question for my Vista HCx. How do the games work? I know that it's not the only reason I have a GPSr - but for times when I am waiting around it would be cool to try them. Nothing in the manual about it and I have not found help on Garmin's website.
  4. That's really odd. I just checked Garmin's website myself. For now, you could look at the Etrex Vista Cx manual. I do not believe there were many changes between the two besides the higher sensitivity chip. Still waiting for mine to come in the mail.
  5. The UPS tracking for my shipment from offroute.com says scheduled deliver of 8/1. A week from Navada to Massachusetts? Hopefully this is worst case.
  6. I saw the same thing. Now mine has been shipped from offroute.com. UPS doesn't have the delivery info yet but I am hoping it will get here before the weekend.
  7. Waiting as patiently as I can for Offroute.com to start shipping. Pre-ordered a Vista HCx a few weeks back. But hey, I found a way to prepare for it's arrival. I downloaded the Vista C manual from Garmin's website so that I will know what I am doing when I get mine. This is my first hand-held GPS.
  8. I use a screen protector from Boxwave on my Dell Axim. www.boxwave.com Anti-Glare Fingerprint Free Protects Touchscreen from Scratches Improves Handwriting Recognition Dust Repelling Wachable and Reusable
  9. What's odd about that? Garmin's website also prices the Vista (and Legend) CX and HCX the same. They appear to be pricing the "H" models the same as their predecessor. I hope that remains true.
  10. One of the ideas on the "Garmin is upgrading its eTrex series" thread was to post best prices there. This is OK I guess since this narrows the scope down to the Vista HCX which is also the one I am planning on buying. Yes the offroute.com price is the best I've seen so far (which was also posted in "Garmin is upgrading its eTrex series")
  11. offroute.com = ~$235 for the Vista Hcx Keep hunting for those lower prices. I hope to soon place a pre-order on a Vista Hcx soon. I have not yet begun to Geocach yet. Kinda bummed that I have to wait until mid to late July before I get a GPS. But if I am going to spend the money, I want to get the latest technology.
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