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  1. Yes, I like https://www.onxmaps.com/ and also https://www.gaiagps.com/. Both have a private land owners layer that shows the property borders and contact info for the land owners.
  2. Not sure what "Live Maps" mode is. There is a "Live Track" mode in the manual (p7) but I don't think that's related. I use the free topo maps from https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/, but don't think that's related either. We may have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to help out here.
  3. I took a quick look at my 64 but can't reproduce what you are seeing. It appears that Zoom keeps the cursor in the center of the screen, so if the cursor is off center then the first Zoom step will move the map to recenter on the cursor. After that I see no change to map center going from min to max Zoom levels.
  4. You are correct, I was mistaken about that. I went back to double check and get 350mA charging from USB or Anker USB charger. But to get the animated charging icon the gps can't be mounted as a removable drive. I don't know how to get a charging indicator when mounted as a drive.
  5. dbrents, read my earlier post on this above, the gps requires about 350mA from the USB port while charging the batteries. A USB port on a computer or hub cannot supply that much current. Try charging from a cellphone charger and you should see the animated icon while charging with the gps switched off. Let me know if that works.
  6. Have you tried just using a gps app on a smartphone or tablet?
  7. On an Android device try going into "Settings" => Apps => All Apps => Geocaching => Notifications => (Block All = ON).
  8. Thanks guys, I agree. Those seem like good reasons to always log and leave the DNF.
  9. Sometimes I'll log a cache as DNF and then return later to find it. Is the proper procedure to leave the DNF log entry or to edit it to Found and remove the DNF? For example look at GC5613Y that I logged today after DNF yesterday. It seemed redundant to leave two entries only a day apart. But if they had been weeks apart with other entries made between then I would have left both. Any advice?
  10. This does solve the problem I was having. Interestingly CleanEject website notes: Note: some devices (like the Garmin Montana and the GPSMAP64) automatically reconnect after ejecting.
  11. My charging icon never stops animating even when the Eneloop cells are fully charged. What I do observe is the charging current into the GPS drops from about 350mA to about 100mA. So the charger in the GPS must be decreasing the charge to a trickle level on a fully charged battery.
  12. Hey @-X I got your PM. I put mine on charge to see if I get the same result as Red90, I couldn't remember. When you are charging through the USB cable are you using a cellphone charger or a USB port on a computer? I'm thinking the current capacity from a USB port maybe too low to ever terminate the charge.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys, but no success. The iMac is a 2009 with USB 2.0. I tried several different USB cables, including the Garmin supplied one, into both a USB hub and directly into the iMac. Same result with all, drives remount almost immediately after eject. Also tried ejecting several times but it always remounts. Tried Garmin Spanner but only the SD will mount, the gps drive never mounts, so gave up on that. This iMac is getting replaced in 2018 so I'll live with this issue until then. Likely it will behave differently with a new iMac.
  14. I'm using Eneloops in my 64 with the black button depressed by a piece of stiff plastic as suggested. With an Anker USB charger I see 350mA into the gps when the large battery icon is on the screen. I'm not sure if the batteries are charging in series or parallel. I'll let it charge and see if there's a cutoff point or not.
  15. I have a new gpsmap 64 with a 16G SD card connected to an iMac via USB. Both the Garmin and SD appear as mounted drives in the Finder, exactly as they should. But when I select both drives and eject both they re-mount before I can unplug the USB cable from the gps. This seems to be harmless so far but does generate a Finder warning on the iMac. My old Etrex Vista HCx doesn't re-mount the drives after eject so this was never an issue. Any suggestions about why this is happening and what I could do about it? Thanks.
  16. I think the mac has always added those hidden files but it didn't become a problem until version 3.00. Hopefully Garmin will fix the problem in a later release. Can you tell me how to run a script when the card is mounted? That sounds like a useful thing to know. Thanks.
  17. Great, glad to hear it worked for you! Can you tell me exactly what line or what command you took out, so I can edit the procedure? Thanks. I actually took out this whole part: $ ls Macintosh HD UNTITLED $ cd UNTITLED [replace UNTITLED with your card name] and for the very first command it should be $ cd /volumes/UNTITLED (I'm not sure if you were implying this or not, I'm not that computer-savvy) Yes, that would work as long as your SD card is named "UNTITLED". Don't know if that will work for everyone, which is why I wanted to display the name before cd to that directory. Thanks.
  18. Great, glad to hear it worked for you! Can you tell me exactly what line or what command you took out, so I can edit the procedure? Thanks.
  19. Do you have a mac? Find a Windows pc and remove the hidden spotlight and trashcan files from the card. I don't think you need to format the card. You can also delete those hidden files easily from a mac terminal window. I can post the exact commands if anyone needs them. No need for a windows pc to do this. I would appriciate if you posted the commands, thanks! 1) Connect your GPSr to the mac in USB Mass Storage mode, Setup->Interface->Enter. Or mount your micro SD card to the mac via an SD card reader. The commands are the same either way. 2) Look on your desktop or the Finder and make note of the name of the SD card that got mounted, in my case it is named "UNTITLED". Your name maybe different, and if it is then substitute your name for my UNTITLED name. 2) Open the Terminal on your mac, either from the icon in your dock, or from Applications->Utilities->Terminal.app. If this is a problem so far, then I would suggest not going on as it gets a little more complicated. 3) Enter the following commands at the Terminal prompt ($). My comments are in brackets, [my comments]. $ cd /Volume/ $ ls Macintosh HD UNTITLED $ cd UNTITLED [replace UNTITLED with your card name] $ ls -al total 40 drwxrwxrwx 1 don staff 4096 Jul 25 16:27 . drwxrwxrwt@ 4 root admin 136 Jul 25 16:00 .. drwxrwxrwx 1 don staff 4096 Jul 25 15:57 .Spotlight-V100 drwxrwxrwx@ 1 don staff 4096 Jul 25 16:00 .Trashes -rwxrwxrwx 1 don staff 4096 Jul 25 15:57 ._.Trashes drwxrwxrwx 1 don staff 4096 Jul 25 16:00 .fseventsd $ rm -r .Spotlight-V100/ $ rm -r .fseventsd/ $ rm -r .Trashes/ $ cd .. 4) Now you can eject your SD card via the Finder or Desktop icon. 5) Replace the SD card into the GPSr and see if that fixes the problem, it always does for me. But remember that if you ever connect the SD card to your mac again the bad files will be rewritten to the card and you would have to repeat the above steps again. Let me know if this works for you or if I need to clarify anything.
  20. Do you have a mac? Find a Windows pc and remove the hidden spotlight and trashcan files from the card. I don't think you need to format the card. You can also delete those hidden files easily from a mac terminal window. I can post the exact commands if anyone needs them. No need for a windows pc to do this.
  21. Exactly SOLVED!!! I had to go through two SD cards before I came to the same conclusion... The problem only begins when you use USB mass storage mode on a mac. This problem also happens on the vista cx with software version 4.00. My problem on the Vista HCx began when I used USB mass storage mode on a mac. But, I bought a brand new SD card, never formatted on a mac, and it exhibits the same problem. But I just experimented with my "virgin" SD card and observed that the spotlight and trash directories are written to the card as soon as it is mounted as a volume on the mac. It doesn't have to be formatted on the mac, just mounted to read. So what I did was delete the spotlight and trash directories from the card via the mac terminal window, then copied my maps back to the card in the "garmin" directory. Then I ejected the card, reinstalled it in the GPSr, and everything works again as it should. Version 3.0 is running and no hangup beep on turnoff. Just have to keep in mind that mounting the SD card back on the mac either via USB mass storage mode or directly in a card reader will write the bad directories to the card again, and the problem will reappear.
  22. It's probably your software, ver 3.0, and the SD card. See this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=221591&hl= That's it. Thanks so much!
  23. I have a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx running SW version 3.00 & unit SW version 2.80. From new it's always had a 2GB Kingston micro SD card installed. Now when I go to turn off the unit, a steady tone sounds, and a battery has to be removed to force it off. With the SD card removed the problem goes away. I tried a hard reset, and tried reloading the software without any effect on the problem. I then replaced the SD card with a brand new 2GB Kingston card with exactly the same result, still broken. The only thing I did that might coincide with the problem is that I had used the GSPr in "USB Mass Storage" mode to download some track files right before the problem began. I have to now conclude that the GPSr is broken. Is there anything else I could try before contacting Garmin customer support? Thanks for any info.
  24. I don't think "a find is a find". Intentionally searching for and locating a specific geocache is quite different than accidentally finding that same cache.
  25. It recently came to my attention that non-registered Geocachers can record their finds on geocaching.com. I found a new cache that had been left in plain sight, and had many log entries (and trash) from non-cachers who had happened across it. I cleaned it up, moved it a few feet to a hidden location, and logged my find. Weeks later a FTF was logged by a new cacher that predated my find. This person was a non-registered cacher when they made the find, but they later registered with geocaching.com and made the log entry. I don't care about the FTF, but my concern is that a person can record a log entry that is earlier than their membership join date. This just seems wrong to me as they were not a registered geocacher and had not agreed with the terms of service at the time they made their find. I feel that log entries should not be permitted for a date earlier than your join date. Any comments?
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