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  1. I've never felt the need to post in these forums before, but I thought that "what surprised me this evening was the fact that there were still any caches within the openly published Protection Zone which have not been temporarily suspended" was a bit of a cheap shot. As were the second and third paragraphs of Foresters earlier post #19 which moved away from giving out useful information. When you know a lot about a situation it's sometimes easy to forget that other people to not.


    What Deceangi doesn't mention in his latest post is that he already explained in an earlier post that he was by himself this week. I would have thought the easiest way for Forester to deal with things would be to put notes on the relevant pages (maybe Forester has been doing this anyway, I've not checked?) or email as nobby.nobbs suggested.


    I don't think any criticism of the reviewers was deserved (no matter how veiled), and even if it was then the forum isn't the place for it.


    The above post was logged even as I was trying to compose a similar message. I don't post very often, but felt I had to do so today.


    Thank you for expressing my thoughts so well.


    Don't forget that Deceangi has to eat and sleep as well

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