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  1. Be careful if you patch your GPS Gpsmap 66sr and 65s you risk having problems with the Galileo satellites which are never active, I experienced it, I had patched my 66sr to be able to read the V6 and the satellites Galileo were never fixed, I even contacted Garmin after-sales service. I decided to put the firmware back 3.80 unpatched and now it works but I will see it on several hikes and several days if it is confirmed. Today : In fact I was a bit quick after putting the unpatched firmware back, today the Galileo satellites are blinking and has nothing to do with the patch.
  2. I sold the 65s and bought a 66sr, I have the exact same problem with the Galileo satellites which blink even after 2 hours of hiking in an open field, if I use it without the multiband it is exactly the same with the satellites Galileo are always flashing, sometimes a single satellite becomes fixed but is of no use since a minimum of three satellites is needed to obtain a position. I will send it back to Garmin under warranty but I doubt because they make the exchange and send a refurbished so an old one. The position suffers I had a 66s and the tracks are not better with the 66sr than the 66s, so the multiband is useless in this case without Galileo.
  3. Hello, I received my 65s yesterday and it's the same the satellites flashing constantly, as if the satellites were not active. I have a friend who has the 66sr it's the same, the satellites are also flashing, the problem is the same, normal or not, Garmin will not be able to tell us.
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