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  1. I agree with you completely. It took me three attampts to print a rather lengthy cache description recently. In the end I copied and pasted into Word and removed all the bits I did not want.



    I've done the same. I also sometimes like to print the "show 5 logs" facility as others' logs sometimes help - at the very least to know when the cache was last found.


    I've been using the PDF version of print-friendly pages but don't like this as much.


    Whole heartedly agree.

  2. Just had an email asking about GC12BWV ~ Run, Spring and Rock - Llanwonno.


    Apparently the multiplication sign ( x ) that we used has changed to ( ' ) this makes nonsense of the calculations required to complete the cache!


    Also noticed that the lines of text don't go all the way across the page as they used to.


    Have other people discovered any other problems?


    Are we going to have to check and alter all 76 of our active caches? :DB)

  3. We like to do a cut and paste to a word document and find the OS grid refs are a very useful 'belt and braces' back up for checking we have got all the information correct.


    Also useful for planning our cache outings in home comfort before venturing out with to find caches using OS map to follow the route.


    Please give us back OS grid references soon please.

  4. Not many caches in Caerphilly, so reckon we could find a place for another one!


    We do already have a cache ~ Caerphilly Collection 48 The Accumulator Cache, which if we considered using would definitely have a few more people muttering about W&M caches!!


    Seriously, we are not that mean :(:(

  5. Oh well, you'll have got passed the 400 mark before you invade South Wales in 16 days time.


    Must admit, the name 'Morgan Mob' had me in mind of a big bunch of lads, you look quite normal on the pictures, but then, again can Cachers really be anything but crazy!



  6. TB arrived this morning, took it out to drop in on a new local cache FTF, but brought it home again to attach details about it's mission before releasing it to get to Soltau, Germany.


    Thanks for the opportunity to spread information about Diabetes in such a fun way, enjoyed the geography lesson as well.

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