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  1. Really lovely to wake up and find that the site is still available We didn't realise just how much we missed it till it wasn't working Thanks for all the hard work done in order to get it up and running again.
  2. Should be able to get back from Brecon to make this, but someone else had better organise the weather.
  3. We found a couple of caches in Russia, without benefit of a GPS, when we did a cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg in 2003.
  4. We must add our thanks for all the work you do, both seen and unseen for geocaching. Enjoy the festive season, and may we be the first to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008
  5. Ours started like that and had to wait ages for an Elf then 4 came along together!! Nearly missed all the action and it took ages to reload again
  6. Brilliant news, well done to both Wendy and Caesar. We expect you have checked out the caches near where you will be in China.
  7. Mane always takes Write, so he can carry all the things we might find useful. Mane just carries her emergency rations and pencil sharpener.
  8. Another vote for the old style map, we loved the way you could view the world, easily and quickly. We really miss it.
  9. When exactly did the site go down, this will give people some idea of which Trig logs may be lost. Hoping to see the site up and running soon as we find the site very useful and have really missed it
  10. Guess as it is for a very good cause, we could let the moths out of hibernation. Put us down for two, we'll take one as a prize for the pub event in South Wales in January.
  11. Why is this happening? Most of our cache pages now show a "User's Web Page" Link to click on - sadly all it does is open the same cache page again. The exceptions are our Motorway Mayhem Caches, the link for these now seems to have a problem loading the page. Is it just our caches or are other cacher experiencing the same difficulties?
  12. Come on, spill the beans and share your joy, we know you both had a lovely day.
  13. Hello and welcome Croaghan, hopefully you will maintain the high standards that we get from the 'terrible trio'. Seriously the service provided is BRILLIANT (yes I know I'm shouting)
  14. Wonder how long it will run for, before it becomes off topic!!!
  15. Just noticed the local event has been published - You do well to "cough" Zetetic! If only we had known, we would not have let the Brats have the Red Item.
  16. To think we gave you the Red Jeep, and this is how you repay us. Come on Brat's do you really need help with setting a cache, I don't believe it!
  17. You can drop multiple TBs while logging a single cache by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and then click on the TBs you want to select from the list as per usual. We have been caching long enough to know that, but sometimes it just does NOT work, however many times you try to do so.
  18. Sometimes, the TB drop down list does work properly, nor left you drop in more than one TB at a time. Then the only way to log the Tb's into the cache is to post a note.
  19. Thanks for the latest news, we had been wondering how Euan was getting on. Do hope someone local can place a cache nearby for him to find.
  20. The above post was logged even as I was trying to compose a similar message. I don't post very often, but felt I had to do so today. Thank you for expressing my thoughts so well. Don't forget that Deceangi has to eat and sleep as well
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