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  1. While we did not respond in person to your emails this morning, another member of the committee did very adequately. There would be no point in giving duplicate answers: your questions were answered. The aim of our posting here was to to show that whatever interpretation you put on the Can's objective, it had failed miserably to achieve it and there has been inconsistency over which events it should attend. The logging record makes this very clear. This alone gave the present committee grounds to review the objective and the means of achieving it successfully. After checking with the originators, we thought we were acting in the best interests of the geocaching community and are frankly surprised at some of the reaction, although we are pleased to note that it has encouraged some retrospective logging and uploading of images. In view of the comments made here, the Can will not now make an appearance in Devizes (sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing it there) and the matter will be reviewed at our next committee meeting. It would be nice to see a wider selection of the geocaching community express their opinions on the subject on this thread to aid our deliberations.
  2. I have no idea what it is .. nor have I ever heard of the "Golden Ammo Can" could you enlighten me please Tony M Your question shows one of the best reasons why we (the 2011 Mega Committee) thought that the Golden Ammo Can deserved to be seen more. Since you were at the Scottish Mega and it was logged in there, you may well wonder why you hadn't seen it there. But you are not alone, there are only three 'discovery' logs at that event. The Can was kindly donated to the UK Mega Committee by Icarus and Berrow Cachers at the time of the Weston Mega, but there are only five logs on or about this date … and one of those is one of its donors and another is the representative of the Scottish Committee grabbing it. Over more than two years there are only 23 logs and most of the cachers who have held it or discovered it are members of the various incarnations of the UK Mega Committee. It is surely not right that its appearances should be so exclusive. From other comments on this thread, this was never the intention. While its goal is indeed to travel from Mega to Mega, it does not say that it should not stop off at intermediate calling points on the way. The Can has already been shown off at at least two other non-Mega events, so our intention to take it to an event in Devizes this weekend is not without precedent. In fact it has been discovered at one non-Mega event more times than at any other event. What is really strange, is that this event was “Meet the Dragons” where, although it was not logged in or out, it was shown off by the then chairman of our committee – none other than the cacher now questioning our proposed course of action. Now I wonder why that is? Before deciding to give the Can greater exposure, we thought it wise to consult the original donors, who raised no objection and, because it has been discovered by few people from its home area, the Devizes event seemed a good opportunity to rectify this omission. The Can is a Travel Bug and contains memorabilia from all UK Megas to date, including all event geocoins.
  3. The coins have arrived, and will be avaialbe through the shop soon. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Can someone please tell me the work-around (please PM or email to FollowMeChaps[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk) as previously I've arranged to downgrade my premiums so non-members could log them then revert them after - this will save me this fuss. And us, please.
  5. Just to correct you on the attendee numbers as the only UK Mega Event to have exceeded 1200 was Mega Scotland. The 'official' registration numbers (people, not teams) on the days were as follows: 2008 - The UK's First Mega Event: 928 people 2009 - The UK's Second Mega Event (Weston-super-Mega): 1044 people 2010 - Mega Scotland - The UK's 3rd Mega Event: 1301 people Thanks for correcting us, hey ho, sorry about that, some of us are better at numbers than others. However we in Wales are looking forward to as many cachers coming as possible, after all it's not about the numbers is it
  6. Viewed by a few people, I see. I take the lack of comments to indicate that the info is noted and cachers will begin booking Camping, B&B and and Hotels. Do contact any of the Committee if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you all in sunny Swansea next year, don't forget to bring your bucket and spades!
  7. Hi, Have you included this one N52 10.010 W004 10.010 MID WALES 10-10-10 EVENT (GC2FRQ5) Wellies will be required I should think!
  8. Ooops haven't posted here for ages ~ wanted to Quote the previous post, but got it wrong. Had to send a message to VH asking where the fracture was in order to get us South Wales cachers to actually realise it wasn't a leg pull!!!
  9. Hi, Cachers come and go, we notice names fade away, then discover they have resurfaced in another guise. Glad to see yours is one of them. Have fun, get back out and find all the micros that have been placed since you went away. Go on you know you want to. Hope you make it to Mega Wales next year.
  10. Brecon Beacons caches, lots of lovely caches in the area, some involve a serious amount of exercise. Good Series of 7 caches around Llangattock Escarpement near Crickhowell, some homework needed for this one ~ Llangattock Cave Entrances: Hard Rock Cafe by TerminalSump (GC12A1M) We have a Series based around Llangorse Lake, visit 5 Churches, ends in Llangorse, pub nearby. Around Llyn Safaddan 1 – Bwlch by Write and Mane (GC1E0HE) GC2BA 'The First in Wales' placed by The Gecko's, well worth a visit, if you want an ancient cache. If you need any further help send us a message. When are you in Wales?
  11. Other commitments (grandchildren's birthdays) allowing we would certainly enjoy another trip across the water.
  12. This cache got mentioned today as we ventured across to Flat Holm. A few South Wales cachers are eager to tackle this interesting cache, like Mrs B my height causes me to wonder if I'm going to disappear into the mud Fortunately VH would be able to keep my head above. . . . Please give us the opportunity to tackle this peculiar cache.
  13. Added - as is Write and Manes magnificent entry.. all on the Leaderboard here. My cache is now hidden, so expect another annoying puzzle very soon! Thanks for the compliment. When out doing the reccie, we had very evil thoughts "You remember the clues you had for Merthyr Marathon Series 1 - 8 Well you need them NOW" Anyway thanks for the challenge.
  14. The competition requirement is to upload a photo to a specific URL, not the cache page (I don't suppose anyone at Garmin wants to trawl through the galleries of 300+ caches). That in itself could reduce the chances of someone stumbling on a spoiler. In any case, my guess is that the photos which people hope will win them an Oregon will tend to include panoramic views, or extreme close-ups of cows or flowers, rather than cache hiding places. That said, you might consider adding a note to your cache page to say "We are pleased that the location of our cache was considered by Garmin UK to be so nice that they made it part of our photo competition; however, if you take part in that, please try to avoid giving away any spoiler information in your photo, and remember that the photos for the competition are not meant to be uploaded here." Thanks for that we were just considering adding a note to the cache page mentioning the Garmin Competition
  15. Likewise we have a cache 46 miles from us in Aberdeenshire. We have greater concern about our cache selected as we DO NOT want cachers posting pictures to the web page which could help with cachers finding the location of the cache from pictures. The cache was done by this means once and the offending pictures and the LOG were immediately removed, the cacher had to log the find again.
  16. Just done the weekly shop, never bought one of these before. Quite the wrong time of year for this challenge, what with the fresh redcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries to be consumed. Oh forgot to mention the rhubarb. We were planning to place a new cache following our fairly recent 1,000 find. Got the jar, got the cache location, now, got to work the puzzle?
  17. I have just done that and discovered the culprit. Thanks for all the help. This Post could be closed now as I am a happy cacher again.
  18. Yes I use AVG and have turned off the toolbar but still a problem. Thanks for the suggestion. I do know Jave and JavaScript are different although it is easy to think they are linked due to the similar names. Tested IE which I don't use but Write still uses. Not trying to open the links in a new window or tab. JavaScript is enabled as I'd checked that previously. Interestingly having opened Firefox in safe-mode and disabled add-ons BRILLIANT works wonderfully, but I HATE the adverts, didn't realise just how annoying they are as they got blocked ages ago. Thanks for the help, how do I discover which add0ons are causing the problem. Very grateful for all the help offered. Will check out the link provided by Telkman, to see if I can find anything to help.
  19. Thanks for both replies, I am using Firefox with adblock enabled SP that is the link I use Could be that Java is not up to date on my PC, I've not made any changes recently and the problem has happened in the last couple of days. Any help would be very welcome.
  20. How infuriating is this... I get to Newest caches released in South Wales Area, but unable to look at any other pages. The Properties for the second and others pages reads as :- java script:__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentBody$pgrBottom$ctl16','') Please help as this is a good way of seeing which new caches have been placed. The second page is usually more helpful as the First page is mainly Events which are yet to happen
  21. Seems to be back to 'normal' if anything in geocaching is can ever be thought of like that. Thanks for all the various comments, whilst I found it interesting to know that Afghanistan has some caches, I would hardly regard them as the nearest to Cardiff!
  22. Help Know the Geocaching site was down for a while this evening,. Why am I seeing my newest caches in the United Kingdom, South Wales area as being in Afghanistan. Tried several times without success. What is going on?
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