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  1. Heck, I would trade a number #4 Cav Scout geocoin from my wooden box of geocoins for a full set of MIGO seasonal geocoins. I would even throw in a Goblindust geocoin. Cav Scout, hopefully this does not come across as offensive (because I truly do not intend it to) But I definitely did not intend for my initial MIGO seasonal trade post to be a challenge to anyone (hopefully you did not take it as such and are simply looking to expand your own geocoin collection, which I completely respect)... As you know I personally own one of your personal coins (from a trade we made) and I honestly consider your coin to be one of the nicest coins in my collection (I was actually just showing it to my wife tonight and telling her that)... not to mention the fact I truly respect you career choice... having "walked in your shoes" for at least a few years. I just thought I would "throw" my MIGO coin trade option out there for anyone to consider. I am originally from Michigan... and yet I have only one MIGO geocoin (I know... sad), as such I would be honored to add this rare seasonal complete set to my personal collection. That is all... no more... no less. Stay safe Cav Scout!
  2. Greetings fellow cachers and geocoin nuts. Thought I would drop in to throw an offer out there for anyone who is interested. I have GeoNap coin number 9 that I am willing to trade for a complete set of the four seasonal Michigan geocoins. Before you think me too crazy, keep in mind GeoNap coin number 1 is in my personal collection (not likely to go anywhere ever) and coin number 2 is in my wives collection (also not likely to go anywhere ever). So basically there is not even one single digit GeoNap coin in circulation. Send me an email if you're interested. Look forward to hearing from someone. As a sidenote, I will also consider trading a non single digit GeoNap coin for one of the more rare coins out there... you all know the hard to find ones to find that I am talking about. Some of these I have, some I don't so drop me an email! I plan to be a little more active on the boards, so hopefully I'll be chatting with all of you more frequently. Talk to you soon!
  3. There isn't any such thing as a chaufer's license in Oregon and that type of vehicle would not require a CDL (in Oregon), so you would be fine with a regular DL. Not sure how it would work in Canada. I just know that I want to go caching...
  4. You were right... I just checked, it is an extra charge $10 a day for high speed internet access. Ah well... I can either use that or use dial up from the room. I'm a sucker though, I'll probably pay the $10. Either way... I'm using the jacuzzi!
  5. I am staying at the Ramada for $70... it was only like $2 more a night than the Best Western (at least the rates I could find) and it includes high speed internet access, jacuzzi, sauna, and all that good stuff. $70 for the Ramada is not a bad deal at all. Here is the info on the Olympia Ramada hotel. I just booked it straight from their website.
  6. Finally made my reservations... looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  7. LOL! That's why I didn't take them at the event that night Soup. I did pay for the cans though (the FOF's and the other Eugene cachers are repaying). I didn't think I would have room for them, my dogs, and all my junk. I ESPECIALLY don't think I would have had room after looking at how FULL that truck and jeep were! I know the FOF's are still planning on coordinating pickup with you. So how does your garage look filled with ammo cans?
  8. Hey Sparrowhawk, I am Eugene-bound later this week. If you want to coordinate a cache where you could drop this TB and I could pick it up, I could give it a lift. Looks like this TB has had quite a journey, it would be fun to bring it back to Eugene. Let me know...
  9. Or you could post an entry here and remind people to get off their butts and find it! heh...heh... You can check one of these 'unfound caches' off the list. GeoDiva and I went and tromped through the snow and found the Math Suks cache today. Awesome cache Fathergoose!
  10. I've gotta throw my vote out for Team Misguided. They have always been VERY RESPONSIVE and helpful with my cache approvals. They were instrumental in the release of the AYTO series. So they get my vote for sure!
  11. Yeah... I emphasized the whole 'dawn to dusk' thing primarily as a safety concern. I'm not sure what the actual limitations are on the trail. I think as far as the trail rules are concerned, it's cool to be there whenever. I would assume so anyway, since there are campsites up above 'high bridge' and several others on the way to Whatum Lake. My thinking was I didn't want someone unfamiliar with the area going off one of the sheer cliffs on that trail. Because that would probably be bad... No... not even probably... that would be bad... For those of you that haven't seen it in the daylight, take a trip back up there sometime and you'll see what I mean. Some of those cliffs are REALLY FAR down. Anyway... glad to see you guys enjoyed the series. And for the rest of you, the caches are still out there... Hunt away! There's still lots of good stuff left.
  12. I think everyone is happy now!
  13. The funniest part is... I KNOW that there are more than a few people watching... because I'm talking with a bunch of them on IM! I think everyone is holding there breath! heh heh...
  14. Hey TeamMisguided. You know... friday... saturday... sunday... monday... tuesday... it's all the same to me. I don't think anyone is really watching the AYTO series anyway.
  15. Are you ready? or the better question... AYTO? In less than 24 hours, AYTO #10 and AYTO Final will be officially released... You weren't planning on being busy this weekend were you?
  16. I'm sorry Kiwis... I think you may have to hunt this one upon your return. Because by soon... I mean days...
  17. Ok... AYTO #3 has been replaced. Now it looks as if AYTO #5 is in question now. I will do my best to verify this one soon. A note on AYTO #5 though, it is very small and very well hidden. The last time someone had trouble finding it, it was in fact still in place. This is a busy area though, so it's very possible it's gone. BTW... Both AYTO #10 and AYTO Final are coming very soon...
  18. Glad to see the finds on AYTO#09... things are heating up! As far as AYTO#3, I will do my best to get it back up ASAP. If for some reason I don't have it back up by the time I release AYTO#10, I will give the numbers from that one to anyone who has the other 9 already logged (I should have it back up before AYTO#10 though). You guys are really gonna like #10 and the final... I promise!
  19. My vote is for the 11th or 12th... I will probably be out of town on the 18th and 19th. Judging from this forum and www.pdxgeocaching.com though, the 18th and 19th appear to be favorites. But darn it! I'm gonna cast my vote and just see what happens!
  20. I know, this one has definitely been the slowest of them all to be approved. 48+ hours at this point. But I will say, several of the others were approved within hours. Hopefully it will be up soon. BTW: I've answered this one a few times recently, so I suppose it's worth posting here. There are 10 caches total before the final. When you find AYTO#10 (assuming you've found all the others) you will have all the information you need to find AYTO FINAL. Should be soon too... who will be... THE ONE!
  21. Well everyone has been asking... so here ya go: Are You The One? #09 has been placed and is awaiting approval! Good luck! AYTO #10 is going to be coming out shortly... and after that... well... I guess we will no once and for all who is, 'THE ONE'
  22. From the sounds of things everyone is planning on coming to this a little later than I initally planned. Each posting I have read and people I have spoken with have said this. So let's make the start time 8:00 PM instead (so I don't wind up sitting there by myself). Sounds like that's a better time for everyone. See you all at 8:00PM.
  23. Come on oregone... it'll be our little secret. I promise not to tell any of your 'aging hipster' friends. And if you're still worried about it, I'll lend ya a couple pieces of flair... I know... I know... don't say it... it's ok... that's what brothers are for.
  24. GeoNap

    Champoeg 2004

    I've started stockpiling my beer and liquor for Champoeg 2004. I am saving one beer a day and one bottle of liquor a month until I arrive at Champoeg. At that rate... holy crap... that's a LOT of beer and liquor!
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