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  1. My cache is clearly inside the red circular olympic exclusion zone in the image Groundspeak sent me, yet mathematically, is 8m outside of a 1 mile exclusion zone. I'm hoping to move my cache a little bit north, but I've yet to find a key on any of the maps. Anybody know what diameter Groundspeak have used? Have they added a tolerance? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Has anyone got the same problem or know of a solution? I've got the Oregon 450t and also I've put the Talkytoaster maps (UK, taken from OSM) on the SD Card. The maps are great when I'm out in the country, but have an annoying feature when near water. The water displays on the map as large blue blocks and encroaches all over the nearby land. I've attached a screenshot as I've probably made a mess of explaining it! Thanks!
  3. I like the look of the new app and the battery drain issue seems to have been fixed, so thank you. A few points I've noticed so far... - Very long PQ download time, it looks like it downloads them in batches of ten caches, the spends an absolute age processing the data. - Logs are not being correctly saved for offline use, hence only the "More" button, which only works if you've got an active net connection. - The GPS icon when trying to get a fix on the main page flickers a lot, like it's being restarted constantly. It's as if the app is polling for GPS data at random, and not waiting for a GPS fix. When navigating via compass, it's rock solid however. - App ignores the phone's Screen Rotation setting and rotates anyway. - Still no App2SD on a 5MB+ app, it only takes one line of code in the manifest tag!!! - Still no trackable support - The Sort By option is not sticking. Caches are placed in what looks like a random order. I have to press Menu > Sort By Distance every time. Phone: HTC Desire Android: Froyo 2.2
  4. For those having force close issues I'd suggest. - Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. - Find Geocaching - Select Clear Cache - Select Clear Data - Uninstall - Reboot phone, and re install from Market. If this doesn't work, then it's defiantly a GC issue.
  5. Those emails are sent with subjects similar to [GEO xxx contacting xxx from Geocaching.com]. This is a straight spam email not sent via Groundspeak to an email address only Groundspeak knows exists
  6. My email address registered here is geocaching@my_domain.tld. This email address is only registered here, hidden from all, and not revealed on the rare occasion I contact other members. Yesterday I received a spam email from OMGPOP promoting LetterBlox online game. The only thing I've done recently is re enabled the weekly newsletter. Please explain.
  7. 1- Export the GPX to somewhere that you can find on your computer. 2- Connect your phone to your computer, I'm assuming you are using ActiveSync. 3- When the ActiveSync icon, in the system tray bottom right of your screen, turns green, right mouse click it and select Explore. 4- Go and find the GPX you exported from GSAK on your computer. Right mouse click it and select copy. 5- Go to the Explore window that opened when you did step 3. Navigate to My Documents on the phones memory. Right mouse click and select paste. If it's the first time you've copy 'n' pasted you might get a little box about conversions. Simply press ok and ignore. 6- Open Cachmate on the phone. Press import. Down the bottom, some sheets of paper with a red arrow pointing into them. Press Start and if the Folders is "All Folders" and Type is "Compatible Files", your GPX should be clickable underneath. Hope that makes sense. If not, wait until lunch time when I'm back from work and I'll do some screenshots.
  8. You are installing the wrong type of file. You need the correct .cab file for your phone. Note that Windows Mobile Pocket PC Windows Mobile Smartphone are different versions. Do not extract the .cab file, simply copy it to your phone and click it (run it) from the file explorer. You can't really add file associations with out of the box smartphones. You need to open the program then import the gpx.
  9. Worth noting that a lot of inbuilt GPS on phones don't do static navigation. They are fine for speeds in cars but are quite jumpy when on foot. Worth double checking reviews before buying one, especially with regards to geocaching. I personally have a PPC (T Mobile MDA Touch) with external bluetooth GPS. External GPS sounds like a pain, but it's the size of a matchbox and has it's own battery. I run cachemate on the phone and pick up PQs straight to it via emails. I use the external GPS to find out where I am, so I can sort the cachemate database by distance. I then use cachemate to log finds, travel bugs etc. I also sometimes use Google Earth on it. Tomtom runs flawlessly on it, but as I have a unit already, I've never bothered. I have an "unlimited" (1Gb/month) data plan. GC renders quite good in pIE, navigating around quite easy. The only drawback I've found is that I'm unable to download the individual gpx file from a cache page. pIE and Opera mobile want to save the "cache_details.asp" page instead of the actual gpx. Anyone with a solution? I then use my yellow etrex to find caches, as it can get wet and takes more of a battering than a £200-£300 phone! Admittedly, I have to type in the co-ords manually, but if I know I'm going on a caching session, I pre-load the waypoints before leaving. I did find a few caches using the trial version of BeeLine GPS and thought it was quite good, but not worth the asking price, but that's just personal opinion at the end of the day. I quite like this setup, as I don't rely on one device for everything. If my etrex dies, I can continue using the external GPS and cachmate, and if my phone dies, I can continue caching logging finds using a pen and a piece of paper found in my coat, wallet, floor etc...
  10. The dreaded hard reset will probably fix it, but make sure everything is backed up first!
  11. Thanks for the replies, I've found the thread on the website forum and have xposted.
  12. A somewhat related problem. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=195219 Thanks.
  13. Search for caches using Google Maps. After nearly a year of using this, with detailed street level maps of South Wales, I've just been told that "We are sorry, but we don't have maps at this zoom level for this region. Try zooming out for a broader look." I have to zoom out to the 5m/10km setting before anything appears, which then triggers the exceeded 500 caches! Satellite view seems unaffected. It's only the map view that's not working. FF (with NoScript & AdBlock+ disabled), XP Pro SP2. Tried IE6, same problem, tried London as a location, same problem. Cleaned out cookies and deleted temp internet files. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it me, GC or Google?
  14. Have you tried deleting temporary files and cookies from pIE on your Tytan?
  15. I haven't read the entire thread and just saw firewall and activesync so apologies if ...... I had trouble syncing my htc touch at first due to firewall problems. To get it working I had to add all these processes to the whitelist. rapimgr.exe wcescomm.exe wcesmgr.exe ceappmgr.exe On first connection, the firewall only prompted me to allow one process for some reason, can't remember which. (F-Secure IS 2008) edit, Are you sure you've created a partnership and not just using guest?
  16. If you don't want to buy 5 at a time, they're on ebay for about £3.50 each. Activate it here, http://www.geocaching.com/track/ then just leave it in a cache. It'll have a better chance of completing it's goal, if you attach it's goal to the actual bug.
  17. Wow! Are we really expected to be 24/7 caching machines with the entire TB database engrained in our heads? If so, as a n00b, maybe I should look for something else as a hobby!
  18. My apologies, please ignore. Didn't realise that this was posted in the Canada section of the forums. Sorry.
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