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  1. Here's what I use with my MacBook and it works... http://www.maccaching.com/
  2. All our prayers go out to Dick and his family, Dick helped me get started in Geocaching and I look forward to hiking and biking with him in the future.
  3. Dick I wish I was off I would love to explore that area. Have fun and have a great Christmas. Question can you bring a wagon into a wilderness area?
  4. The hardest part of hitting 400 is finding the time during the holiday season and time change. But that's a nice goal.
  5. I just went over 350 I guess thats to low of a number to count. Just kidding congrats to all that hit the big find numbers.
  6. How am I gonna keep up with you on that? Is it new or used? Sure looks new to me. I will sign up today...6pm bus also. Maybe there will be new caches in Ensenada... There's at least one more new one by Chuy! since the last time I was there.GC1BEBX Nice bike Jerry. I'd bring my hybrid, but I'll be looking at Jodi's bike offer. I'll take the 6p bus also. Last April, Ken was still providing the tasty fish tacos, and as always, complimentary Pacifo's and Corona's. Birth cert and ID (Ca driver license) is acceptable at the border, but expect long delays returning to the US. It may help to bring a DVD player or mp3 player. Remember, the September ride can be a warm one; hydrate well before the ride and you should be OK with 60 oz of water during the ride. I got a location hint for that Chaos cache we DNF'ed last time. And I have that new one, Star of the Sea. Also, will be bringing a cache for a location I scouted last time. If anyone else is thinking of doing this ride, now is the time. I got this in a newsletter today: "The Rosarito Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Bicycle Ride has enjoyed a history spanning almost 30 years and has been an icon among cycling events around the world. But the decrease in Baja tourism has reduced attendance to about 5,000 riders: our financial break-even point. We have decided that this next ride on September 27, 2008, will be our last..." I'm not sure I can sit on a tiny bike seat for 50 miles. I borrowed a bike and rode 22 miles while I was up in Seattle and was walking funny for two days. I don't know how you guys do it. Their decrease in Baja tourism is caused by excessive drug lord control of the country and people are tired of the problem that won't go away down there. Now with that said there is the Midnight Madness ride tonight down town it is a real fun ride without the kidnappings,murders,car jackings, ect...
  7. I'm heading up to Bass Lake near Yosemite on 8-2 if anyone has any Geocoins or Travel bugs that they would like moved let me know.
  8. Thanks Skillet and Lostguy I'm having a ball exploring and finding all theses caches. And I'm having a blast hiding them as well. I still have a few more ammo cans to put out very soon..
  9. I served in the Navy for 5 years from 1984-1989 as a Second Class Petty Officer E-5 Aviation Ordnanceman . I was in VF-21 in San Diego it was a F-14 sea going fighter squadron. I did a few West Pac's and North Pac's. Proud to have served.
  10. If anyone wants to cache on Thursday the 26th drop me a email. I think I'll be hiking this week after last weeks run in with the MAN........
  11. I'm off on Thursday and would love to go hike. I have a bike but I doubt there is even air in the tires. Have you done the area aound Skillet's Delight caches? I've been hitting caches in teh south but have a lot more to go. I'm sure we can find an area where both of us would be satisfied. Dave Maybe I should have done the hike thing I biked the bay loop and was shook down my the Po-Po twice....man I got to start dressing better..
  12. If anyone happens to be off on Thursday and wants to do some caching drop me a email. I don't mind hiking or riding the bicycle. Home Base is the Chula Vista area.
  13. When you unplug the unit from the USB connection you only have about 30 seconds to hit any key or the unit will power off. Try that if that doesn't work then I would call tech support.
  14. How about a 6 pack and a 2 night's stay at Santee Lakes.
  15. Man I can't even imagine falling into the middle of that pit. It always makes me wonder what lives in those holes in the ground.
  16. One thing about this hobby that I like is the fact that I'm rediscovering my local parks and trails. I was not aware of how many hidden parks there were in Chula Vista.
  17. Well after 5 years of being registered on this site I've come down with the geo bug. I upgraded the old garmin etrex venture to a 60 csx I even have the wife riding shotgun on most of my cache runs. I'm looking forward to many finds.I've also met a lot of really nice folks who have helped me get started. I'm looking forward to caching with you folks. Thanks for the warm welcome into this new hobby.
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