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  1. Just checking the Forums, really sorry to learn the latest news. We have followed his progress and this is very sad news. Our thoughts are with Ewan and all those close to him. Please keep us informed.
  2. Are we the only ones who work in Kilometres? Distance 32.4k for 500 caches, but lots of those are across the water in England. We own a few caches although we have had to archive 7 which required people to take a photo.
  3. We had real concerns about attending an Event, but then we were responsible for the 'First South Wales Event'. Thankfully, it was a great success, this was not down to us, but because of all the wonderful cachers who came. Things you can be sure of at a SW Event: FUN Weather, we don't guarantee, what sort of weather but . . . . . A variety of great caches, placed in fantastic countryside. So come along and see if our fellow cachers really are as wonderful as we think they are.
  4. Glad to be of help. Do hope the trip is good and that they have a great time in GUAM.
  5. Where will they dock:- Apro Harbor looks as if it might be the right area to start searching for nearby caches. Found a couple of links: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/apra.htm http://www.worldportsource.com/ports/GUM.php http://www.guam-online.com/maps/maps.htm Hope this helps. Further search reveals Guam Cachers Home page http://guamgeocachers.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Plus link to ALL Guam Cachers who should be able to provide some advice http://guamgeocachers.com/index.php?title=Local_cachers
  6. Mainly use our local area for cache search, but we then have a brief look at the "ALL" search to check out Events and to see exactly how many caches are in the UK. Please restore ALL as it really is a very useful tool for our caching trips.
  7. Thanks for the latest news, we continue to keep Ewan and his family in our thoughts.
  8. Hi Ducky, Write and Mane are eventually getting round to wishing you well in your new commitment to Geocaching. We look forward to meeting you soon? Oh where are our name badges? Liz and Gordon
  9. Are we good or what Thought it might be easier to change the status of our UK caches sooner rather than later Spent an hour last night updating some of our caches, but as progress slowed to a snail's pace, gave up and went to bed. Back from a wonderful day out in South Wales, decided to tackle the remaining caches. Total time taken about 2½ hours, but now more than half of the South Wales caches belong to us (84 out of 146)
  10. Well, our latest set of caches visit a number of Churchyards, do have the required permission, are not micros and are located in a pleasant area of South Wales. Hopefully they will be ignored by those cachers who do not like visiting Church locations.
  11. Please keep it open, as it is important that as many cachers as possible see this vital information. The Guideline Changes and Clarification title make it immediately obvious that this is a thread all cachers should read
  12. From our snug little home complete with ROOF, we couldn't agree more. Looking forward to seeing everyone
  13. From our earliest days in geocaching, we have been lucky to enjoy the help, patience, sound sense and good humour of Lacky and Ecky. You will be missed. We doubt that we can fully appreciate the volume of work which you have got through, but have on occasions questioned whether you ever sleep. There certainly can't have been much time for your own enjoyment, so we hope you will now start to make up for this. Thanks for all you have done for geocaching in the UK and especially for the help you have given to us. If you are in South Wales, let us know. The least we can do is buy you a drink. Good luck for the future.
  14. Have just restarted our Computer and we have Greasemonkey Tried the above file but alas still no map Do hope someone can get the map up and working for us soon
  15. Are you all on a Virgin connection? I was getting "server not found" errors last night, so Edgey kindly gave me a mirror address which worked, though I still get the errors, but at least the box appears. I'd imagine when Virgin have fixed all their issues it'll work fine. We are not on a Virgin connection. It is slightly reassuring that others are experiencing similar concerns. Hope somebody can help SOON
  16. Oh dear, I clicked on the link without success. Thinking out of the box I pasted the link still no joy. Determined not to give up too soon, I tried several other things, but it just won't work. Can anybody HELP
  17. Thanks for the picture. Good to see that Wendy and Caesar didn't need too much protection
  18. Congraulations Andy, Glad to see you are keeping ahead of brother Dave in finding caches Guess it's not about the numbers, but a MICRO has to be better than a YOS Monument one
  19. Sorry to learn about the theft, don't suppose there is much chance of catching the thieves Does that mean you won't be able to find the Gower Event in May
  20. Oh great The weather forecast does not seem to have dampened the SW Cachers spirits See you all tomorrow, by the way, anticipatory congratulations to The Blorenge's 400 cache finds and still going strong.
  21. To quote from The Cache Page ~ On the weekend of 1-2 March and again on 8-9 March, whoever is first to collect a set of 6 individual tokens and hand them in to Headquarters (the Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre – hence CRiC - at SO2180018500) will receive a prize of a Gift Token for the UKGeocachers shop. Then a note posted 29th February 2008 mentions ~ - Prizes. The Prize of a £15 voucher from the Geocache Shop for the FTF will be awarded and notified on this site early next week – after the dust has settled. In the event of more than one entry with the same number of tokens, the winner will be drawn at random. - Next Weekend. Remember there will be another set of tokens distributed for next weekend (8/9 Mar) and another prize for FTF too! So 2 Prizes will be awarded one for each weekend, so hopefully sniffadogz will get his HO HUM reward!
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