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  1. I'm using the same batteries and I've been getting probably about 5-7x the life of regular AA batteries. I love them.
  2. Have tried to retrieve it from Stagecoach Village, but am getting an error message when I enter the tracking number TBWZ69 "No Match" Sorry. The Travel Bug code does not match. I am having the exact same problem with another geocoin, TB1VHGH. NO MATCH. Sorry, the Travel Bug code does not match.
  3. Hi all, I have a quick question. I'm in Minneapolis for a couple of days and I was able to find the Inland Lakes version on an SD Card. I'd prefer the DVD, but I guess this could do. The question I have is this: I have a 2gb SD card with some additional maps on my colorado 400t. Can I take the data off of the "pre-programmed" card and put it on this other card so that I don't have to swap different cards in the field? Thanks, Matt
  4. I'm not sure. Not many states make the bathymetric data for lakes and rivers available for general use, limiting the distribution of the data sets. I've wondered the same thing for kayaking and fishing purposes, myself. Might be time for me to take another pass through state data sets and see if this info is available. If it is, getting it into a Garmin compatible format won't be far behind. Any state you're looking for in particular? Well, not particularly...even though I do live in Colorado (not many lakes here ) and have a cabin in MN. If something isn't available, I was going to get the Garmin Inland Lakes, which I think would meet my needs, but river data would be cool to have too. Thanks, Matt
  5. It's a real pain. This was much easier on the 60cs because you could just drop another geocache waypoint for the next stage, mark the current stage as found and goto the next geocache (which normally would be the new stage just entered). On the Colorado I just exit geocaching mode, drop new waypoints for each stage and when I find the final I mark the geocache as found so I have the fieldnote for it. The problem is you have to bounce in and out of geocaching mode and you can't use the nice geocaching mode screens to find the intermediate stages. I love having all the cache information on the Colorado and the fieldnotes are a nice addition but way you move through geocaches on the Colorado, even traditionals, leaves a lot to be desired. GO$Rs Don't know if this is a little off-topic or not, but how do you enter field notes on the Colorado for your caches?
  6. I am wondering if there are any free lake maps available that show various depths and/or contours? I have a 400t and would like to add to it. Thanks, Matt
  7. Pat, do you perhaps have a network drive that is also the f/ drive? I had that problem....my unit would try to connect to the g/ drive, which is a network drive. Once I disconnected the network drive, it reconnected and all works just fine.
  8. Well, I would visit here first. http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/ I think the first thing you probably should do is install the Garmin Web Updater software. I did this, connected the 400t to the computer via the usb cable and ran the updater. It walks you through the steps to get non-beta v2.4 uploaded. Once you upload the firmware, unplug the 400 from the PC, and turn it on. It takes a couple of minutes to update. Once it does, you're ready to go. If you want to upload the 2.51 beta, you can follow the link on the website link above, download and run the executable while your unit is attached to the PC. Afterwards, unplug from pc, turn the unit on, wait for it to update, etc. Hope this helps.
  9. I just got my colorado too and love it. I just uploaded the 2.51 firmware, but was using 2.4 for some geocaching yesterday. It was dead-nuts accurate, even in heavy pine trees. I DID do a compass calibration, which takes all of 1 minute. Several things I did notice however.... If you are using the compass it really needs to be extremely level. I would stop, level it, and let it "settle". It would then give me an accurate reading. Then I would continue. Walking and looking at the compass wasn't a good mix -- it would swing about, etc. Hope this helps.
  10. Well, after first review of this product, it appears to be complete junk. I do have a question, can you load the US TOPO 2008 off of the 400t so you can use it locally within the MapSource software? I've tried to "Receive Data" from the device, and it says that there are no maps installed on the device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  11. Hello, On my old GPS, I used the Map Datum of WGS 84. When I went into the setup of my new 400t, and these are the settings: Position Format: hddd mm.mmm Map Datum: None Map Spheroid: WGS 84 My question is, are these the best settings for geocaching?
  12. I am also having problems. I've done all of the required steps, been to the garmin communicator test site and everything is working correctly. When I return to the Free Trial page, it cannot find my Colorado 400t. Any ideas?
  13. Well, I've just started....and am using a Magellan GPS 315, so you're not the only one. I Purchased it about 4 years ago or so from Walmart.....perhaps longer. It normally puts me within 20-30 feet of where I need to be...and so far, those finds have been in deeply wooded areas with 60-70 foot pine trees. However, I will admit, I've been looking at those flashy units and may upgrade within the next couple of months. I'm in Colorado and would really like some of the TOPO options these newer units can provide.
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