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  1. Are You The One? #04 - First Jump has been placed and submitted. It is now just awaiting approval. First finder prize is GeoNap coin #0027 Have fun! Hope you like climbing!
  2. It's actually a VIP everclear show... it's called 'Everclear biting jewish girl's butts' I think your odds are good...
  3. Either way is fine with me... we did end up at Cassidy's last time after a bit of night time caching. Maya's... Cassidy's... both have beer and liquor... heh heh... I have to admit though, I was a bit disappointed that Cassidy's didn't have a 'late night' methadone show... apparently you have to get there early for that one. BUT, I was relieved that we got to see another episode of 'Cassidy's Late Night-Drive Thru Service.'
  4. Yet again it is time, but this time, no more rhymes... Because... it's time for video games, margaritas, and beer! Once again, 7pm Top Score and Maya's at 8pm? Personally, I know that I NEED one of those beef, onion, garlic, wrap, thingees... that thing ruled! Hope you all can make it! [This message was edited by GeoNap on July 29, 2003 at 01:24 AM.]
  5. You're right, I CAN'T forget the homeboys! You GO pdxmarathonman! BTW: Are You The One? #01 is now 2 weeks old, so I just removed the 'members only' restriction on it.
  6. Where do I vote for that? Seriously... you've got my vote.
  7. Team Misguided.... YOU ROCK! AYTO #3 is active... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ad9ccd18-cf4c-4c2d-9825-779d1e940102
  8. From what I saw, I'm guessing about a dozen people found it... sound right to you fractal? Maybe they'll try to claim 15 hats... that'd be cool...
  9. "Are you the one #3" has been submitted for approval... ready... set... go...
  10. BTW... forgot to mention, I called magellan and told them what had happened. I ended up leaving a voicemail for the person handling the geocaching stuff. We'll see what happens... I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  11. Well, I'm just getting back home, hopefully you all saw the post I called GeoDiva and fractal with earlier. I went back out to the area to verify. The cache is definitely gone. I searched the area it had been in last night and all around the general area, it is definitely gone. It's too bad someone had to take the cache. From talking with everyone, the window for the theft was a pretty narrow section of time. To the person who took the cache, I say this, PLEASE PUT IT BACK. If you took it on accident because you didn't understand the game, fine, and if it wasn't an accident please just put it back anyway.
  12. If that is true, and YOU placed that there! Than you are an evil...evil... sick... sick... twisted man... ok... even if you didn't place it... you still are! But if you did! Man...
  13. Now that sounds like fun! But oregone, are you reading my mind again? That's not fair you know... and it's a little scary... because fractal and I were just talking about something similar to your idea while on the magellan treasure hunt tonight. You say when... and I'm there... I even know a good route now! I know... it's amazing.
  14. Congrats Denali! What an awesome find! I bet you can't wait to get your new GPS! I was out there ALL DAY, so I can truly appreciate what a great find that must have been. I can happily report I was the 2nd one there. And yes Tungsten... I CAN NOT BELIEVE the location... how WEIRD IS THAT?!? Makes me wonder who placed that sucker? Are they following me? Was that some sort of sick GeoNap joke?!?
  15. Congrats to you! And on your first try! I am happy to see coin #0015 on its way to a happy home. I hope you enjoyed the 'hunt' for this one as much as I did. That island is a pretty cool place. Glad I can say I was there...
  16. Man! Just say FREE and look at all the riff raff that comes out of the 'wood' work... heh heh... PICK ME... PICK ME!
  17. It is with an incredible amount of satisfaction that I report to all of you... I have finally logged 2925 I am a happy man! If you want GeoNap coin #0015 (the lowest numbered coin I have released yet, seek this cache). BTW: I also left a Canadian GeoCoin here.
  18. Sound like a great time to me. My vote is for Aug 2nd or Aug 3rd... that's SOON though... but it is summer... gotta take advantage of every weekend! Aug 9th and Aug 10th are bad for me... I'm going to be lucky if I can make it to the local event (Trading Caches) on the 9th. I'd love to be there though... sounds like fun.
  19. It's on my calendar now! I'm going to do my best to make it. Sounds like a blast.
  20. Heh.... heh.... I love it... Come Fly The Friendly GeoNap The Real Smell of GeoNap Two Hours of GeoNap in Just Two Calories It's That GeoNap Feeling Your Flexible GeoNap Every Bubble's Passed Its GeoNap If You've Got the Time, We've Got the GeoNap Please Don't Squeeze The GeoNap A GeoNap A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play Life Should Taste As Good As GeoNap When I hit that one I knew I had to stop... too scary... lol!
  21. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cache. Heh heh...
  22. Croaker, your experience sounds very 2925'ish to me... ahhh yes... brings back fond memories of my previous two attempts at the 2925 cache... maybe I won't just go 'check out' the hell hole after all...
  23. I'm gonna do my best to make it...
  24. Well guys... "Are you the one? #1" has been submitted for approval. So keep a lookout for the approval... As a bonus for being the first finder, you get GeoNap coin #0024 and a GeoNap wooden nickel. Each of the "Are you the one" cache's will be "members only" for the first two weeks after I place them. After that I will make them accessible to all. Good luck! The search is on... I want to know... who is... THE ONE?
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